In the U.S., shot by another mythical chupacabra


In the U.S. state of Kentucky shot another chupacabra. Creature unknown to science is a bald animal with gray skin, large ears and a long tail. Photos of this mysterious animal has caused a surge in online discussions.


Mark KOTRA, which shot a chupacabra in his yard admits he does not know who it is. "I saw a lot of animals. But this time, almost all have hair, "- he said.



Recall that the chupacabra — a mythical creature that kills pets. There are no reliable scientific evidence to support the existence of Chupacabra, no.


It is believed that the Chupacabra hunts at night and attacks the defenseless animals to suck blood and disappears.

Some journalists are conventionally called "Chupacabra" animals (fox, coyote, jackal), modified by mutation or disease.

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