In the U.S., after the dam break urgently evacuated 7,000 people

Breakthrough dam on the Black River in Missouri

The country continues to pour heavy rains.

Breakthrough dam on the Black River in Missouri on Monday led to the emergency evacuation of about seven thousand inhabitants of the town of Polar Bluff.

According to local authorities, people hurriedly left their homes, taking with them only what is necessary, since the water was coming fast. Some residents had to be evacuated by boats already.

As the weather forecasters, the weather in the region in the coming days will only get worse — of Saharan states there are moving atmospheric fronts. They are expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds. In addition, in the flood affected areas, announced the threat of tornadoes.

Storm warning now operates in large parts of the U.S. — from the north-eastern areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas to Illinois and Wisconsin, according to ITAR-TASS.

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