Kazakh Prosecutor: border guards did not take seriously own shooting

Kazakh Prosecutor: border guards "not taken seriously" his shooting
Survived frontier guard Vladislav Chelakh with dizziness shot co-workers, but they did not take it seriously — this, in the course of the briefing, said the official dealer of the Prosecutor General Nurdaulet Suindikov, IA REGNUM referring to KazTag. "In the process of questioning the role of the lawyer Chelakh confessed to having killed fellow soldiers and Ruslan Kim" (hunter hunting — IA REGNUM), — Nurdaulet Suindikov said at a press briefing on Thursday.

Prosecutor's office said that according to the evidence foreheads, the sin committed by them about 05.00 May 28, 2012, when all the guards post, not counting the time, were asleep. According to prosecutors disk imaging, Chelakh that night was on duty in the barracks, and "therefore had access to the arsenal of weapons."

According to the testimony of their foreheads, the first hour was killed, deceptive method derived for the post area. Then they returned to the barracks, Chelakh shot being there own other colleagues, 9 of which are still asleep. The latest in a hunting lodge was killed gamekeeper Ruslan Kim.

The official dealer of the Attorney General stressed that all of the victims at the time of the killings were unarmed, but "kept awake by some colleagues in the direction of their guns did not take it seriously."

"Having made a killing, in order to trace the crime asylum Chelakh fired the shots from a machine with a variety of positions, scattered around the premises barracks ammo, then after previously having poured petrol and set fire to the barracks all the farm buildings post. Similar method was set on fire watch, whose body was lying outside the territory post.

After all this, taking with him a pistol "Makarov", food, a number of personal items colleagues (mobile phones, laptop, tools) Chelakh in civilian clothes walking Kereeva captain fled the scene, "- said. N. Suindikov.

He added that the current time is checked the accuracy of the readings at the same time, signs of attack post outside the investigation had not been established. Also under investigation are carried out all the necessary expert studies, including those to be carried out all-encompassing mental examination V.Chelaha.

By the time the true professionals have identified the 11 military personnel, expertise also excluded the fact of consumption, as border guards and a gamekeeper and spirits. Fire and technical expertise found no pockets of explosion and, accordingly, the fact of the introduction of explosive devices. According disk imaging frontier Kazakh National Security Committee, May 30, frontier attire outposts "Sarah Bokter" Usharalskogo border patrol border regional management service "Shygys" found in the mountains scorched building border post "Arkankergen", which in the summer are on duty 15 border guards. Were found scorched remains of 13 people. It was later found the body of another 1st border guard. In addition, the house hunters, located near the post, found his body.

At the scene works team of investigators under the control of Border Service Director, Major General Nurjan Myrzalieva with the role of professionals and representatives of the main military prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

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