Indian farmer became a father in 94


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Ramage Rajan from northern India, and his wife Shakuntala recently became parents of a wonderful boy — Vikramzhita. In the Russian translation of the name means "gift of God." It really is a miracle, because the documents the child's father in '94.

— Under the passport to me 94 — said the farmer — but actually I over 100 years.

Ramage claims the title of the oldest dad in the world, which is his compatriot Nanu Ram Yoga. Nana became the father of 22-th child of 90 years. This happened in 2007.

Age Ramazhita wife is not known for certain. In the media, India, it varies from 50 to 59 years. Chance of ovulation at this age is very low. In the words of the doctor, the delivery was normal, and the baby is completely healthy.

The villagers were shocked when Elder Ramage suddenly became a father at such a ripe old age

Pair is not going to stop, and plans to give birth Vikramzhitu brother or sister. Ramage and the planned completion of next year.


Shakuntala almost doubled under her husband


The farmer, who in his youth was a fighter, says he feels great. And the question is not worried about whether his child's future, smiled broadly.

— Come back in ten years and you will find me in a good shape, — he told.

Ramage finally discovered the secret of his virility, reports The Daily Mail.

— My daily diet comprises three liters of milk, half a kilo of almonds and half a kilo of ghee — confessed to the farmer.

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