Kazakhstan is in talks with Russia on the production of military equipment

Kazakhstan is in talks with Russia on the production of military equipment

Kazakhstan plans to share with the defense of Russian enterprises create the heavy armored vehicles and anti-aircraft systems. If the idea will be crowned success, Astana will be able to receive promising new tool standards, and Moscow — a reliable buyer of military equipment.

Of the plans in an interview with "Kazakhstan Pravda" told Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Security Council of Kazakhstan Saidmurat Tanirbergen.

Namely, according to him, the country's Defense Ministry plans to "work together to modernize the production of anti-aircraft and ground forces" with the Engineering Design Bureau (Kolomna). In addition, the Defense Ministry is in talks with OAO "Uralvagonzavod" co-production "number of samples of the heavy military equipment."

Tanirbergen noted that at the time of the armed forces of Kazakhstan auto run across a single base Kamaz, with all this has become the main supplier of car sharing with Russia enterprise "KAMAZ-Engineering".

The exhibition KADEX in May this year signed a memorandum of understanding with the JSC "Helicopters of Russia". Immediately expands cooperation with companies of Belarus. Namely, signed a memorandum of cooperation with OJSC "AGAT" about the design, manufacture and supply of process control for various purposes.

Tanirbergen also added that, in cooperation with the Belarusian company "Midivisana" mastered the creation of a set of modular staff vehicles. Under consideration — the question of cooperation with the scientific and production enterprise "Tetrahedron" the joint production of anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft radio.

Kazakhstan is now intensively strengthens its armed forces and in turn allocates the necessary funding for the purchase of new weapons and military equipment, experts say. With all this military-technical cooperation with Russia they call mutually beneficial.

"It will allow Kazakhstan to obtain the necessary transfer of military technology to make their own creation, Of course, this will be the creation of a license, and to a certain extent to solve the problem associated with the main challenge now facing the Kazakh army — is a reliable missile defense shield ", — told the newspaper Gaze Director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade Igor Korotchenko tool.

With all of this expert is closely reminiscent of the relations of Russia and Kazakhstan in the Organization (CSTO Collective Security Contract), including everything related to the joint cover air borders.

"Own or joint creation of anti-aircraft weapons systems in the field of defense will allow Kazakhstan to strengthen its sovereignty and close the air space from all the unwanted guests" — continues Korochenko.

Speaking about the cooperation of Kazakhstan with the Russian "Uralvagonzavod", he recalled that Kazakhstan usually buys the technique of production of this particular company.

Developing this cooperation, Kazakhstan will solve two problems at once. In 1-x, the modernization of weapons and armored vehicles have Russian production. In-2, will be able to receive promising new standards guns. Including shows Korochenko, modernized tank T90S.

"In the future, Kazakhstan will be one of the first buyers of the new Russian tank "Armata" after it is launched in a batch creation and will come into service of the Russian army, "- said the expert.

It is possible that Kazakhstan could become the first partner of the Russian Federation in the field of military-technical cooperation for the supply of new types of armored vehicles and tanks of the 5th generation. This also applies to Belarus, the Russian Federation and other partners in the CSTO.

"Russia, in turn, receives the necessary funds for defense companies — those who will participate in the joint program notes with Kazakhstan. This collaboration will also facilitate consolidation of Russian art in the markets of the CIS and the CSTO, "- said Korochenko.

According to professionals, the ratio of performance and price wins Russian technology in comparison with the "moody" by Western standards. "But the most important thing is that the armies of our partners, namely the Kazakh army accustomed to Russian arms, perfectly aware of it and can use it. Because, as they say, God himself has commanded that the purchase and lasted more "- he concludes.

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