In the sky above Moscow UFO spotted battle


Moscow resident filmed the video for the battle of the two UFOs and published a video on Youtube. Western people are intrigued by the battle vehicles aliens.

The event was a UFO over Moscow January 25, 2011 in the Student Day. The video shows an unidentified flying object in the form of a luminous circle in the sky, which after a while is attacked by another similar "unidentified object".

Video by Oleg Tarabanov, takes off flying UFO over Moscow is not the first time — all his Youtube channel consists of such movies. It's amazing that with such a strong concentration of aliens in central Russia, they do not pay attention to special services (especially when you consider that flying UFO over Moscow unauthorized).



In comments to the clip on Youtube users, including English language, clarify why the video does not show a UFO on TV. "Official TV very often talking about the UFO phenomenon. Anyone of the channels can use my video for broadcast. If they want to make their own report, I can help them with it, "- said the expert on UFOs and added that, in his opinion, the Russian authorities have all the information about this phenomenon.

In addition, Youtube-reporter believes that aliens podkaraulennye them very dangerous.

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