Kazakhstan expands military-technical cooperation with Turkey

Kazakhstan expands military-technical cooperation with Turkey

Company "Otokar" will create an assembly creation Kazakhstan, reports "Difens News" with reference to the statement naikrupneyshgo Turkish manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Memorandum of Understanding on co-organizing the terrain of Kazakhstan production of armored vehicles "Cobra" was signed on October 12 in Istanbul as part of the Turkish-Kazakh Forum on Investment and Trade in the presence of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The memorandum should be signed for "Otokar" in May preparatory agreement for the supply of armored vehicles Sun Kazakhstan.

Under the new agreement, "Otokar" will create a joint venture with JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "for the production of armored fighting vehicles" Cobra "4×4.

"Kazakhstan Engineering" will build a plant for the production of armored vehicles "Cobra" and "Otokar" give the right technology and "know-how", put all the ingredients will train the staff and personnel of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, will also produce the control of the process.

"Otokar" is a private company and during its existence has sold more than 25 thousand different types of armored vehicles to customers in 30 states. At that Kazakhstan will become the first state in the country where Turkish company makes the creation of the assembly's own technology.

Previously, "Otokar" Sun put a small batch of Kazakhstan BBM "Cobra", which entered service 36th Air Assault Brigade.

During another visit to Turkey, Chairman of the Board of "Kazakhstan Engineering" Bolat Smagulov also discussed with the management of the company "ASELSAN Electronics" the implementation of joint projects in Kazakhstan for production of optical devices.

In addition, representatives of the "Kazakhstan Engineering" held talks on possible areas of cooperation with the Turkish shipbuilders «RMK Marine" and "Daersan."

Earlier, the delegation of "Kazakhstan Engineering" led by Bolat Smagulov visited Turkey on 10-11 September and 28-29 May. As reported, in the process of negotiations with the Deputy Minister of Defense Industry Murad Bayar, also operated by the company "Otokar" open a discussion the possibility of cooperation in the defense sector and the organization of production of armored vehicles in Kazakhstan.

In May, "Kazakhstan Engineering" and "ASELSAN Electronics" have signed an agreement to expand the strategic areas of cooperation. In accordance with the document, the parties wish to develop cooperation in the field of modernization of armored vehicles and helicopters. In addition, the companies plan to make a joint creation military radios and communication systems. The agreement will allow to expand the range of products of the joint venture LLP "Kazakhstan ASELSAN engineering" in the interests of Kazakhstan's armed forces with a view to export to the near abroad.


Judging by the number of bolshennomu these programs, which have already reached agreements or negotiations, Turkey (the country, a member of NATO) expects to reach a level of strategic partnership in the field of military-technical cooperation with Kazakhstan.

With all this Kazakhstan is a member of the CSTO. One of the principles of military construction in the framework of the CSTO is to unify the weapons of belonging to this group.

Most recently, on October 9, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov held a meeting with the Minister of Defence Kazakhstan Adilbek Jaksybekov. The parties discussed, including the progress of the plan strategic partnership and cooperation, defense ministers approved 2-states in March 2011.

In the middle of the main areas of cooperation has been called a unified air defense system.

During the meeting open a discussion as a set of problems related to the strengthening of military and military-technical cooperation within the CSTO, including the creation of the Military Committee of the CSTO and improve the system of procurement of arms and military equipment for the benefit of the membership.

It must be emphasized that the outside of the former Soviet Union, Turkey is the only country with which Kazakhstan cooperates intensively in the field of military-technical cooperation.

Kazakhstan has a joint applets with Israel on ESS, mortars and multiple rocket launcher systems.

The Armed Forces of the United States have put Kazakhstan in the framework of the provision of military assistance to 75 AFV M-1114 HMMWV, and 8 helicopters UH-1H «Hugh."

With France being implemented programm for licensed assembly of 45 EC-145 helicopters. With the "Airbus Militaire" signed a contract for the supply of military transport aircraft C-295.

In South Korea, the negotiations on cooperation in the field of naval technology.

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