Kadyrov warned against Chechens role in mass rallies

Tuesday, December 14 Chechen Ramzan favorite Kadyrov officially threatened Chechens, who is going to take part in some kind of mass actions in any of the Russian cities of punishment.

"I officially declare that if any of Chechen children will allow themselves to take part in the mass protests in Moscow, the impacts of violence on Manezh Square on him through his relatives and friends will be affected in accordance with our customs and traditions, which do not allow disobedience to the orders of senior junior, in this case — request the head of the republic ", — quotes" Interfax "Kadyrov.

The position of the head of the Chechen republic will be brought to the loved ones of all Chechens living outside the republic. With all this Kadyrov expressed confidence that on December 15, when, according to the Metropolitan Police, expect another massive mess in the center of Moscow, none Chechen will not come to the area at the shopping center "European".

Calls for a mass rally in Moscow on December 15 Kadyrov referred to provocation, "Walking on the web forgery", allegedly signed by the representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus. "It is a figment of the imagination of provocateurs who had previously taken out of the crowd at the Manege rioters area"- Quoted by RIA" Novosti "the Chechen leader. Note that it is in the web of the Metropolitan Police found a correspondence of young people — the people from the North Caucasus, allegedly calling for a "response" to the action that took place on December 11 at Moscow's Manezh Square.

"Explicit and hidden enemies of the Russian Federation are trying to lure the crowds constructively minded youth area "European", suggesting to her that there are planning to share the Caucasian and other diasporas. Neither Chechen is not going to go to the European area, since it is not necessary. They will not let anyone make a fool of themselves, they become pawns in someone else's game, "- said Kadyrov.

Earlier it was reported that the Metropolitan Police increased security regime in the square near the shopping center "European". Kiev station adjacent to the area to patrol policemen and riot police outfits. According to earlier withered disk imaging, an area planned protest by representatives of the Caucasian diaspora.

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