In the village of Krasnoyarsk turned up an evil spirit


Villagers Startseva complained to the police … poltergeist. He allegedly smashes things in the apartment and beat up the occupants. This information "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has officially confirmed the police department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

— The police received a complaint about the beatings inflicted by a teenager from the village Startseva (it is about 30 kilometers from Kransoyarska) — According to the press service of the regional police department. — The beating that, well, not quite normal.

The statement says that the beatings inflicted by none other than … a poltergeist. The family who went to the police, says that an evil spirit had long keeps the house in fear. The apartment allegedly flying pillows and other things, some objects fall to the ground and shatter, even though they had not been touched … things like flying and hit the girl.

Surprisingly, poltergeist, as it turned out, fear and other residents Startseva. They say that in "bad" house, he wound up exactly where unexplained things. Suddenly, and will move to someone else …

— Anyway, we made the statement, is checked — say the police. — She just started, so to say anything sooner. In any case, we will establish the truth.

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