Kazakhstan has invited Ukraine to jointly make extra heavy rocket gallakticheskuyu

Kazakhstan has invited Ukraine together to create a super-heavy space rocketKazakhstan invited Ukraine to use Russian technology applets "Energy-Buran" for the creation of super-heavy carrier rocket "Commonwealth". In cooperation with the Russian plan has real prospects for a successful implementation.

This was stated by Managing Kazkosmos Talgat Musabaev, reports "Interfax-Ukraine".

"For the first time naikrupneyshaya Russian company RSC" Energia "invited us for equal cooperation that goes on the growth of our level of Astronautics. Now we need to work out all the issues, weigh the pros and cons, "- said Musabaev.

According to him, Kazakhstan may provide for the project on the ground pad cosmodrome "Baikonur". "We can enter the current gallakticheskim missile complex, which is our property," — said Musabaev, adding that the role of the project may take experts at Russian design bureaus.

Earlier, the president, general designer RSC "Energia" Vitaly Lopota, offered to perform promising gallakticheskih mission, namely, to the moon, make extra-heavy carrier rocket "Community" with the role of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Previously, "Glavred" reported that Kazakhstan wants to be your own space center and the implementation of this project, the government has allocated economical loan of $ 223 million

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