Kadyrov who can not live in Moscow — the load on the plane and took home

Kadyrov who can not live in Moscow - the load on the plane and took homeEven in today's harsh residence of the head of the republic stands. In fairness, I must say that it — not a gated community. Despite the security regime, come here everyday citizens: and to the mosque, and concerts, which cherish the birth of the tower. We are in the holy of holies: the main representative areas of the Chechen Republic. It is clear that even a very long time will change not only the stern, and the mass unconscious relation to the Chechens. To put it mildly, a specific perception of Muscovites from the North Caucasus and exacerbated by such savage options like shooting during the journey sadly famous Dagestani wedding cortege. Of course, a blow on the head with brass knuckles St. Petersburg journalist who stood up for women (which in the metro pestered all the same specifically Chechens) — also a fact. After the scandal at the shopping center "European" Ramzan Kadyrov to Chechen capital of Severe rein. How did you do it?

— Haji Ramzan, the sudden question, but if there, in the harsh, wedding began firing, what would you do?

— In fact, we were shooting at all times, but today we are rebuked shoot.

— And — listen to?

— We occasionally who violate our rules. Though I loved to shoot, but I did not realize that prevents people, and sometimes even scare kids. Still, it remains in the blood.

— The more you threaten those who violate the rule?

— Most of our staff fired or guys fighting, they occasionally allowed for yourself. I said, if we are the guardians of order, then we do not have to break the regime. Every Saturday and Sunday we are getting married, once a month is the case that someone fired a gun. When this happened before, I also thought that it is our custom. Previously, there was no phone and no signals to warn that they are moving with his wife because of a gun shot. And at this point you can write SMS, so I forbade it.

— You are currently a very exciting thing uttered since so many Muscovites determine the complaint as follows: they came to us with their customs. And you're saying that the custom of something in general such weird?

— When kidnapped brides, all too Tipo thought that this is also the custom of ours. Later, I gathered the elders, scientists, educated people who know the story, and they confirmed that it is not our custom. Completely unrealistic even to adhere to these practices, even at the level of thought. And we unanimously decided that from this day or write a statement for the kidnapping and imprisoning people.

— When I was eating on the city streets and see the number 95 — it's Chechen Republic, other times I keep a distance. Since dzhigitin, dzhigitin. I have traveled a great distance across the Chechen Republic and saw the surprise at a measured manner of driving. What happens to people when they cross the borders of their own republics?

— It's bad manners first. We fight. I am deputies, senators warned that they met with young people, read: those who can not live in Moscow, we load the plane and bring home. Let them live here. I said to them that you need to remember in 1995 and 1994, which took place in Moscow. Every Chechen bandit considered. At the moment we have held elections, the referendum, people unanimously said that we are a part of territory of Russia, we will live by the laws of the Russian, and must be punished by law.

— Those young Chechen boys who molested a girl in the subway and beat the St. Petersburg journalist, threatening them, in such a case? They disobeyed, coming out?

— No, who beat women, offended, insulted the lady — he was not a man. In my comprehension, a Chechen really should be an example to all. Looking at him, he should not make mistakes. He, however, has to protect women. It does not matter, Muslim, Christian, Russian, Chechen, Arab.

— Will not protect them?

— Never in my life.

— You just mentioned that Chechnya living under the laws of, and though we are aware that it is — the Caucasus, here there are views of the miraculous. What, for you seem to Chechen worse? Punishment according to the law of the Russian Federation or your personal contempt for him? Maybe some Sharia law? These are the guys that we currently have listed, they violated the Sharia?

— Naturally violated. I always say to everyone: Now is the time to which our forefathers wanted. We — the owners own region, we can read in the Chechen, we can pray, to build the mosque, it allows us to Russian government, the management of the country. And we must protect this Sharia government. And who break the culture, I do not think these people Chechens.

— Then the next question. This week, earned court decisions banning the film "Innocence of Muslims." Incidentally, I had time to look at it before the ban, and in my opinion, this feature film is not. Another issue is that those with a computer "on you," they say that the ban can be at the technical level, just to get around. Go through the websites of other states. It really is feasible at a technical level. That's what I'm afraid: go out, it's forbidden fruit. It is always sweet.

— When I put this movie in YouTube, immediately shut down the computer. The ban — is in my awareness of the correct decision. On the territory of Russia lived 25-26 million Muslims. We, as a law-abiding people, not protested, not throwing stones at the embassy of America or France.

— In particular, after your calls?

— We realize that it is only minus for us. We have to maintain control across the country, as well as support for Christianity while, like their name, the performances in the Christ the Redeemer. How can this happen? I am grateful to the court for the right solution, and all Muslims support it.

— Then last. Here lies near the border of Georgia and Georgia historically for Chechnya — an important neighbor. Comment on the results of the elections in Georgia has become easier for you?

— If in economic terms, to open the road, it is Turkey, it is still on, and very profitable for us there …

— Itum-Kale …

— Yes, via Itum-Kale, and immediately to Georgia. Half an hour — and you're on the ground of Georgia are. As long as there is this man, we have such does not happen.

— Well, taking into account the actions of 2008, where the Chechens to war so …

— Yes, yes. He looks at us, looking through binoculars, you know. I think there's people pronounce his word, and will be the configuration.

— Well, here it is said, has chosen the opposition. Us from the heat or cold?

— I think there is a skylight. Over the ocean, the future of Georgia, I can not see.

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