Kazakhstan — a new hotbed of jihadism?

Kazakhstan - a new hotbed of jihadism?In the year marking the twentieth anniversary of their independence, Kazakhstan faced the unprecedented surge in terrorist activity. Despite the fact that Kazakhstan has never been a real tradition of Islamic extremism, this year came out, at least, six of terrorist incidents that resulted in loss of life. Terrorist raids have taken place so far only in the southern and western regions of the country, different fickle in the social sphere, lower, compared with the northern and eastern regions of Kazakhstan, the standard of living.

The most serious terrorist attack that took place in Kazakhstan, was the lone outing fanatic Karieva South Kazakhstan town of Taraz (formerly Jambul), which is 4 hours a terrorist terror November 12, free to move around the town and having to fire the building of the local KNB grenade and killed seven people, among which were five uniformed bodies and wounded three others. Demoniac fanatic was neutralized only through the heroic actions of the traffic police captain Baitasov, cover his body exploded madman, in the end we managed to avoid the death of more people. On the actions Baitasov according to an official statement, Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan on disclosure attack in Taraz, "Police Captain Baitasov being seriously wounded in the chest, pulled the offender, hugging him and knocked to the ground. At that point, made a suicide bombing Kariev grenade RGD-5. As a result, the captain and the offender Baitasov Kariev died on the spot. "

Political analyst Rasul Zhumaly: "The events in Taraz — the traditional manifestations of terrorism … the most unsafe there are south and west of the republic … there are Salafi sect … situation complicates the highest level of unemployment." Actions in Taraz prepyadstviya confirmed the seriousness and the danger of terrorism in Kazakhstan, after all, talking seriously, including at the official level.

The fact that jihadism leaked Kazakhstan, not entirely unusual. Kazakhstan is subjected to the threat of its spread first by virtue of their geographic location. Republic is surrounded by the states in which jihadism familiar, unfortunately, been a long time. Russian Federation — is no exception. South Kazakhstan — in fact, part of Central Asia, adjacent to Afghanistan. West Kazakhstan, which is part of the Caspian Sea region, the struggle for which at the moment is sharp as ever, is adjacent to the Russian North Caucasus. In this regard, some experts attribute increase in terrorist activity in Kazakhstan with the development process of Eurasian integration. Of course, the increased activity of the Islamists in Kazakhstan is intended to prevent the deepening of the integration of Kazakhstan with Russia, also destabilize adjacent regions of Russia. Who is it profitable, we guess.

Notwithstanding the significance of the risk of the spread of jihadism thoughts, rapid radicalization of the entire Muslim population Kazakhstan, certainly not going to happen. The reason of the ordinary: the Kazakhs are not characteristic of religious sensibility. Islam is not zealous in their traditions. That's why they do not mind a blur of pseudo thoughts. As a Muslim, the Kazakhs in almost all retained their own pre-Islamic old mindset, based on Tengrianism (the old religion of the Turks and Mongols). In Kazakhstan Islam had no significant impact on the socio-political situation, as it should, and of pseudo sects is also no chance of the brain to take possession of the majority, as it turned out, for example, in Afghanistan.

Yet, the time change. In Kazakhstan grown new generation, brought up in an atmosphere radically different from what it was in the Soviet Union. Specifically, for his mind at the moment and the main struggle is unfolding. Very many members of the latest generation of Kazakhs are unfamiliar with Russian standards of friendship of peoples, many young people do not compare themselves with a huge "our people" who continue to be one family, speaking the same language, the language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky, professing common values having common tasks and common future. Given the rapidly declining educational level of the titular young people from the province and strengthening the processes of its marginalization in a constructive Islam all have a chance to find new followers particularly among the youth. This is another common problem of Kazakhstan and Russia. The situation among the youth in the North Caucasus in almost everything remembers things in the outback of the Kazakh: young people who do not have a decent level of education, just nothing, they are embittered and go into crime. Mass phenomenon is not yet gone, but the tendency to marginalize a significant proportion of young people — there.

On the other hand in particular Islam go sometimes some very fairly clever young men who have received more than one degree, with great career prospects. For example, the sad recognizable Said Buryat was a very learned man and a fanatic strshnym immediately. Although the occurrence of similar personalities — the paradox of psychiatric faster than the socio-political. All the same, well-known politicians and prominent religious leaders of Kazakhstan, representing normal Islam, vied with each other suggests that existing in the country tend to uncontrolled youth training abroad, including in the educational institutions of the Salafist wing, where they uchyat "pure Islam", you should stop as soon as possible.

It seems however, the problem of religious extremism — first the problem of spiritual and intellectual plane. The struggle against this evil should start even at school, where the identity of a person is just beginning to take shape. In such a complex religious and ethnic point of view of the region, which is Kazakhstan, task of the spiritual development of the individual should be given a lot of attention strongly. In this sense, both Russian and Kazakh society is far from perfect. All the matter in the absence of a single ideological approach to the education of young people in our common space. To replace the Pioneers and Komsomol, or we do not do it, or there were ugly, ostentatious forms of youth organizations, "Our", your, youth "wings" of the ruling party, do not carry in terms of standards of absolutely nothing, except toshnotno PR.

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