Kazakh catastrophe Russian Man

Mom soldier accused of murdering 15 people, "Relatives of the victims support us, nobody believes the official version of what happened"

In late May, news of Kazakhstan, Russian media has undermined the 19-year-old Russian boy Vladislav Chelakh shot 14 fellow soldiers and hunters, and what he confessed. But not all residents of Kazakhstan believe in the official version of what happened. And, of course, does not recognize her ancestors of the accused: a puny little fellow could at once put a 10-ka strong men?

In this story, and indeed many inconsistencies and contradictions. Eyewitnesses of the massacre there. The charge is based only on the testimony of the grateful foreheads.

We do not undertake to refute or agree with the views of the investigating authorities of Kazakhstan. We just give some facts and a detailed account of the accused mother — her eyes on the action that took place on the frontier "Arkan-Kerg."

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

Friendly outpost. Second left — Vlad Chelakh

The accident occurred at the end of May on a temporary border posts "Arkan-Kerg" in Almaty region (on the border with China). There have served 3 contractor, 11 conscripts and one officer. May 30 because of the loss due to the post was aimed border patrol, who found the scorched building barracks. The ashes found the remains of 13 people. Another charred body was found on the banks of the nearby river. At 150 meters from the post, in the guard house hunting, lay the body of the huntsman. Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced carnage terrorist act. But a few days of later there was another version: Artist mass executions — 19-year-old Vladislav their foreheads. The motif of the crime: not resist bullying from colleagues.

Mom accused, 38-year-old Svetlana Vashenko, last month passed noticeable. The once-stately, lovely lady looks exhausted. Grayish circles swollen from sleepless nights and shed tears in the eyes, temples, old man's gray hair is covered in a mere couple of days, your hands are shaking, voice trembling.

— You are my hope, otherwise history will not hear the world — sobbing woman. — Two weeks back we called on all television channels, we are arranging meetings with journalists, but no one came. A later call from Moscow: "What happened to you? Operators forbid shoot to cover the event on national television too, can not. " Since that time, none of the journalists did not call us.

— How did you hear about what happened on the frontier?

— 31 May, when the intelligence agencies have been clear about the death of children, and my son is not accused of all mortal sins, to my house raided by the KNB (Committee for State Security), "Your son is at the moment, we want to find out how you react to the fact that after the army, we'll take it to the committee for myself? He's a young lad, and we need to update the state. " I was confused, "I do not know, you need to talk to him, I can not decide for him." And here she remembered: in the military Vlad already received similar proposal offspring promised an increase in the corporate ladder. Here he is wearing rose-colored glasses, and went into the army.

— As I understand it, the proposal anyhow who does not arrive?

— I think so. The scion then said to me: "Mom, to begin with I should like to serve in the border troops, and later, perhaps, I'll go to work in the bodies." I am still taken aback: "Son, this is not realistic, you do not have higher education, the Kazakh language you do not know, do not take such positions of responsibility." But later, Vlad and he lost interest in the idea. Here's what he wrote to me in his own last letters: "No, mother, the army — it's not mine. Then the good part, friendly folks, but it's not mine. I have all the same decided to become a locomotive engineer. "

— Vlad wanted to get to the border guards?

— He's like even through a friend asks to be staged at the border. By the way, KNB officers tortured me, "Who sent it to these troops, how did he get there?" Then I was asked to show the letters offspring. I have no ulterior motive, allowed them all to read. Nothing criminal in the texts did not find — each letter scion reported as he comfortably on the outpost, what great guys suck.

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

Svetlana Vashenko

— You do not feel that something was wrong?

— Not a bad thoughts flashed. All the more special services have assured: "Due to the fact that we need new staff, we are all parents of young boys interviewing."

— When you hear about the disaster?

— The same evening the electric-mail my daughter received a message from a friend Vlad, who was a day or two should have been drafted into the army, "Today was in the military. I have heard that at the outpost, where Vlad is cut out of all the guys. Just as long as his own mother did not tell me. " But I immediately saw that the daughter of the person is not present. And she admitted: "Outpost Vlad absolutely slaughtered." I cringed, but did not let on, "Come on, it's all nonsense, can not per se be. Came to me KNB, which they probably yes-nibudt be uttered. "

— As I understand it, at the time of the incident in the media have not read as?

