K. Sivkov, Serdyukov not just unpopular — it is disgusting

K. Sivkov, "Serdyukov not just unpopular - it is disgusting"The expert said today the head of the Defense Ministry, "spent material"

Another acute attack alarmism caused by the appearance of the first signs of approaching compelling miserable second wave of the global crisis that could bring down the dilapidated building Russian economic "resource freak", forcing the ruling elite of Russia seriously about the problem of preservation of mandatory items. It seems that, by an impartial circumstances (for overhaul of the Russian economy and its diversification means of re-industrialization sverhtehnologichny casually left too little time) Russian manager class is nothing to do but prepare to meet a wave of popular discontent with the means at its disposal apparatus of coercion. In other words, the army and the police.

One of the obstacles to the realization of such an unpopular scenario is the lack of notable figures in their leadership, which could be entrusted to perform the work is so tarnished, without fear of obstruction on the part of ordinary performers. After the scandalous version of the Kazan police station "Far" (where subordinates Mr. Nurgaliyev means unhappy bottles of champagne, actually, "lowered" its own rating) question of finding substitute the Interior Minister had acquired disposition urgent need. With all of this information vacuum, the criteria of which Vladimir Putin continues the process of forming a new cabinet, facilitates the emergence of the media environment in a variety of speculations and guesses at this point.

Another portion of the revelations of human voiced newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", which is on a deep-rooted tradition of unkind references to unnamed (that is anonymous and not giving any verification) the sources of the mandatory structures. According to the views of those secret informants, the name of the future head of police of the country is already clear. They Tipo will now director of the Federal Service for Drug Control Agency Viktor Ivanov, who, like a newcomer personnel "guilt" is intended to fill an old fur Interior Ministry, which seem to have failed to equip even in the eyes of the public means of which ended not so long ago, the reform of the department. And despite the fact that, most likely, specifically modern "constable" will be entrusted with such nepriznatelnoe occupation as oppression and suppression of popular protests dissatisfied.

In general, taking into account the scale of the expected social upheaval will be directly correlated with the temper unparalleled crisis in the economy, the government, apparently, is also preparing to disavow, just behind the eternal "my police protect me," another once highly popular slogan, which is understandable , said that "the people and army are one. " Especially since there is such a memory, that odious military reform seemed to be specially conceived in order to reformat the armed forces to deal with purely domestic problems. But to do the same again to get rid of the odious figure of today's Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the rating of trust to which the military has long been in the middle of "fell beyond plinth."

I must say that in this matter expert society shows a very high degree of pluralism of views and assessments. Namely, they do not exclude the possibility that Mr. Serdyukov still be allowed to have a little hold in his hands a ministerial portfolio (at least in order to bring to the brain started under his control an army "catastroika"). In general, if the commander in chief still thinks that "the Moor" still "did the trick" and, accordingly, can get away with it flaws in the candidates for the post of Vladimir Putin will not. Among these sources are referred to as the MC of today's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, which in this position oversees Russian MIC, Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov, commander of the Interior Troops of Nicholas Rogozhkina also present head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin.

The possibility of personnel shift change in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense in an interview KM.RU commented Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov:

— Certainly, in terms of bureaucratic Serdyukov — this waste material. I've got a recollection that he came into conflict with the supreme political control in the face of Vladimir Putin. Last openly expressed dissatisfaction with the purchase of "Mistral", while Serdyukov intensively prozhimal this decision. The private pre-election articles Vladimir Putin openly read that Russian army will be equipped only with Russian weapons. While the team Serdyukov (including Postnikov) lobbying for the adoption of service in the Russian army of foreign technology (ie tanks). Since there is a conflict, Serdyukov likely will be removed.

Serdyukov not just unpopular, and disgusting. In such criteria need man, who would use the enormous prestige of the armed forces. So that they can be used to oppress the population inside the country. In this context, the likely purpose of the Commander in Chief of Interior Ministry troops Rogozhkina the post of minister of defense would be very confusing step, because, as the last commander of internal troops Rogozhkin will be considered by the Army as alien people. It will be a kind of Serdyukov number 2 (although he held tanker). And most importantly — it will raise not a good wave in the society, as this move will definitely be seen as an attempt to guide the aircraft to fight with the people.

Dmitry Rogozin seems more suitable candidate. Since it does not cause a huge rejection. Although the man with the formation of a journalist is unlikely to be able to credibly ensure control of the armed forces to deal with domestic problems. Certainly, he has definite ideas. But in military circles it is regarded as a layman who can make the wrong decision. The conflict between politicians and the spices in the military at the moment there is, for example, in the United States. Naturally, Rogozin may appoint, but it is not a good figure.

By the way, if it is all the same appoint, he will have to cooperate as head of the Ministry of Defence with the position of deputy prime minister and curator of the military industrial complex. In principle, it is not very comfortable combination, but in Russia it can be. Although the hang of such functional on 1 person — is, of course, is counterproductive. In general, if it has the appropriate device, then it is, in principle, be able to solve such puzzles. With all this power for quite unsafe, when in the hands of one person's principal functions are concentrated. Since Rogozin may agree with the generals and solve the problem of power. Moreover, in terms of the introduction of the sun against the people of this mission is not very good. That's why I consider such personnel as an unlikely scenario.

If read about Postnikov, who will lead the Tipo General Staff, that a person who strictly follows the political winds. He is always aware of the band, conducted by the party, no matter where it leads — to a disaster or even to nothing. The main thing that it was a warm chair and he was sitting there. Because Postnikov somehow justified, that we need to buy "Leopards". Since they Tipo in a couple of times cheaper than our T-90, although it does not correspond to reality. So it may appoint.

And in general, if we approach this iss
ue from the standpoint of the interests of the country, none of the aforementioned defendants unacceptable.

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