In the village. Yashkino (Kemerovo region) after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 140 places

Today, in the small town of Yashkino Yashkinsky district opened a kindergarten, "Glade" with 140 seats.

To renovate the children's home in the pre-school educational establishment of the regional budget was allocated 20.5 million rubles. During the repair work has been replaced roof, heating system was installed, painted rooms, beds linoleum, imported new children's furniture and medical equipment. The case of the kindergarten has a video surveillance system, automatic fire alarm and panic button.
   In "Polyanke" a music and sports halls, cozy children's bedrooms, games room, swimming pool, dry and medical unit. Nutrition unit is equipped with modern equipment.
   This kindergarten is designed for groups of 6, which will be visiting children 1.5 to 7 years.

   In addition, the pre-school plans to implement additional paid educational services to the needs of the family on the basis of an agreement with the parents. These services include recreational activities (massage, physical therapy), speech correction, speech therapy and psychological counseling. The institution also offers different kinds of groups — short stay (for children with impaired health, to prepare children for school, home tutor for children with disabilities), weekend night stay, night, pleasure, adaptation (for children from 1 year to 2 years), the support of the child by the parents at the specified objectives and the organization of leisure for children (birthdays, name days).

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