— No, the information has not yet penetrated to the press. After the words my daughter, I just stayed calm on the outside, but in the soul seething. I went to sleep that night until morning. At dawn I was awakened by a phone call from the recruiting office: "On the border came emergency. Your Vlad — the list of the dead. " I am sensitive to faint not crashed. It turns out that the mother's heart did not fail? I did not listen to the interlocutor, I became hysterical. At the end of the line I tried to reassure: "Nervous early. Get ready in 20 minutes after you arrive car to take you to Astana — it is necessary to pass a DNA test. " In Astana, me and five other parents of dead children was positioned in the hotel where we spent the whole day. During this period of time for us no one came, nor of what is not said, nothing is explained. This ignorance is killing us! We could not wait until morning and headed to the military themselves. There's a real staged a rally, shouting: "Tell me, what about our babies!" But with us as ever lusted not talk. We sent a psychologist to calm down. It was scary. He told us some nonsense — meant that the children could poruha and they fled, hid, so that the body can not be them. None of us did not listen to this man … We barely waited for day or later. Donated blood for DNA analysis, after that we were uttered and went home after 10 days expect results.

— Fatalities in fact even more?

— Apparently, frightened huge crowds. Other families had to come after our shipment.

— In addition to passing tests to find out you could crash scene?

— Before leaving town prosecutor has given us the record of a criminal case, where it was written such and such a body were found with signs of forced death. We gasped. After all, before we were told that the baby was burned, no bullet holes in t
hem were not. We have to ask the prosecutor: how they could all be burned? Why did none of them did not climb out? They that were locked and the windows are scored? Anything intelligible from it we did not have gained.

"In the place where there was a gate, pass drug trafficking"

— Barely released me 10 days as a call from the recruiting office: "At your boy no DNA." I was taken aback, because the rest of the parents uttered: "DNA is not ready." Why is our expertise ready? And now something strange began …

— In other words, for you do not immediately uttered, that your son live, and what he is suspected?

— After some time, after so extraordinary news to my house once again visited by CBN: "You already know?" My wife and sat down, "What" you know "? Neuzh that our intelligence works better than yours? .. "Suddenly, we hear:" We found the 1st border guard. This is your son. He is alive, but nothing quite good for you, we can not say. Sin did it. Get ready to indefinite sentence. "

With that said, I have no control over themselves, screaming in a voice: "This can not be!" And they told me so softly, "Your son gave the grateful testimony that he did it." Here, hear on TV is reporting that a border guard found the gates, but it is in strshnom state, can not speak. I'm back to the KNB, "Why do you say, that my son is adequate, said on TV and transmit the turnaround?" — "We have more accurate information. And our version — murder he did not act alone, and a group of friends. There were three or four. After the deed they go on the run. On the way to the mountains your son quarreled with accomplices and shot them. Several bodies found in the side of the post. Then he went its own way alone. " I do not take their word, closed his ears: "What are you talking? This is unreal! "Before leaving, one of the security officers threw at me:" One, he could not destroy all! "

— But your son took all the blame.

— The next day on TV showing evidence of my son, where he stated that all made one, no accomplices was not close, and in the povinet only one. On the same day they came to me the staff of the local draft board. They supported me, "We know your kid, we are guided him to the border, it is normal, adequate, good — no complaints against him has never been. For you must raise the public in order to save Vlad. We are convinced that he could not do that! "Then they told me terrible things. I remember their words: "At the outpost something strange happened. There's still time passes with Russian drug trafficking — drugs trafficked from China to Russia. Maybe your son was a witness of what happened there. And it is now willing to hang it all. So it is necessary to peel all the bells, to raise everyone right up to psychics, so it's not hung up on Vlad. " After that, I started calling the news public. And the people stood up for me.

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

A year before the catastrophic events

— But first you sought a meeting with offspring?

