Ka-52 — delayed flight

Ka-52 - delayed flight

What plans to amaze the President of the Russian Federation "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant"

Management of the Russian Federation has set puzzle to equip the Russian army with new weapons, take it to another level of technology, according to modern requirements of warfare.

As part of the state provided for the development of programs from weapons meant to fulfill deliveries for our Army XXI century helicopter Ka-52, nicknamed "the Alligator".

The magic of technology

As you know, our homeland to this day holds a leading position in the world in the field of helicopter. Here and now passing municipal joint tests of helicopters Ka-52 would, on the project, delaying the palm in his own area.

As noted in Wikipedia, the Ka-52 (Hokum B to systematize NATO) — Russian helicopter, army aviation command vehicle, carrying out reconnaissance, target designation and coordination of military helicopters. The machine is capable of hitting the armored and unarmored vehicles, manpower and air targets on the battlefield. It is a model of the future development of the Ka-50 "Black Shark".

June 27, 2008 in Arsenyev (Primorsky Krai) on the airfield aircraft plant "Progress" took the first test flight of the first Ka-52 of the most experienced of the party. October 29, 2008 at the "Progress" has begun small-scale creation of the "Alligator". Himself a helicopter is awesome, but its producers have allied.

Was purely on paper …

As reported by the media, as part of defense procurement programs from Russian army in 2012 to receive up to 30 Ka-52 helicopters. But get there — here in this issue.

As reported, "Vladivostok News", "Progress" as early as 2010 has to supply the armed forces of seven Ka-52. In February 2010, the newspaper "Vladivostok" hastened to declare that the first step of the joint municipal testing is completed at the end of the year.

But the reality was different. According to "PB", municipal joint tests of the Ka-52 (even their first step) were almost sunken. At the end of March 2010 the Interagency Working Group on identifying circumstances disrupt the timing of testing and supply of products GOES-451 was directly Unknown culprit failure — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "(UOMZ), now known as JSC" PO "Ural Optical Mechanical Plant "which tore off on a" Gator "multi-channel, sighting, Hydrostabilized opto-electronic acts around the clock GOES-451.

Ka-52 - delayed flight

It has been established that the terms of reference given product reliability GOES-451 is not provided, reducing the volume of tests, including tests not carried out on the reliability that can be a prerequisite periodic equipment failures at the municipal joint trials; voted down the end of the prescribed period of MM (30.11. 2009), have not been eliminated prerequisites periodic failures products GOES-451 and inconsistencies of these products technical specifications; occur periodically postponement of delivery products — delays reached to a year stated unsatisfactory administration of the company. Say in advance that the new expiry date of MM — 15.05.2010 was also disrupted.

But the main conclusion of the commission was made following: "The untimely and incomplete advancing industrial cooperation on the part of Federal State Unitary Enterprise" Production Association "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" and untimely final payments for delivered products point to signs of misuse of budget funds (free of distraction budget funds for other purposes of not appropriate to their conditions of preparation). "

It seems that so harsh conclusions should be considered the Accounting Chamber and the Prosecutor General's Office. Maybe we will make an objection, explaining that the production of "every now and then happens." In this regard, we note that what happened with the GOES-451, is not accidental and not an isolated, the practice of the General Director of JSC "PO" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "Sergei Maxine, his attitude to the organization of production and management of financial flows. A similar situation is observed in the matter of production of JSC "PO" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "Optical and radar stations in municipal defense order for the aircraft of the" dry ", where instead of the planned 6.7 articles per month plant is often one, and the issue of supply equipment under the contract "Rosoboronexport" to India for license production, where UOMZ also does delivery, and that the company does not participate in the program of modernization MiG-29 and Su-35. The above mentioned evidence already on the system.

And it warned …

On the situation in UOMZ "PB" reported in October and November 2009 in the articles "Optical Illusion" and "Optical Illusion 2". Recall that then the "PB" informed readers about what's going on UOMZ running its director Sergei Maxine. As the company is losing ground in the field of research and production, as in presentation purpose funds are spent, as required for completion of products. As Maxine due UOMZ carries the world "curators" of the enterprise and their spouses ("PB" has a copy of a ticket and the form of payment for UOMZ curator at the time of the Industry Ministry Alexander Potapov and his wife Anna Sermon on the delegation UOMZ) as conducting numerous costly repairs representative offices and much more.

