In Turkey, floods have killed 8 people

Turkish authorities found the bodies of four local residents who were missing in the floods in the resort of Antalya. Thus, the total number of dead to eight people — Radio Liberty reports.

It is reported that all the dead — old people, who were not able to get out of their homes during the floods that came down in the mountainous region of Antalya, completely inundating several villages. The representative of the rescue service said: "The powerful mudslides, descended from the mountain, almost washed away several villages. We found the bodies of four locals who went missing in a mountain village in the district of Antalya. We are continuing to evacuate civilians. Helicopters dropping food to villages cut off by flood waters from the land. "

Heavy rain in southern Turkey continued for the third day. Flooded several coastal hotels, dozens of homes, broken links, disrupted transport, destroyed several bridges and hydroelectric dams. Hundreds of people were evacuated. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the rains will continue until the end of the week.

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