Ka-226T vs Fenneka: Our homeland is confident of victory

Ka-226T vs "Fenneka": Russia confident of victory

In the coming days are expected to summing up the tender for the supply of ground troops and 197 Indian Air Force helicopter surveillance and reconnaissance. The test stages are passed, and the consideration of bids entered in the step terminates.

JSC "Rosoboronexport" expects Russian multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T will win the tender. Rival Russian machine is helicopter AS550 C3 "Fennek" from "Eurocopter".

Ka-226T vs "Fenneka": Russia confident of victory

Russian offers noticeable advantages is its "cumulative" effect: a stunning helicopter Ka-226T is available with an offset program that should intrigue the Indian side.

In-1's, of "Rosoboronexport" featuring "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" offers under this programmki organize joint creation of units and sub-Ka-226T, with the following adjusting assembly of these vehicles on the ground in India.

In-2, is proposed to jointly develop new versions of the helicopter.

B-3, the proposed programm will allow countries that are strategic partners, to begin a full-scale industrial cooperation in the field of helicopter. Large Russian experience in this field, as successful implementation of programs in the field of aviation (license creation of the Su-30MKI, MiG-21 and MiG-27 on the ground in India) are a good basis for the realization of even the most basic thoughts.

Russian developers have managed to achieve amazing features Ka-226T. Thanks to them, this rotary-wing machine profitably allocated among the contenders who are on the world market, and is perfect for the transportation of cargo, reconnaissance and search-and-rescue operations in inaccessible areas.

The coaxial scheme screws Ka-226T gives great traction in store and the highest rate of climb, which in turn increases the static ceiling machine. The aerodynamic symmetry and lack of cross-linking in the control channels greatly simplify piloting the helicopter. This is especially important for the realization of low-level flights. Maneuverability of the Ka-226T is the highest and is not depending on the speed of flight. Ka-226T is ideal for solving problems at high temperatures and in the highlands.

Supreme level of vitality and good flight performance properties of a helicopter provided by the presence of 2-engines "Arrius 2G1" made by "Turbomeca". Engines have sufficient capacity, which is very important when flying in mountainous terrain and regions with hot climates. Even in the event of failure of the 1st of the engines, the Ka-226T will be able to continue flight a second.

Ka-226T showed their best features in benchmark tests conducted within the framework of the tender. These tests showed that the Ka-226T was able to incorporate the best ideas and the merits of design school "Kamov": modular design that allows you to do helicopter functional, low vibration, ordinary steering technique, higher reliability, simplicity of operation and safety.

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