Julia Bondarenko: It's hard to realize that my father was thrown into prison, perhaps for years

Dmitry Bondarenko, a confidant of Andrei Sannikov and coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus", was detained on December 20 in the sixth morning in the house and was taken to the KGB.

Dmitry Bondarenko of times over the participation in mass promotions stints in jail for 10-15 days, not just serving the sentence in prison in Akrestsin. His wife Olga and daughter Julia realize that now he is accused of more serious things. For 23-year-old daughter Julia policy father was an authority that formed her citizenship:

"He has to have a very big impact did because a child is all I see in front of you, a sense of self-awareness has come from him — that is Belarus, which is whiteRussian language. It was from him I have an interest in politics, history, territory, citizenship, that is partial must, what you need actively participate in all. I think that's all of it.

As a father, he always tried to keep me away from it all, because he was afraid that if he would try to somehow influence, it can not touch me. So was trying to protect me from all this, keep the distance …

I know the mind I understand that he is there that it will not be 15 or 30 days, as well as expose the serious charges, the number may be on for years. But realizing this, I do not have that indeed it can be so. "

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