Kazakhstan and the lure of Pan-Turkism

Kazakhstan and the lure of Pan-TurkismOn how confident the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev implements the literary heritage of the LN ENU, popularizing and promoting the Eurasian unifying idea, perfectly understandable. Ahead of him in the running for "Bialowieza bathhouse 'heads 3-Russian republics of the former will not allow Nazarbayev made history as the destroyer, but it gave him an opportunity to identify forward-historical dimension of geopolitical processes in Eurasia — creation new integration association ….

Let's live together?

The need to maintain friendships, business partnerships between Russia and Kazakhstan Nazarbayev championed and advocated to date. In the case of the creation of modal legislation of the CIS, the creation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the signing of the so-called "Four Treaty" (29 March 1996) The role of management positions in Kazakhstan can not be overemphasized. In December 2011 in Moscow with the support of Astana signed a protocol of placing a severe military facilities on the territory of the CSTO.

Unlikely to be mistaken in assuming that, given the instability in the relations of Russia with the countries of Transcaucasia, the Baltic States, Central Asia, Ukraine and the mutual attraction of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation has always stood out in the best possible way.

With all of this in a year after the creation of the Customs Union, perhaps, the greatest resistance from the business community and a number of political groups has come from Kazakhstan, where the opposition has even initiated a referendum to suspend the country's role in the organization. Nazarbayev has reflected these attacks is simple.

How hard to stop in the desert stallion gallop overheated, so it was hard to suspend the practical steps to integrate not only the country, and the subjects of the federation and the regional centers of Kazakhstan, and confirmed that the September meeting of the Pavlodar Putin, Nazarbayev and representatives of the regions 2 — uh States. Integration sentiment did not stop even shy samples of Russian society to pay attention to the real situation with the Russian education and permanent growth of nationalist sentiment in Kazakhstan.

A 7 October 2012 Nazarbayev signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Ratification of the Protocol on the development of the general insurance market of the Eurasian Economic Community." Near Alma-Ata begin joint military exercises of the CSTO "inviolable brotherhood 2012". And so …

"New Port" or newcomer Horde?

Signals that the mechanism inside the municipal Kazakhstan has problems, appeared in September, when the secretary of the presidential party "Nur Otan" Erlan Karin referred promulgated in late 2011, the President's own initiative on the development of the Eurasian parliament "only by the desire Russian side." Karina supported Nazarbayev adviser on political issues Ermukhamet Ertysbaev. Statements were regarded by professionals as mandated from above.

And all this time sohnul rhetorical fountain Kazakh nationalist politician Aidos Sarym, whose country is considered a product of the presidential administration. Sarym known for its concept "the only alternative" Kazakh Islamism — Kazakh nationalism. In his article, "Naryshkin work" aidos collapsed with an attack on the idea of the Eurasian Union, "… the strategy undertaken by Russian authorities of arm-twisting and forcing management in Kazakhstan on a" strong "integration projects in Kazakhstan can not just pick all the integration projects, and the most negative impact on inter-ethnic relations inside the country. " Zarko supported by peers in social networks, aidos Sarym refers to an integration model "flawed and unfeasible" and broadcasts: "The idea with the vehicle eventually suffocate, just as breathless with the thought of the CIS Parliamentary Assembly and its tyschami the agreements and treaties. Customs alliance which already justified his inefficiency and unprofitability for Kazakhstan, will collapse under the pressure of events and public opinion … We are doomed to be neighbors. But what we will be neighbors? You will respect the arrogant and does not respect you neighbor on the landing? Rejoice at the meeting, stretching his hand, knowing that he once caused a lot of grief for you? Do not just caused a lot of grief, but also argues that it should be? … What kind of trust can be read as if most of the Kazakhs believe Customs alliance reincarnation of the Soviet Union, reddish empire? Frankly afraid of him … "(magazine" Business World Kazakhstan », № 5-6 (23-24), May-June 2011). It's written by a man who was called the "court nationalist Nazarbayev," and who calls himself a "staunch supporter of Turkish integration."

We considered in this light, the Istanbul Nazarbayev's speech on October 12, delivered under the fluttering flags of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Turkey has roots in Kazakhstan itself. But there have been in the speech and the new notes.

