Kadyrov: the strength of our countrys unity

Kadyrov: the strength of our country's unityHead of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov proposes that the consolidation of different nationalities and faiths living in Russia, the status of the national idea.

Commenting on the words of Prime Minister Vladimir Fishing season, pronounced on Wednesday in Kislovodsk at a meeting with representatives of youth organizations, Ramzan Kadyrov said that "the theme of friendship for the Russian Federation and the unity of its peoples is fundamental."

"Without it, the country does not survive as a whole, not to become a strong, strong power. The strength of our country — in unity. And at this point, when trying to activate the forces seeking to split Russia and undermine it from within, we must stand together and protect the inter-ethnic, inter-religious stability of the country. I believe that this idea should be the first and the main idea of Russian society. I would have said, thought the state of our state, "- said Ramzan Kadyrov.

Head of the Republic is convinced that the political forces, public organizations and citizens, first, need to think about what connects all voedinyzhdy Russians that we can all combine to make the country stronger and more powerful.
"I'm sharing the idea entirely Prime Minister Vladimir Fishing season that the consolidation of different nationalities and faiths to the future of Russia. We have our own way of development, its own path to the rapprochement of nations and religions. It is, indeed, different from the euro. And the difficulties encountered in the West should not scare us, "- said Ramzan Kadyrov, Answering journalists' questions.

He stressed that, unfortunately, not all representatives of political parties, movements and various public organizations, offering to drive anyone, any area of the country cut off, feel their responsibility to the people, to society, to the probable catastrophic consequences.

"We're all on to himself experienced. Someone did not stop, someone gave the podium, have allowed someone to look up. This led to the disaster on a national scale. Even now, in the country there are people who, under the pretext of freedom of speech on the radio, on the pages of newspapers romanticize favorites IAF, terrorists, separatists call ", — said Ramzan Kadyrov.
He is convinced that "any discussion of the cutting area on the scraps must be nipped in the bud, and even enter the punishment for the expression of separation from any areas of the country."

Commenting on the theme of development of tourism in the North Caucasus Federal District, Kadyrov said that this branch in the country is one of the most promising. "I firmly believe that the industry has a great future. The climate conditions in what is not inferior to the famous resorts of the world. The highest mountains, snowy slopes, rivers, forests … All is that it is necessary for outdoor activities. We are convinced that there will be a decent investors ", — said Ramzan Kadyrov.

"We wish to make such facilities for tourists who are not inferior to the most modern European resorts. As for the properties of the service, then agree completely with the express Vladimir Putin: "The Highlanders — a proud people, but they are made not only to fight." Chechens — modern humans. Chechens have always, in all ages have done everything in their power to adequately accept guest. It is a matter of honor for our people. Because no Chechen blacken his name indecent behavior towards guests, from whatever country they come, "- said Ramzan Kadyrov.

Note that during a meeting in Kislovodsk Vladimir Putin urged residents of the North Caucasus abandon false stereotypes about what Highlanders excellent wage war, but can not be in the power of your mind-employed in the tourism and service.

Prime Minister explained to the occurrence of such representations "do not mind, and the low level of education and culture of those who think this way."

"Maybe I'll say something wrong. But if you will be arriving tourists and local staff will myagenkie place for tourists pinching, maybe someone will like it, but not too far away, and many will be willing to come a little bit "- saw the prime minister.
Vladimir Putin referred to "erroneous thesis' argument that the Mountaineers can not force yourself to" serve the tourists, "as noted by one of the participants in the meeting.

"The Highlanders — a proud people, but they are made not only to fight a war. There are a lot of professional people — and poets, and writers, and engineers and scientists and the military, "- said Vladimir Putin. He recalled that during the time of the Union of Russian "it was clear to all that the Caucasus is very different builders who covens across the country."

"It is not right the one who reads about the" servility to tourists. " Tourism — a very basic branch of the economy of many countries. When it comes to the realization that may depend on the well-being of local residents, it is very rapidly changing and mind, very quickly becomes aware that it is not Administering and job prestige, requiring special training and highly qualified, "- Vladimir Putin singled out.

According to him, "there is another side to the coin: the reluctance, the inability to work at the highest level comes not from the mind-set, and low educational and cultural level."

Premier stressed that our homeland "must not turn away from the competitive advantages of the Caucasus region." He expressed confidence that the relation to the tourism industry will change when here come the big investors who will establish the work at European level.

"I will allow myself to imagine that when the volume of business will increase, local business owners do not really allowed to go to someone and crush their business," — said the prime minister, responding to a remark that, as in the Caucasus, and had not provided sufficient security for tourists.

In his view, interested in the development of the tourism industry businessmen "will cooperate with the authorities to really decide and measures to ensure the safety of their facilities."

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