Kadyrov reread the survivors, devils

Kadyrov has counted the survivors, "devils"Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov highly appreciated the results in the fight against terrorism and militancy in the areas of the country for the first 9 months of this year. Special emphasis during a meeting with the head of the Chechen Interior Ministry Ruslan Alkhanov and members of the clergy, he did that not admitted any of the 1st attack. "It can not entertain" — highlighted Kadyrov.

Managing the republic also said the number of remaining militants, whom he often refers to as "devils", does not exceed a few 10 s. And talked to him, as they finish: "Special emphasis should be placed on prevention. According to data from different sources, the number of fighters can reach 35-40 people. Remains at large ringleaders can look for weak-minded, intellectually retarded, with mental disorders of young people and tying them in their ranks. This must resist all. Not only the police and the security services. "

"To solve the problem of combating extremism a need to strengthen the spiritual and moral education of young people, — explained to Kadyrov. — Explain to her what Wahhabism, extremism, the danger to society they carry. Read with young people, motivating their findings verses from the Koran. "

Kadyrov added that an important task of the Chechen security forces — to find and catch or kill Doku Umarov: "This rat is necessary to find, detain, and if will resist, so as not to risk the lives of employees, eliminate. finding not only in Chechnya, and in any place where He, on-line data can be hidden. Naturally, for him there is no way he is afraid of his own shadow. But the bandits and their patrons zabugornom to his name, and that name should be permanently deleted from the list. "

At that time, as the head of Chechnya declares actually solved the dilemma of terrorism, the federal center is preparing to throw the fight against gangs army. The main weak points in the North Caucasus in the current time, which may be due to this decision Moscow — is the border regions of Dagestan and Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Decision verbovanii of army troops to the role in counterterrorism operations can be made at the meeting of the State is not far Counterterrorism Committee (NAK). According to the source RIA "Announcements" in the power structures, it is decision for the previously agreed with all concerned agencies, including the Defense Ministry. He explained to the probable connection of the Armed Forces to fight the militants — the first in years — followed by this: "The role of the Armed Forces units in counter-terrorism operations, explained the need to increase the force component in the region, as a quick and final liquidation balances gangs there."

Association of Military expert Alexander Perendzhiev political scientists told a reporter, "Ytra" commented the information followed by: "If it is a decision, this means that there were large terrorist gangs that do not need to destroy in the process of special operations who spend the Interior Ministry and the FSB, and to conduct a full-scale military operations using aircraft, artillery, and armored vehicles. It became necessary to defeat them. "

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