Irena Dyagutsene: Lithuania and Europe were too naive

Lithuania and Europe were too naive when believed in democratic elections in Belarus, said today Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Irena Dyagutsene on one of the Lithuanian radio, commenting on Elections in Belarus.

Dyagutsene admitted that she was disappointed to Lukashenko, despite the fact that his visit to Vilnius Last year, gave some hope.

"Both Lithuania and Europe were too naive in thinking that non-democratic ways you can introduce democracy, that a man who for a time used authoritarian methods, all of a sudden wake up and become a Democrat. Miracles do not happen, it is again proves that Belarus needs to grow, to get lessons in democracy "- said Dyagutsene.

"Today, before Europe got serious question — not whether after these elections to reconsider its relations with Minsk not only Lithuania but also other EU countries"- Added the speaker of the Lithuanian parliament.

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