In the WHO report states that one third of Russians completely stopped drinking alcohol

Russian only drink expensive alcohol or trying not to drink.

World Health Organization studies have been conducted, the results of which showed that the Russians are not the greatest fans in the world of spirits, contrary to prevailing stereotypes about them.,

 For example, the report for 2012, which dealt with health issues in Europe, states that in the past year, most drinking country has been recognized by Moldova. On average, there is one citizen consumes more than 20 liters of alcohol a year. Luxembourg was on the second, and closes the top three leaders of Estonia.

Notable was the fact that Russia was in the middle of the list — in 20th place. It turns out that, on average, Russians consume a little more than 10 liters per year. Approximately the same amount of alcohol consumed per year residents of Denmark, the United Kingdom and Croatia. Among the least of drinkers were named Turkey and Tajikistan. Also a little alcohol consumed in the Nordic countries — Sweden, Norway, Iceland.

The report of the World Health Organization states that one third of Russians completely stopped drinking alcohol. According to experts, the reason for this phenomenon was the fact that the inhabitants of the country tasted good spirits, so have less drinking.

It is known that strong drinks "extra-luxe" for the soul, not only ordinary citizens, but also, and more powerful. Thus, in recent times, among the politicians is very popular whiskey. But even today has become unfashionable to drink. At present, the authorities are quite young ministers and MPs, who, like businessmen actively exploring tennis courts, ski resorts and swimming pools.

Moreover, the role model is the president of the country Vladimir Putin. According to reports, the President does not drink much, and most of all loves beer. Prime — Minister Dmitry Medvedev as indifferent to alcohol. During his state receptions can mainly be seen with a glass of mineral water or very rarely with a glass of white wine.

At present, the Russian government obsessed with the fight against excessive drinking citizens. Thus, they have banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in the night, and for motorists a norm of "zero ppm." Now, the State Duma discussing the possibility of a ban on the use of intoxicating beverages on board the aircraft.

All of these measures are already beginning to show its first results. According to the World Health Organization, the number of Russians who drink alcohol several times a week, fell by 5 percent. Also reduced by 33 percent the proportion of people consuming alcohol several times a month. You can now even safe to say that the Russian sobriety became the norm.

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