Kadyrov requests increased control over the application travmatiki in Chechnya

Kadyrov need to strengthen control over the use of travmatiki in ChechnyaHead Ramzan Kadyrov claimed that law enforcement agencies in the region to strengthen the control over the observance of the law on the possession and carrying of a traumatic gun.

On Tuesday, during the meeting in Kadyrov offered to evaluate the severity of the operational situation in all the villages Fri Chechnya and in a short time to restore order.

"I spent some time in the Urus-Martan. Went through the middle and other streets behind the wheel of a car. Striking presence in the busy areas of young people with a gun on his belt," — said Kadyrov.

Head Republic drew attention to the fact that "it is not clear to passersby, or is it the operative worker, or the offender, or his martial tool or traumatic. Because, seeing an armed man, law-abiding people feel uncomfortable. "

"I specially invited representatives of law enforcement agencies. Want to ask why people strolling on the streets with a gun? Why do they need it, why the police did not establish order in this matter," — said Kadyrov.

According to him, although it is a traumatic weapons, "but no one has given permission for its public wearing on the streets of towns and villages, in public places."

"There is a precise annotations. And he who, having bought tool, forgot about these rules, shall be deprived of his permit wearing and storage of traumatic guns, "- said the head Chechnya.

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