President Nazarbayev occasionally allowed to insinuate itself offended Russian imperialism, historical memory, and here (in Istanbul) thought about the murder, though not Russian, and Kokand Kenesary Khan. ("Once in 1861, was killed last Kazakh Khan, we were a colony of Russian kingdom, then the Russian Union. For 150 years, Kazakhs nearly lost their own national traditions, customs, language, religion"). Although it is regarded as a sensation, a quick glance at the history of the school program from Kazakhstan, obviously not worth it. Already there claims to the Russian Federation — a half-textbook.

You can not read the news and special promise that "between the sea and the snow-white Altai lives of more than 200 million of our compatriots. If they are merged, we would have become a huge and influential country in the world. " Nazarbayev has 20 years Marshall ideological justification of greatness and importance of the steppe people, extensively using the rhetoric of politics and direct references to Turkism. Suffice it to recall its initiative to establish the Turkic Council, and of the Eurasian Institute of the State. L.Gumilyov in Astana is adjacent to the Turkic Academy.

Where theses sounded anxious about the economic necessity of pan-Turkism. A small volume of trade Nazarbayev calls "not suitable to our relations, our proximity [relationship and intimacy with Turkey — VS]" and expresses the highest opening their own markets for Turkish businessmen. And for the economy is always politics. It is entirely possible that, contrary to the project of the Eurasian Economic Union, an initiative which made our homeland, will be nominated more crude, but totally delicious for some anti-Russian Turkic integration project.

Naturally, the Turks call for unity looks somewhat credulous, as if Hugo Chavez has proposed to merge all the descendants of the Inca and Aztec civilizations. There is an obvious question, but where is the center of attraction and integration of Turks? In Astana? In Baku? In Bishkek? In Istanbul? On Ararat or near the sacred mountain Khan-Tengri?

"Vain words" or oriental tricks?

Of course, it was with ecstasy Nazarbayev accepted among the national-patriots. But while "Istanbul theses" cause more skepticism. In the case of "brotherly Turkic Central Asian envir
onment" can be called quickly restrained tension, if "good neighborly relations". In another what to Kazakhstan to increase its military forces in the Caspian Sea and to show nervousness about the militarization of Uzbekistan? Do not add optimism and almost turned into a war, aqua energy issues.

The acute problem of "vnutrityurkskih relations", which is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future, is the factor of Islamic-extremist dangers that come specifically for the territories of Kazakhstan's southern neighbors.

Maintain the current "pan-Turkism" Kazakhstan is unlikely to be self-sufficient Turkmenistan and anxious, like a beehive, Tajikistan. Bold ideas Nazarbayev may cause irritation and in Beijing, for which the "pan-Turkism" and separatism in Xinjiang — the same thing.

In addition, the statements made in Istanbul, may complicate matters Kazakhstan "not Turkic" Iran and Iraq. Baghdad, to seriously address the preservation of its territorial integrity, Ankara gave to realize that it is not lust fall of the Assad regime in Syria, and expressed his own protest Turkey in connection with the unauthorized visit to the Iraqi Kirkuk Turkish Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Iraqi Parliament also wants to vote on a decision revoking an agreement with Turkey to allow its military presence in northern Iraq. It is unlikely that the warming of relations between Ankara and Astana, some, albeit imaginary, the condemnation of Damascus are approved in Baghdad and Tehran.

The danger of "a new pan-Turkism" assumes, of course, is not covered in mold of thought Gasparinskogo Ismail Enver Pasha and Ataturk. The key word in this term — "new." Kazakhstan fundamentally important to the geopolitics of the U.S., which has almost a decade simulate the situation in the country impermanence — from organizing strikes and "Zhanaozen" to provocations mezhzhuzovoy fighting clans and "soft protection" Salafi Islamists. A presence in Kazakhstan as an "economic adviser" (!) Of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's point directly to the ears of the Anglo-Saxons.

U.S. energetically laid out in Central Asia own patience, promising to support it (gun and investments) Islam Karimov, is flirting with Astana, where the mouth of the Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher are the words that Kazakhstan "can play a leading role as an investor in regional infrastructure projects. "

As you know, June 28, 2012 Tashkent has already sent a note to the notice of the suspension of Uzbekistan's membership in CSTO, and it's — success of the Obama administration. It is possible that the option of a new alliance of old times friends USA (Turkey and Azerbaijan), with new Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan — also a fruit of the labors overseas thinkers.

In general, the administration of President Kazakhstan already sounded explanations and hints about the wrong interpretations and mistranslation Istanbul speech Nursultan Nazarbayev. East has always been full of tricks and surprises …

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