— Found it difficult to knock out a date. After all, at first I was warned at a meeting with Vlad I can expect no earlier than one year. But later the representatives of the KNB made me a sudden sentence: "We have to give a date, tomorrow Ride." I did not Gimp, and for the next day I was taken to a detention center in the offspring. The path was not a short. With me in the car drove officers. We got to talking. They know what they are well aware of my baby only with the best hand, a voice of its responsiveness. Later, some of them dropped: "At the outpost turned real massacre. It's creepy. At the site of the barracks was a large crater, which is from a flame thrower. For you must show photo, will talk frankly with you, and you will understand that one person could not do that … "But it was completely different.

"Mom, I povinet that survived"

— When we finally got to the jail, I have accomplished a meeting with the director of the facility. He only remarked: "I do not believe that this is your son, period." Most of it I could not reach. Come and talk to me normally, he could not. Only on paper wrote something up and showed signs that he says: there are set "wiretapping". And then there was the military prosecutor and said, "We will solve for you appointment only on our criteria. If you agree, sign the paper, if he refuses, then no appointment will not take place. " "What are the conditions?" — I was taken aback. "This you will learn in isolation, but without your signature, we will not touch on the spot". At that point, I was willing to do anything just to behold the offspring.

— In prison you were taken under police escort?

— The convoy of 20 people met me in front of the jail. There I learned that the meeting will take place in the presence of 10 people, and our meeting will remove the camera. I did not resist — these were the conditions of appointment, by which I subscribed.

— Do you remember the first seconds when the saw the offspring?

— I was brought into a small chamber where stood a table and a chair. I rushed to the offspring, we hugged, and he whispered to me: "Mom, I did not do it." And later, when the camera turned on, it began as a wound-plate: "It's my fault, it's my fault." I tried to revive him, "Son, you know, I just, and I will look at you already know what you did and what you do not. I see where you're telling the truth, and when lying. " He looked up at me, "I know, mother, you know everything. I povinet to be alive. "

Later, when our meeting showed on TV, this time cut out. All other times, Vlad said memorized phrases: "It's my fault." He no longer raise his head, but constantly looked askance at the convoy. I tried to knock him out one word: "You do not look at them, you listen to me, who you got bullied?" — At this point I'll shoot the eyes of all those present, some not even stand, left the chamber. But Vlad only shake his head, he says, can not say anything as long as they are here. Later date torn off. "Your five minutes are up," — exactly as much time Mark me to communicate with the child. Although the law is necessary for more than 20 minutes. Of course, I understand Vlad gave guidance for mothers on camera to admit to the crime. They wanted this record to show her around the country: look, he even confessed to my mother!

— The tape shows that Vlad were bandaged fingers?

— I also saw the bandaged fingers and dark ripped burrs. I said, "Son, what's that?" He said nothing. And in his nostrils appeared bloody sores, which occur only after severe beatings. "I'm Sorry" — justifies it. But is it so get cold? ..

— He looked scared?

— I have not figured out the offspring — if it would have changed. He had a glass eye, he spoke like a parrot memorized speech. Vlad never been so surprisingly did not. It seemed to me that he was under some kind of food. He was terribly frightened.

— Where did you go after the bye?

— I was taken to an interrogation that lasted 3:00. They asked some weird things: what the pregnancy was the bill when I gave birth to Vlad, as he was born than ill, when the first time I went, how many years of talking, what games to play … By the end asked: if he played the computer game "Counter Strike"? Well, of course, playing. All the kids are pas
sionate about this game. "So there learned how to kill," — concluded the investigator.

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

The commander of the outpost Altinbek Kere failed to offer resistance 19-year-old boy

"We will send to you a movie about how your Vlad shot people"

— How you met at home?

— Prior to returning home I was expecting another nasty incident. After the interrogation, I uttered: "Today, you can not go home, drive you to some, be patient until tomorrow." And my house was a baby, but this time no one was disturbed. And here I gave vent to feelings, burst into tears. One of the officers had compassion to me, contacted someone and said that the next day I booked a plane ticket. The same man took me to the hotel, about which I was expecting a general. The officer whispered to me: say, this is the chief among them a man, he bought me a ticket, and it would be nice to repay. I walked up to the general, said hello, said, "thank you." And here he exploded: "I your" thank you "gift is not necessary! At the moment we are shooting your son in the chamber, where he carefully recalls killing people as they were crawling in front of him, begged for mercy, and he shot him in the ass. Disc with this film, we will send to you without fail. I have nothing more to talk to you. Get out of here! "

I started shaking, and I quietly wandered into a hotel. Well, what could I say to him? .. My strength had already dried up. And at home I gave to local journalists that general words. I do not know if it got into the press, but not so long ago that general resigned.

