Indigo children will save humanity from the apocalypse


Modern society has a serious and sympathetic to the indigo children, as they are a new evolutionary step in human evolution

With such an appeal were made at today's press conference, experts in the field: the head of Center for Peace Education and awareness-Alain Mazur and psychologist Alla Jansons. According to them, indigo children are the new social stratum, the generation that comes into this world to make it better and fairer.


Psychologists say that every 30th student can be called an indigo child, as they are all unique and have potential. In today's society there is a process of total "indigodizatsii." However, the ability of children can develop only in the case where both the parents and the environment that actively contribute.

According to experts, the promised everyone on the 2012 end of the world should not be taken literally — it will initially invisible to the eye the transition from the world of the old order to the new — full of altruism, kindness and justice. And that is indigo help implement it.

Experts call for present and future parents to be very attentive and caring towards their children, because each of them, with the right approach, it may be an indigo child.

Nana Tughushi

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