But to no avail. Maxine not only continued his activities as head of UOMZ, and was appointed manager of the holding in the GC "Russian Technologies" — JSC "SPC" Optical systems and technologies. " And after all of the above interdepartmental committee included representatives of GC "Russian Technologies", who also signed the given our findings. So who and how in such a situation was able to lobby for this personnel decision? Any information about the real situation was not brought to the General Director of "Russian Technologies" SV Chemizova?

The samples also reach out to the Accounting Chamber, made by deputies have not yielded any results so far. Certain parliamentary inquiry chairman of the Accounts Chamber Sergei Stepashin in fact contained in the publications of "PB" of data have so far gone unanswered.

But not silent Prosecutor General's Office. 1st Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander E. Buksman in his own response to the parliamentary inquiry wrote: "In the true time Maxine SV is at once the position of General Director of FSUE" PA "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" and the Director General of JSC "SPC "Optical Systems and Technologies", which is contrary to the Federal Law of 14.11.2002 № 161-FZ "On the municipal unitary enterprises and urban." In this regard, the Director General of the State Compa
ny "Russian Technologies", carrying out the possibility of the property owner FSUE "PA" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant ", see the question asked for the release of Maxine S. from the post of General Director of the Company."

And after all that? Instead of the Prosecutor General's orders were carried out faster rate conversion of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association" Ural Optical and Mechanical plant"A public company, and now Maxine became CEO of both. This, by the way, contrary to the position Chemizova the impossibility to hold office manager of the holding and managing of the 1st of the companies within the holding company, if the parent company is not, in other words on the basis of its holding itself does not appear. But Chemizov for Maxine, apparently, are not the decree. Especially in a situation where Maxine in their own environment is constantly flaunts' support for the teeth "and the proof of this" support "knows all about that recently, in July, the company will visit Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. It will happen, according to Maxine, a joint venture with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Medvedev visits Yekaterinburg, where will the Russian-German summit, the major exhibition "INPROM-2010" and the forum "Petersburg Dialogue". Note that at the JSC "PO" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "on the eve of the visit of the President have already changed the paving tiles, planted flowers, repaired in grandiose style of an entire floor for the reception of large guests. Makar means so and so lacking for the manufacturing of Ka-52 and other products are being spent without counting. Curious to know whether the support Maxine lobbyists present state of affairs in the company or they are guided by well-kept flower beds?

Traffic lights instead of the Ka-52

Well, painting grass before visiting officials — an ancient Russian tradition. What is interesting — what did Maxine wants to brag to the President? Apparently, traffic lights, which occupied a central place in the exhibition of "IN" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "on nedavneshney show in Zhukovsky.

Naturally, it is gratifying that the Russian defense industry creates products and civilians. But it would be better if they were producing and benign military. In the case of "software" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "important is the nuance that the Ka-52 is planned to equip the" Mistral "in the case of purchase.

And once again the money

Once again, the "PB" raise questions about the need for more careful approach to the verification of disk imaging on the misuse of budget funds. Now example UOMZ. In the case of "software" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant »Fri added to this bad administration, unreasonable credit enhancement satchel company, unchanging payable to subcontractors, purchase very expensive equipment. Well, in general, policy director general, emphasis is placed on the development of external form at the expense of content.

In this regard, we note another curious moment — and JSC "SPC" Optical Systems and Technologies ", and OAO" PO "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" serves the same chief accountant — N. Kuzmin from Yekaterinburg. And this despite the fact that businesses are at a distance of 2000 km from each other. What is it — a touching concern for his own shots or something else?

"PB" will continue to watch the situation in OAO "PO" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant "and now in the JSC" SPC "Optical systems and technologies." Pin our hopes that Stepashin and Chemezov all the same will direct attention to what is happening, especially taking into account the purpose Maxine director of JSC "SPC" Optical Systems and Technologies ", where the ability for monetary and production activities more widely.

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