In Ukraine, due to heavy rain damaged the dam across the Dnieper

MOE: After rains flooded a large area of Cherkasy.  Photo: www.rbc.uaCherkasy city in the central part of Ukraine was a result of flooding in heavy rain, the city was under water most of the roads and damaged a dam across the Dnieper, the press service of the main emergency department in the Cherkassy region of Ukraine.
"On the night of 28 to 29 June in Cherkassy were torrential rains that caused the flooding of large areas in the regional center," — said in a statement.
According to meteorologist, overnight in Cherkassy fell 38.4 millimeters, which is more than the monthly rate in half. Within a few hours, most roads were flooded, so most of the city in the morning due to the limitations of public transport could not get to work, said regional management.
"Hundreds of people after the floods caused by torrential rains turned to rescuers. In operational coordination center emergency department for just one hour, received more than 100 complaints from citizens, households are flooded with water, and from motorists whose cars were flooded," — said MOE.

As a result of heavy rains also damaged a dam across the river Dnieper, which is now under reconstruction. It also partly restricted traffic.
Because of the threat of flooding in the city of equipment off-voltage RP-28, which provides electricity to the south-western district of the city. MOE technique pump water out of the basements of houses. Traffic is restricted or completely blocked by a number of city streets.

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