Its time to disasters

Ancient warned: who does not look away, to await similar troubles. And left us with the teaching of how effort of man can change his destiny.

January 12, 2010 at a press conference in Moscow's House of Journalists, I warned about the high likelihood of global cataclysm and sverhrazrushitelnyh earthquakes, and the next day came the Haitian disaster.

Let's consider this question: "Was there a global cataclysm in the distant past?"

In the late fifties, in the mountains of Kurdistan opened unique Shanidar Cave, an area of over 1,000 square meters, located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Found that early humans lived in it for nearly 100,000 years. Of the principal, in historical terms, the four cultural layers with a total capacity of 15 m attracts so-called base layer "B", formed 12,000 years ago. According to studies, and R. L. Zaydera Soletskogo, at this time a giant wave swept over the upper cave and washed three meter layer of soil …

Only in this cave had found evidence of four (!) Floods …

What triggers a global catastrophe?

A famous American archaeologist Dr. Valentine believes that "when you remove the magnetic pole of the Earth's body in geographic growing internal tension, and sooner or later it will lead to catastrophic changes in the earth's crust."

In the end, all this may be the destabilizing factor that can lead to short-term compensating "flip" or, more simply, tumbling earth, followed by the Flood, intensified volcanic activity, earthquakes and splitting of the Antarctic ice shell. This is accompanied by an abrupt change in climate. For example, on the island of Spitsbergen about 13 thousand years ago, and the cypress grow water lilies, were carried monkeys and crocodiles.

Furthermore, the "flip" of the Earth would inevitably lead to displacement of the inertia of the seas and oceans. That is the "spillover" of the Arctic waters and ice, surging from the north, and may explain the instantaneous death and freezing bodies of mammoths and other animals that lived in Siberia and other areas with a temperate climate. Studying the New Siberian Islands, a Russian polar explorer Baron Eduard von Toll found the remains of "saber-toothed tiger, and the fruit of the tree height of 27 meters. On the branches were still holding the green leaves and fruits … "

Hence there is every reason to believe that the cause of the flood was the shift of the Earth's axis, which led to a sharp increase in volcanic activity and caused tremendous global amplitude of the wave, just flushed all the terrestrial biosphere in the ocean.

Can there be such a cataclysm in the foreseeable future?

Recent events suggest that the cataclysm is not only possible, but it is already gaining momentum. Global warming, hurricanes, great strength and frequent earthquakes — all harbingers of an impending planetary catastrophe. It is very important to know, what to expect in the coming years?

Of particular value here are the visions of Edgar Cayce. Back in 1934, he "saw" what needs to happen at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The truth of his visions we can test soon.

Casey saw the American and Japanese coastal cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as Northern Europe lay in ruins. And it was not a consequence of the war, and a giant of a natural disaster — slip bottom oceanic tectonic plates. But this partial "doomsday" will not affect the massive continental plate, which is Russia. To her, Russia is destined to become a source of a new civilization on this planet.

What they think in this regard, scientists?

The well-known geophysicist AN Dmitriev, "catastrophe now merged into the system. And we begin to understand that behind the veil of disaster awaits new and climate and biosphere physical future. The whole question is whether, with what intensity and how severely the future climate and future biosphere will choose living things for a new life. General physical earth changes will lead to a global modification and adaptation of all living forms on Earth. "

And more! At the time of solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, scientists recorded the change in direction of the vector of the electromagnetic radiation of the earth to the opposite. Finally, there was what had once warned the great seer Edgar Cayce — the magnetic poles in motion. And, if in 2000 the offset of the north magnetic pole was 20 km, and in 2001 for 40 km, ie, the rate increased by 2 times. Today, the North Magnetic Pole has moved to eastern Siberia more than 1,000 miles! Moreover, this process became irreversible.

Hence, as indicated by the well-known Siberian geophysicist A. Dmitriev, "the situation is absolutely desperate, neither one of the global problems of the world science does not represent any radical solutions that can make a real difference."
But what is the root cause is hidden the fact that we were on the edge of the abyss? Let's turn to the ancient sources.

"Tribes such as the Hopi in Arizona and New Mexico, are quite modern beliefs based on conservation. They believe that all life has intrinsic spirituality, and the Earth itself is filled with the combined consciousness of all that lives on it. Thus, the desecration and looting of the planet have rendered the offender anger of Mother Earth, the Overmind. The depth of the environmental crisis that we face today, predicting the shamans of the tribes ", — says Alexander Dmitriev.

We pulled out of the bowels of the earth precious minerals and destroyed their natural abode. Now we face retribution.

There is also some other, esoteric explanation of the disastrous situation facing humanity.

"Our planet came to the brink, designed by her cycles — once wrote Alfred Haydock, distinguished philosopher and disciple of Nicholas Roerich. — Like a snake sheds its skin, and the earth shall update their covers. The update should involve not only the geological structure of the planet's crust and all the kingdoms of nature, but mostly — the consciousness of humanity. If the first inevitable shifts and dislocation, the need for a second shift from narrowly egocentric thinking towards the common good, and global cooperation. And then, and more fraught with disasters — geological and social. " "Holocaust — the deep conviction Alexei Dmitriev — is not so much a consequence of the ongoing processes as a complete misunderstanding of humanity in his role and its influence on solar-terrestrial processes and solar-planetary communication, and hence the state of the planet" .

Hence it makes sense to continue the study of the problems of a global catastrophe, and in this regard to consider the probability of the existence in the past a highly technological civilization. Since, according to the findings of American scientists led by Professor Chayldlesom, "search of lost civilizations with the final revelation of their deaths are truly momentous. For disclosure of this great mystery — a way to save humanity! "

Indeed, the problem should not fall on us suddenly, like a thief in the night. All the more reason that the previous global cataclysm only to a lesser extent due to the action of natural forces, and more — the human factor.

Catastrophe "Titanic", has experienced the night of 14 to 15 April 1912 with an iceberg — can be considered as a model of planetary cataclysm. Although it should be noted, the death of "Titanic" humanity was warned six years before the April nightmarish night.

Someone Morgan Robertson, a reporter, specializing in maritime subjects, in 1896 published a novel with a strange name "futility." It described how in Britain was built transatlantic liner length of 260 meters, which had four trumpets and three screws. With a displacement of 70 thousand tons and capacity of machines to 50,000 horsepower, he developed a speed of over 25 knots. The ship was considered unsinkable, the most luxurious and most high-speed world. But swimming ended tragically cold April night ship at full speed and crashed into an iceberg and sank. Lifeboats for all is not enough, and most of the two thousand passengers were killed.

Anyone correctly recognizes that the fate of the famous stories of "Titanic." By the way, the ship in the novel named "Titan." And that's amazing! Ironically copy of the novel is in the hands of one of the firemen of "Titanic," which started reading it in between WATCH during the voyage. As you read, he was horrified (!), Learning a description of the ship on which he was. Tried to tell about his comrades, but then they made fun of him. Nevertheless fireman rushed to jump ship at the time of entering the English port Sautgempoton.

But the ship named "Earth", alas, will not be able to escape. Only one thing — look for ways to save. And they are! Moreover, our salvation — in ourselves! The will of the people can dramatically change the fate of all mankind! It would be one wanted!

Author: Michael Rechkin, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the theoretical problems of samples

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