In Yar-Sale (Yamal) opened a new sports complex

September 15 in Yar-Sale, Yamal-Nenets AO opened a new fitness center "Arctic."

In the "Arctic" is a sports hall and swimming pool, two gyms, a cafe. The complex also features an indoor ice rink, which can take up to one hundred visitors a day.

On the basis of the fitness center will operate Children's and Youth Sports School in three sports: mini football, mini-volleyball and national sports.

Construction of the facility was conducted from November 2007 through targeted investment program for the account of JSC "Gazprom".

In 2012, the Yamal is planned to commission 23 objects of education, health, physical education and sport.

11 of them — this new kindergartens and schools (kindergarten for 120 places in the village Beloyarsk the Ural region, a kindergarten for 100 places in the village Salemal Yamal area, etc.). In addition, there are eight health facilities (district hospital to 15 beds in New Port Yamal area; clinic for 50 visits a shift in the village of Men Shuryshkarsky area, etc.), four units of physical education and sport (swimming pool in the village Khanymey Pur district, etc. )


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