Juliana Kobetc: My children do not understand why candidates were in prison


It was guarded by a few young people in black, and as soon as Vladimir and his wife came out of the store, grabbed, shoved into a car and driven away. The master Kobets two children — a daughter 15 and son is 12 years old today. Vladimir's wife Juliana Kobetc said:

"It's like clearing the ground from under his feet and plunged into reality … The children, of course, did not understand what was happening. They watched on television as the U.S. elections were held, as in Poland. They do not understand why all of our candidates ended up in jail.

The lawyer was Volodya yesterday, he was present during the interrogation, seen with her husband. "

Reporter"And as the mood as feels Vladimir? "

"While holding cheerfully as possible. Prosecution official today or tomorrow to put the lawyer said. Trying to support each other — I mean the parents, wives detained."

Reporter"And how are you up?

"Hold on, trying not to lose heart. Course, I would support from the European Union, support from Russia, from anywhere. Would like to see all of this information is not suppressed. Would like to have television, the press coverage of all aspects of these events, not Only one pro-governmental. because our people do not know the whole truth, that the most offensive. "


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