Kazakhstan approved the program from universal military training people

Kazakhstan adopted a program of universal military training of citizens

The Government of Kazakhstan has approved a program from universal Military Training people reported Novosti-Kazakhstan.

Appropriate action was taken at the end of the Cabinet in May 2012, but taken on August 9 in the official press of the country. Resolution comes into force after 10 calendar days after the first publication.

"The goal of universal Military Training people are verbovanie populations to interventions and civilian defense training for acquisition of the right contingent of the Armed Forces during the period of martial law, "- the document says.

It is noted that in general military training people in the Republic of Kazakhstan to attract men — between the ages of sixteen and sixty years of age, inclusive; ladies trains fighter (sailors), sergeants (foremen) and officers who do not have kids or have kids over 10 years old — at the age of 18 to forty five years inclusive.

Universal military training people assigned to 25 hours of study. Teaching points for training in general military training people will be created at the place of work, study and live people.

In the program, namely, included courses in first medical aid for tactical training — base organization fighting acts fighter in combat, for fire training — disassembly and assembly of machine bases and rules of fire, firing from a place on immobile targets on engineering training in military topography and military regulations Sun

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