In the SEC Mechatronics (St. Petersburg) has opened a new production

In the SEC "Mechatronics" opened a new production on the issue of protection devices 35-110-220 kV substation equipment.
As soon as possible in new areas (1441 m2) were carried out all necessary repairs to run modern production.

General Director Vladimir E. Novikov opened a new production facility, cutting red tape: "The opening of a new production complex of protection of substation equipment confirms the trend of sustainable development of the company and allows you to not only create a good basis for the formation of highly skilled specialists in the design, development, manufacture, installation and operation of electrical equipment, but also significantly increase the volume of production".

SEC "Mechatronics" — Dynamically developing enterprise with high scientific and technical potential, creating a competitive world-class products, constantly increasing its production.

SEC "Mechatronics" produces a series of relay protection BMRZ, frequency, automation and central alarm system and terminals and cabinets protect lines and transformers of 110-220 kV, automated power facilities, metering, and other products. Conducts design and commissioning.

On the areas of the new building located assembly site of production, the expansion of which — almost three times — can increase production volumes due to the organization of new jobs; Services unit chief designer: design department, the department of automated control systems, design office, etc.

The near future will be created bench area, which will house the new high-performance German equipment firm «Kiesling» (shaper), through which significantly accelerates the process of machining shells cabinets. In addition, the new building houses the necessary storage space as well as a reserve space for future expansion.

Thanks to a new building at the company appeared vacant space, which will increase the capacity of the camera technical run, arrange additional jobs in the area inter-operation of control, to improve working conditions for staff.

"Technology is constantly improving, the search for new technical solutions. Today, our company is ready to supply the customer cabinets of three types of performance — one-way service, two-way service and reduced depth — the director of the production SEC "Mechatronics" Simon A. Kornilov. — Development of cabinets made with the use of modern computer-aided design, producing high-quality documentation and products, will reduce the time needed to make a product to the customer change. "

The specialists of the enterprise developed the basic structural and functional performance RZA cabinets. On the basis of such decisions when using the automatic design (CAD) for all types of primary modification schemes designed boxes RZA:

— Set the transformer 35 kV, 110-220 kV (performed on the basis of the cabinet SHZT-MT, which includes the main protection device — BMRZ-TD, as well as back-up protection device with the function of automatic control switch — BMRZ-TR) used for the protection of two-winding split-winding and three-winding power transformers;

— A set of busbars and oshinovok 35 kV, 110-220 kV (performed with the use of cabinets SHZSH and SjZO-MT-MT, respectively, and based on the multi-function devices BMRZ-DZSH and BMRZ-SAC. As part of the blocks implemented a high-speed differential protection with control of serviceability current circuits and logic testing tires and connections);

— Complete protection and automation lines 35 kV (effective cabinet SHZL-MT, instead of the pre-existing SHKL-MT performed on the basis of BMRZ-DMZ. SHZL-MT carries classic features overcurrent protection and overcurrent, distance protection, the protection of the double-circuit earth, etc.);

— Complete protection and automation lines of 110-220 kV (set consists of two cabinets: cabinet main line protection — SHOZL-MT and cupboard standby step protection of lines and automatic control switch — SHRZL-MT), etc.

Number of options for modifications made cabinets SEC "Mechatronics" for different types of primary substations schemes with the variance used in the design of equipment is sufficient for complex equipment of any power facilities.

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