In the village Amazar Trans-Baikal region opened a sawmill

October 28 in the village of Amazar opened the first phase of Amazarskogo pulp mill industry — a line of wood processing capacity 100,000 cubic meters. year. On the running line consisted of about 80 local and 160 Chinese workers.

This is the first stage of the implementation of the largest in the Far East of the investment project to create a timber industry. The investor is the Russian-Chinese joint-venture company with limited liability "Pulp and industrial complex" Polaris ". Agreement on cooperation between Heilongjiang Province and the Chita region was signed September 16, 2003.

In 2011, investments amounted to about 64 million U.S. dollars.  

In December 2012 will be completed for the construction of a residential village and infrastructure.

The project to create Amazarskogo timber industry includes the construction of pulp mills and wood processing. Work on the project documentation pulp mill, which performs of "Sibgiprobum", is scheduled for completion in March 2013.

The estimated project investment will be more than 22 billion rubles.

The project will entail an intensive development of logging and wood processing, will create conditions for a more rational use of the forest resources of the territory, will involve into the economy previously untapped forests of the eastern region.

When the designed capacity of the pulp mill should consume 700,000 cubic meters of wood per year and produce up to 200,000 tons of unbleached kraft pulp.

Gross profit for the full development Amazarskogo pulp mill will be about five billion rubles. Payments to the budgets of all levels a year when completed will be 3 billion rubles, including the federal budget — 271 million rubles edge — 2.5 billion rubles, the local budget — 122 million rubles.

This will give work to all loggers Mogochinsky, Candlemas, Tungiro-Olekminsky, Tungokochenskogo, Chernyshevsky areas. The number of employees at the company, when it will reach its design capacity will reach 10,000 people, of which 8.5 thousand work in the logging industry.

In addition to the construction of the neighborhood of the plant is scheduled for Birch professionals.

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