Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in 2013 will develop an alliance contract

Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in 2013 to negotiate a treaty of allianceRussian President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev agreed to create a contract of Good and alliance of Russia and Kazakhstan in the XXI century, they said in a joint statement.

Tuesday Nazarbayev met with Putin in Moscow. During the meeting of heads of Nazarbayev noted that the basic contract of friendship between Russia and Kazakhstan to update, it has to be adapted to today's realities.

"Based on the understanding that friendship, good-neighborliness and strategic partnerships are critical to both countries, are a factor in ensuring international stability and cooperation in the Eurasian region, the presidents of Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan claimed the following: an emphasis on constantly refined by bilateral juridical base, commit governments of both countries during the 2013 to create and submit to the signing of a new Contract Good-neighborliness and alliance of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan in the XXI century "- the document says.

Also confirmed the importance of the upcoming presidential efficient use and development of the scientific and technical potential of the Baikonur "cosmodrome" in the interests of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, other states.

As stated in the document, the heads of state agreed to cooperate in the field of foreign policy, and work together to ensure peace and security in Eurasia and the world.

According to a joint statement, the countries will expand cooperation in trade, economic, and vkladyvatelnoy scientific and technical fields, seeking to deepen the Eurasian Economic Integration 2-states.

With all of this our homeland and Kazakhstan assign priority to the forthcoming strategic cooperation in the field of mining and transportation of hydrocarbon resources in the world market and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Also appreciates the value of the country's formation and development of an integrated transport system and establish for this purpose the necessary legal, economic and institutional criteria for the smooth transportation of cargo and passengers.

In addition, Putin and Nazarbayev agreed to develop scientific and technical cooperation, cooperation in the defense and military-technical cooperation, cooperation in the fight against international terrorism, transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and guns.

Presidents also reaffirmed their determination to put an end to the territories of their own countries and the activities of organizations or groups of individuals, aimed at inciting ethnic hatred or inciting violence against people because of their national identity.

"Our homeland and Kazakhstan will provide its citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, equal rights and freedom. Ethnic Russian living in a multicultural Republic Kazakhstan, and ethnic Kazakhs living in a multiethnic Russian Federation, are entered and will bring valuable contribution to the development of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan as-independent, democratic and prosperous countries and are one of the causes of convergence 2-states, the strength of the Russian-Kazakh relations to a strategic perspective, "- the document says.

In addition, the country will deepen mutual relations in the sphere of culture and education, to promote the establishment of extensive contacts between scientists, artists and other unions, foundations operating in accordance with their national legislation.

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