Kazakhstan in the face of terrorist threats

Kazakhstan in the face of terrorist threats

Kazakhstan, long considered the most measured republic in Central Asia, in the near future is faced with increasing activity of Islamic radicals.

In the past year recorded two options that can be classified as manifestations of terrorist activity. First, in 2010 the station Kandyagach militant group Jamaat "Ansar-ud-din" attacked a paramilitary security service of railways Aktobe region, capturing the standard-issue weapon and radio communications. In June, a group of 21 detainees did escape from the prison regime serious nearby town of Aktau, during which they received support from the outside. From the 2-car drove up to the colony, to protect opened fire, one conscript soldier was wounded. After a number of days runaway found in the desert, where, according to the official version, fifteen of them were killed by special forces soldiers, and on the other — have undermined themselves.

This year, the number of such incidents has increased markedly. February 25 occurred explosion about the detention center of Aktobe. Drove up to the gates of the prison car threw a package that exploded almost immediately. In prison there were several defendants in the preparation of terrorist attacks, the favorite of which had previously been found dead. On the night of March 14, a bomb exploded in a hotel near the city of Alma-Ata, Issyk that killed two young people and seriously injured a woman. April 4 in Alma-Ata, special forces tried to storm the apartment, in which dwelt the three accused in the murder of several extremists. 1st of them managed to capture alive, two others blew themselves up with grenades. Eleven soldiers of Special Forces "Sunkar" injured.

May 17 there was a terrorist attack in the management of the State Security Committee of Aktobe. In the building became a man, which almost immediately blew himself up. He himself is also dead, injured four others. Who died was 25-year-old Rakhimzhan Makati, musician dombra player, who had three daughters, the ancestors and the younger brother. As the Kazakh media Shubarkuduk in the town where I came from R. Makatova spouse, home to many Salafis.

May 24 car packed with explosives blew up in the detention center of Astana CBN, the driver and a passenger car were killed. Kazakhstan's Interior Ministry stated that explosion event occurred, and the explosives were brought to Astana, maybe for implementation. But, according to the Kazakh newspaper "Time", one of the victims in the explosion, 34-year-old inhabitant of Pavlodar oblast Sergei Podkosov, recently released from prison a few years back was an adherent of Islam constructive. After his release, he deliberately took a mining company to gain access to explosives. The purpose of his visit to Astana was explosion structure of the central apparatus of the KNB, and an explosion outside the prison as a result of a technical error occurred.

In July, the "center of terrorist activity" once again became the western Kazakhstan. First of July in the village of Shubarshi Aktobe members of the local community Salafists in retaliation for the arrest of their friend, 22-year-old inhabitant of the village Talgat Shakanova, shot 2-cops. During operation of their persecution Kazakh security forces were ambushed commando was killed. Then in Aktobe area began a large-scale military operation involving the heavy armored vehicles, aircraft, Kazakh Interior Ministry special forces "Sunkar" and "Golden Eagle". 9 out of 11 Salafis were later found and eliminated in one of the houses of the village Kenkyak where they defended all night. In the course of the assault died one commando.

In the night from 10 to 11 July there was a mass escape of prisoners in the colony AK-159/21, located in the town of Balkhash Karaganda region of the country. 16 prisoners, using the firearm, attacked the guards and destroyed the 1st cop. Clamber over the fence they failed, because the colony automation and worked out all the exits were blocked. Who escaped took refuge in the area of industrial zone, and after the arrival of the special forces, blew themselves up with oxygen bottle and all were killed. Kazakh media see in these events "Islamic trail", considering the fact that of self-detonation of a large group of people very little weird and not appropriate for ordinary prisoners. Escape from prison, according to their data, managed convicted of extremism mullah-Salafi from Karaganda, under the influence of which were concluded. In the adjoining industrial area of the Balkhash colony founded the whole community of Salafists.

Explosions in May — July in Aktobe and Astana, the operation to eliminate extremists in Temir district of Aktobe region and rebellion in the Balkhash colony they say that the situation escalates … The scale prepyadstviya evidenced by the fact that during the operational activities since the armed clashes in the Aktobe region, solely on account of Astana on suspicion of involvement in extremist activities were put 66 people. "Active action on their part was not, if I were, then we would have lured them (to account) — said the deputy head of the Internal Affairs investigation of the town Talgat Zhumanov. — They only learn one of their bows. " Detainees, according to police, found extremist literature. One can imagine that the number of supporters of constructive Muslim sects that do not fit into the field of view of Kazakhstan's security forces, much more.

Some Russian media explain the growth of terrorist activity in Western Kazakhstan with its proximity to the Russian North Caucasus. Online edition of the "free press", for example, notes that the Aktobe (Kazakh Aktobe) is located near the border with Russia, which is virtually non-existent here. Porous borders are heavily Caucasian militants, first of Dagestan, which in recent years have transformed virtually West Kazakhstan in its rear base. They not only treated and rest in this region, and, according to an unnamed source in the Kazakh National Security Committee even held near Aktobe courses. Local authorities tried not to pay attention to it, in exchange for what the North Caucasian militants refused to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of Kazakhstan.

But the rising influence of Islam in Kazakhstan has an internal nature. "It was not so long ago on the streets of big cities of Kazakhstan, — the Deutsche Welle, — in fact it was impossible, for example, meet a lady in a hijab. Islam now occupies more space in the daily life of Kazakhstan. " Ladies in classical Islamic clothes on city streets have now become commonplace. No invitations imams or mullahs can not do now, no more or less important public event. With this proliferation in the country have not only the flow of normal for Central Asia Hanafi. In the near future observers growth enthusiasm of Kazakhstan to non-standard fronts of Islam, especially in the Southern and Western Kazakhstan, which dominates the Kazakh population. In the middle of Kazakh imams of mosques are found, namely, the Salafis and koranity.

Aggravation of the situation in these criteria actually inevitably. As soon as the growing number of adherents constructive Muslim sects, their struggle with secular regimes rush from religious and ideological in the military-political sphere.

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