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

— You communicate with the investigator, who is in charge?

— Do not believe it, but since that time, as I returned home, I did not call nobody else. I talk to a lawyer, who contributed to Vlad. But to achieve something from it fails, it just says, "Vlad around repents, he said." When I asked him: "And you-you believe it?" — He said, "And I do with it?" Because at the moment we climb out of their way to hire your own lawyer. But no one in our town of the lawyers did not agree to defend Vlad. We found a decent lawyer in Alma-Ata. However, his services are worth 15 thousand dollars. For us it is very heavy sum, because we have opened the account and ask for urban residents than who will be able to assist.

— As they say in your town about the incident?

— The city is on our side. Not so long ago I called a friend who said some of the information received by it from reliable sources. It said that in the whole history of high-profile people involved, named one name. This man is currently missing. A few days later I was contacted and told her mother that her daughter was locked in a mental hospital in our case. Of course, I knew that my phone is tapped, warned her, but she did not listen. Soon after that conversation I went to a certain person, and explained that a lady in a psychiatric clinic was not the case: a lot of unnecessary talking. Then he added: "Do not pay attention to her words, given her diagnosis." But before all these events, neither of which the diagnosis of the question.

— Put pressure on you?

— Straight No pressure, but is constantly taking place some weird stuff. For example, not long ago came to us from the police with allegations that we illegally occupy the apartment. But personally, I would take home, I have the documents in the apartment. I tried to convince working: "The owners abroad, and you are here illegally settled." My husband managed to put in place the precinct, he even apologized: "We have confused you with someone else. Just try to discover apartments that are illegally settled. " However, the more they are one in the house is not questioned.

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

Vladislav Chelakh (pictured — the last on the top right) with his colleagues

— How do I know so far there is no information about the 3 border guards killed?

— Recognized 11 people. Until now, nothing is known about the fate of the 3. Maybe you guys have survived, but did not want to take the blame, as did my son. Now, no one knows what to do with them. It is not in vain KNB have advanced the theory that criminals were 3-4.

— With you call up relatives of the victims?

— Constantly support us, no one will believe in the official version of what happened.

What Vlad your liking?

— He's incredibly nice young man — his adored in our environment! Ladies always left him his own kids, if with some was sit. Vlad agree. He is sympathetic boy, always helping people — grandmothers neighbor walked over potatoes if anyone tap leaks, all at once called us, "Vlad, do not fix it?" He never refused to help.

— Vlad himself about the motives of the murder states that all the fault of bullying …

— Nonsense. All he had to serve 4 months, he was a senior fellow in the middle. Most likely, it could be called the "grandfather". Vlad often called me, his voice always sounded encouraging, "Mom, I had luck, what we have is amazing part is the best! Then I found myself for real friends! "Same thing he wrote in the letter. It's not just been awarded, it is the best ever held teaching and helping others, if someone something does not go.

— You have analyzed the situation, and talked with knowledgeable people — on your version of what could happen on the outpost?

— This is a contract killing. And Vlad did last specifically those people who did sin. The fact is that in the post gathered boys who always fought for the truth — so they say the dead ancestors. Before the oath they uttered: "We must be on duty so that we were proud of." Perhaps through the post earlier traffickers managed to calmly carry cargo, with the border guards. And here came the new guys and rested …

Vlad found the later in the winter in, quite mad. On his hands he had a gold watch, a gun lying nearby, was a bottle of vodka. In this case, all of which he filmed someone else's phone. But all our friends know that my son does not drink. Even on its own wires he made only a sip of beer, so as not to offend friends. Experts say that the guy could pump up some potent products that are excreted from the body for a long time and is likely to seriously affect the brain. It remains only to impose an official medical examination, which to this day for some reason is not performed, and the fact that Vlad all the same not to surrender, remember and tell the whole world that did happen on the frontier. That's just whether such hard truth to our state and to recognize her?

