Invented the door to protect against earthquakes


Colin Holden (Colin Holden), the teacher of the course design, the author studies that door, wondering: "The principle is simple and reliable so that you wonder — why is it not created sooner?" (Photo by Kingston University London.

Just five seconds it takes to convert the door in a protective capsule. Meanwhile, according to the author of the system, a student of the University of Kingston (Kingston University London) Eunkhva Lee (Younghwa Lee), between the first and the strongest aftershocks attacks usually takes about 15 seconds, giving some residents a chance to make it to the shelter.

Even the most ordinary door — one of the most reliable elements of the house, which often remain standing when the walls are properly destroyed. But the new door provides occupants even greater protection. If necessary, it is folded so that it forms a kind of shield over his head. The lower height of about one meter piece rests on the floor and ceiling mounted at an angle to the horizon to the side deflects falling debris.


Typically, an earthquake, experts advise to take refuge under a sturdy table, but the door is framed by a powerful frame, it is more durable protection. Usually only the depth of the opening is too small to conceal a person from falling fragments of the building (photo Kingston University London).

In the doorframe Lee has provided a mini-wardrobe, instead of drinking water supply, medicines and groovy flashlight. Each door can shelter the two, and since the house is usually quite a lot of doors, replacing them with a system can significantly increase the chance of saving the residents of earthquake-prone regions.

According to a press release from the university, the impetus to the work of Lee was the devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, but the student was looking to the future.

According to the forecast of the U.S. Geological Survey (US Geological Survey) there is a 70 percent chance that the Istanbul 2030 will experience an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude, which could potentially take away the lives of 150 million people. Eunkhva believes that her doors can be installed in many houses of this city with minimal effort.

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