In the Reach commissioned five new modular gas boiler

Five new gas-fired modular boilers (BMA) commissioned in Pleso. Their customers are residential houses, social facilities and tourist infrastructure facilities located in the streets of Kornilov, Soviet, lunacharskogo alley in the village of Pushkin and Severtsev.

Due to the complex topography of Ples, district heating in the city was missing. Operation of the old coal-and oil-fired boilers led to greater heat loss and, consequently, an increase in costs for the maintenance of boilers.

In addition, all existing boilers Ples and its related settlements were working at full capacity, free capacity boiler for connection of new facilities, including tourist infrastructure were absent.

New boilers are built to replace the existing framework of the long-term target program "Development of tourism in the Ivanovo region for 2009-2016" to provide heating and hot water supply of the city.

Installed FPGA fully operational, was connected to the pipelines of water supply, heat supply, gas supply. The calorific value boiler Q = 8000 kcal / m.

The fuel for the new boiler uses an eco-friendly fuel — natural gas, which will help to improve the environmental situation in the Reach and the surrounding communities.

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