Kabul claims the frontier lands of their own neighbors

Kabul claims the border lands of all its neighbors

Kabul plans to expand its area through virtually all of their own neighbors. October 19 this openly said the head of Department of Geodesy and Cartography of Afghanistan Fazil Ahmad Hedayat. According to him, international law makes it likely that the revision of the boundaries of the country every 20 years, as during this time the border rivers may change their beds.

Afghan bureaucrat identified by the fact that it is necessary to revise the border with Pakistan and Iran. According to the views of Hedayyata, Islamabad and Tehran, taking advantage of the weakness of Afghanistan, was given to a range of Afghan land. But at the current time, the demarcation of the borders with these countries is not possible due to some "political reasons".

Apparently, these prerequisites comes military power of the 2-powers, and hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees who live there. They may be just another beautiful day be asked to leave the area of Pakistan and Iran. Kabul is not able to accept them and give them a job and even a small ration. Country at the present time almost does not have any normally functioning sectors of the economy, except for the production of drugs.

It should be noted that the Afghan-Pakistani border — This is a very unstable region. This is due to the action of the Taliban, who have a strong presence in Pakistan, also with the problem of Pashtunistan. Pashtuns — this is the untold and the leading ethnic group in Afghanistan (according to various estimates, their country 39-42%). In Pakistan, they make up a huge portion of the population in the tribal areas in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly the North-West Frontier Province), the northern part of the province of Baluchistan. In the middle of the Pashtuns in Pakistan have a strong desire to merge with Afghan relatives and make government Pashtuns.

Islamabad is interested in the development of Pashtunistan, it leads to the collapse of Afghanistan. Some experts believe that the problem of the Afghan-Pakistan border may decide to strip the recognition of Durand. This border English between India and Afghanistan, which established in 1893. by agreement of the Secretary for foreign affairs of the Anglo-Indian government Mortimer Durand with the Afghan Emir Abdur Rahman Khan. The agreement was concluded on the basis of the three Anglo-Afghan wars in which the British tried to expand the area of English in India.

At the current time, due to worsening relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan to Pakistan and Pakistani fickle country, the question of the revision of the Afghan-Pakistani border completely can become a reality. Besides already published maps of the dismembered Pakistan, which is independent Pashtunistan state.

Kabul claims the border lands of all its neighbors

Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Northern frontiers

As long as Afghanistan is eyeing to the territories of the former Russian republics — Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. According to the views of Afghans, the border river Panj and Amu seriously changed its course. In the end, part of the territories of the three republics was on the left, in other words 'Afghan' shore. This means that Kabul, according to the current legislation internationalist, really can legitimately make claims on the land.

For example, a dispute can go on a small plot Hamadoni Tajik Khatlon. So, in 2008 this fact, in a number of media disk imaging, established a joint Afghan-Tajik commission. And now, Afghan bureaucrats aggressively northern states do offer a special four-sided commission and agree the terms of the revision of state borders.

For Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan is a very nasty surprise. Desire to revise the boundaries they do not show, and understandably so. It is not clear that if Afghanistan in 20 years will be offered to reconsider its borders for the benefit of the neighbors, then it will go to Kabul. In addition, even a small concession area will cause harsh criticism of the internal opposition, can show the weakness of the country and will lead to new territorial demands adjoining countries.

Tajikistan has already lost to China 1,158 thousand square kilometers own country, prompting the opposition surge in the middle of dissatisfaction with the regime of President Emomali Rahmon. Curiously, the Tajiks have at the moment are kept under control is not their entire area — about 35 thousand hectares of areas of Tajikistan are under the control of Afghan militants. This information agency "Ozodagon" said Islomshoh Shoev, which is the deputy chairman of the district Shuroabad Khatlon kotoryya borders with the Afghan government and is subject to the territorial claims of Kabul.

Tajik bureaucrat said that the inhabitants of the district can not use the immense agricultural lands that are in the area of the reserve, "Dashti Jam" on earth Shuroabad district. According to disk imaging, two or three groups of Afghan militants hosted on this area of the Tajik reserve. And the local people because of the horror of the armed men did not dare to come close to the land.

Alpine Shuroabad district of Khatlon region of Tajikistan is one of the most difficult areas in terms of protection of the Afghan-Tajik border state. Judging by the summary of Tajik law enforcement agencies, this section of the border smugglers use to transport drugs from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan can advance to the northern neighbors and claims of historical character. For example, the Afghans handed over Bukhara (almost RF) range of their own possessions, lying on the right bank of the Amu Darya in 1873 under a contract of Russian-Afghan border.

Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for themselves by themselves do not constitute force that is able to withstand Afghanistan or other neighbors. Historically, they have to or together with Russia to participate in the construction of the Eurasian Union, or they will be absorbed by the neighbors. Part of this process has already begun, "bell" from Kabul — it's not a coincidence.

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