Journalists are also behind bars. One fast

Society on 20 December he was arrested for 10 days, without triggering a court representatives of the Russian Embassy. Despite the fact that Alexander vykovnay their professional duties, the court sentenced him as a participant of the action.

Total, according to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, Dec. 19 was delayed 25 journalists.

It is known that the convicted journalists: Tatiana Bublikava — 10 days in jail, Ilya Kuznetsov — 15 days, Dmitri Galko — 10 days, Julia Rimashevskaya, spokesman Neklyaeva — 13 days.

Part of the detained journalists were released after examination by the police or the court. Where are some of the detained journalists is not known.

Khalip with Moscow "Novaya Gazeta", the wife of the candidate A. Sannikov, and Natalia Radin, with the opposition website "Charter 97" under arrested by the KGB.

Press photographer Petersburg newspaper "My area" Astafev Alexander, who was arrested on December 19 and sentenced to 10 days in jail, went on hunger strike. It is reported by "Echo of Petersburg." Journalist requires meeting with the representative of the Russian Embassy.

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