Kazakh Russian tragedy Man

The crash site

"I did not plan the crime. I just went and boiled "

Video interview Vladislav foreheads and investigative experience now we can look on the Web. In the frame of the young man reports on the motivation of his own act: "For ever, that I served, I was humiliated and insulted very often … The last straw was an attempt colleague Aganasa Kambar hit me for what I would wake him, to change the time … "

Then follows a detailed account of the border guard, "I say to him (Aganasu Kambar):" Come quickly, I still need to remove an old watch, he, too, wants to sleep … "He swung at me and walked away … I did not plan the crime, I simply boiled and went. "

Next Chelakh in communication with the investigator minutely describes their actions.

"Being on duty in the office, I opened a room for tools — the keys were with me. Took two stores from ACN, opened boxes of ammunition. Took out a drawer in the amount of fifty rounds. Equipped the two stores to 25 rounds. He opened the safe with a Makarov pistol, loaded two full store for eight rounds. Took two game and came out with all this in the duty room.

One shop attached to the machine. Both machine I hid behind the stove, which is in the duty room.

…At first, I killed Kambar Aganasa — shot him in the back of the head.

Then he ran to the frontier, went to the duty room, took a hidden gun and went to the bed room. When I got out into the hallway, I was going to meet ordinary Rey. Shot him queue.

He ran to the sleeping room where other already started to awaken from the noise. He began to shoot at all.

When ammunition ran out, I went out into the corridor, he saw that the door is hidden captain Kere. I reloaded the gun and started shooting at him through the door.

Later returned to the dormitory and continued shooting. When ammunition ran out, I got a Makarov pistol and began firing it.

When I made sure that no one else moves, I remembered that in the adjacent camp guard was hunting. I came up to him and shot burst. He fell, but still moving. Then I walked a little closer and made a few more shots.

Then he went to the fuel depot, petrol took there, drenched summer kitchen, warehouse, poured all the barracks room, every room. I dragged the body Aganasa from the path closer to the river. Doused with gasoline. All set on fire … "

And now a few moments sonorous things that are now being questioned.

Number 1.

According to the views of psychologists in such condition as brain fog, a person can not remember which took place amid the action. The defendant also knows all true, describing every shot every minute. By holding the mental examination of border guards started yesterday. Are independent experts wonder: "If the guy pumped products, they are already out of the body. At this point it does not matter what kind of examination will show that Chelakh — sane. The expertise needed to carry out immediately after he was found when he was in a state of shock. "

Number 2

According to the official version, the huntsman was killed for day or two before the arrival of border guards at the outpost. But Chelakh know what he shot him dead last.

Number 3

According to the military prosecutor for the arrest foreheads were found material evidence. Thus, the defendant was dressed in civilian clothes odezhku killed Captain Kereeva. On his ring finger adorned the 1st of those killed in the bag were colleagues mobiles, laptop commander and a small amount of money.

Number 4

On the second day after the incident was reported that close to the frontier found the car "Lexus". Walking, rumors that the place came to hunt VIPs. But later denied this information the authorities.

Number 5

Grandfather accused Vladimir Chelakh after a meeting with his grandson called a press conference at which he said he had to get the "Arkan-Kerg" not once committed acts of terrorism, however, the hype somehow managed to hush up. Here are some excerpts from the conversation foreheads with the media.

"My grandson was engaged in cycling, repairing cars, loved fishing. Shooting, he never was fond of. "

"I do not understand how 19-year-old boy could deal with an experienced commander of the unit, which had a perfect martial arts forms. In addition to the body of the commander were found multiple bruises, 6 gunshot wounds and shot to the forehead — say, this was able to make one person? "

"At the 1st of the dead on the body found multiple stab wounds — neuzh-grandson is not only shot, and sliced beat people?"

Number 6

During the interrogation, Vladislav Chelakh said that one of the first ordinary killed Ray. But the ancestors of Dennis Ray about the fate of their own kid to this day do not know anything. Maybe he's not dead in the middle.

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