Kadyrov: The Chechens are not fighting a war in Syria

Kadyrov: The Chechens are not fighting in SyriaHead of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov said that the Chechens are not fighting a war in Syria, and the rebels — natives of the North Caucasus are no longer homeland.

"This is absolute heresy. Chechens are not fighting a war in Syria. At least, with all the responsibility, we can talk about the inhabitants of the Chechen Republic. And the fact that for similar Gelayev, Basayev and another, then they have no homeland, they will have long lost. All they have gained, it's the curse of the people, who until now their curse "- said Kadyrov Thursday, responding to a question Journalists in severity, "Interfax".

"I again want to emphasize that the citizens of the Russian Federation Chechen do not take part in military action in Syria on anybody's side was. Replicated by Western media and, unfortunately, supported by individual Russian editions artificially rumors spread in order to visualize the role of the people in the conflict of the Russian Federation ", — said Kadyrov.

He believes proper management policy of the Russian Federation with regard to the Syrian issue.

"We control the RF has a fundamentally position on the issue. It is the need to resolve the conflict by peaceful means, without military intervention from outside. We definitely support the policies of President Vladimir Putin on the Syrian issue and are convinced that this position will contribute to the achievement of peace in Syria, "- identified Kadyrov.

As for the events in a number of other Middle Eastern countries, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, then, Kadyrov's beliefs, they have led to bloodshed, bloody and protracted crises.

"We remember, no matter under what pretext well-acted in the West of Libya, provoking the situation in Egypt and other countries. Who found the reason for Syria. At the same time they did not stop. Syria now, and tomorrow will be another country. And what next? What is currently happening in Afghanistan and Iraq? Western countries have introduced in these countries the armed forces under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and we have gained? Afghanistan and Iraq are in ruins, blood pours into the 10's once more than the first conflict, the situation is only getting worse and worse. The same thing will happen in Syria, if you follow the path of armed intervention "- warned the head of Chechnya.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, on Wednesday, press secretary of the Chechen Republic Alvi Karimov denied information about the mass participation in the revolt of the inhabitants of the republic in Syria. "Among the participants of the conflict in Syria residents of the Chechen Republic is not" — said Karimov.

Earlier in the North online resources was reported that the offspring of the Chechen field commander Ruslan (Khamzat) Gelaev Rustam killed in Syria. Rustam, according to them, was born in 1988. According to media reports, the Russian Rustam and his mother lived in the Omsk region. Then Gelaev Jr. moved to Chechnya, but did not stay there forever, going to study in one of the Islamic universities in the Middle East. According to the separatists, this summer Gelaev arrived in Syria to volunteer for a role in fighting with government forces.

Web sites report that Gelaev was killed between 11 and 13 August in a fight in a district of Syria, his body was delivered to Chechnya, where he was buried on August 17.

His father, a field commander Ruslan Gelayev, was killed Feb. 28, 2004 in Dagestan trying to cross the Russian-Georgian border. In a shootout with them, killing two guards.

Earlier there were reports that Chechen militants are heavily involved in civilian war Syria. Since August 21, the Australian television channel ABC said that the militants from Uzbekistan and Chechnya are involved in the fighting in Aleppo, Syria on the side of the opposition.

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