Kazakhstan is: what happens in the underbelly of the Russian Federation?

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?

In the comments to the article, "we need to Gorbachev that our homeland almost lost sovereignty" of 26 July 2011 appeared spontaneously prompt discussion on the topic of modern Kazakhstan and his favorite Nursultan Nazarbayev. Then the participants in the discussion (in the main, my fellow-Kazakhstan) completed the exchange of views on an upbeat note in terms of development of integration processes between Russia and Kazakhstan. But some sense of vagueness (in at least for me) left …

In addition, left no sense of duty to society pochetaemym "Military Review" — at the time I promised to prepare material on the subject. Offered to your attention the publication is a kind of "digest" — selection of materials on a given topic from various Internet sources, including Kazakhstan. It is clear that the sample of private and, in almost all the same as "personal opinion" creator.

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916 th.

Nazarbayev is no substitute

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?Suddenly the news sounded German newspaper Bild on hospitalization of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has taken unawares strongly in all the country. Some bitter bewilderment of senior officials stressed usmotritelnye words preoccupied opposition … Why, even the usually sharp and irreconcilable Rakhat Aliyev, the disgraced politician, who served as a senior in-law before the President, revealed the wonders of humanity, wishing the first head of a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, in a moment detect the human face of Kazakhstan policy indicates not a dramatic breakthrough in the different stage of civilization. A faster, the confusion of the elite, once lost mainstay that allowed justify their weakness. And in truth, it would be a state where all aspects of life, from conception of foreign policy to the arrangement of regional administrations — represents Nursultan Nazarbayev? Pull the rod out of state machines — and how she then lead? It is understood that in recent years — these rhetorical questions are also apparent. But fundamentally, what is hiding behind the rhetoric is really a severe problem of the system: no one — neither the opposition nor, much less, the government still has not offered is not that strategy — if the vision of Kazakhstan without Nazarbayev.

Russian political analysts familiar with the situation in Kazakhstan, at one point identified unfortunate for the entire class of officials conclusion: the elite in the country lives waiting for the first person from leaving the political arena of the country. Yes, it is impossible to exclude the preparation of any and all forces to a situation where the chief judge for various reasons, will leave his post. But, in fact, the very fact of preparation, paradoxically as it may sound, it is excluded. No one, absolutely no one, be it even the players who have tasted the taste of Kazakhstan's policy not to disclose his vision of the future of Kazakhstan's statehood. It is clear that the logic of the architecture of the system does not allow people to read openly about leaving a man whose political potential for many years is at its zenith.

In this context, the desire to "fast cure" the head of an opponent by the head of the country looks not only formulated the political requirement of most people in the country, and the proof of Mikhalkov's words that the cult of personality is formed only where there is a person. And in truth, who will worship the hordes of Kazakh officials, and to deal with who will continue to beat Kazakhstan's democratic public grants?

Director of the Central Asian Foundation for Democracy Tolganay Umbetalieva convinced that Kazakhstan will not avoid the negative scenarios:
"I think it's at this point to avoid the negative consequences will not work. If in the past year, we have analyzed the situation in Kyrgyzstan and talk about the fact whether such a scenario is likely in Kazakhstan, we were convinced that Kazakhstan is unrealistic. At the moment I have absolutely another point of view. Since the situation for the year has changed very much: social tension in the country very highest. I recently returned from the research work of the regions in the west and if people are more hostile, then the south of Kazakhstan people are disappointed. 'Cause I think that Nazarbayev's successor will be very difficult to keep the power in their hands. office of the President will be given to him very hard, and it will be hard to maintain stability in the country. I think the point is missed and, even if at this point the president will present a successor, it can turn huge chaos, as the political forces that would declare their own ambitions for the post, much like many inside the country and abroad. They will not sit warehouse hands. "

Unfavorable processes in the political arena of the country finds the head office zabugornogo opposition Serik Medetbekov. In his view, to build a system mechanisms for the transfer of power to President Nursultan Nazarbayev and could not. "… We are all aware — this is all they say political analysts, this is true and understand the power inside — that there is no political mechanism for the peaceful transfer of power. Unfortunately, Nazarbayev today has built a system in which it is virtually impossible. And Given the fact that at the moment is in Kazakhstan, I think it would be so difficult in the case of the unexpected departure of Nazarbayev that perhaps will lead to more constructive things, in other words non-peaceful by it all happen. should surely realize that all of these groups that dominated, to our chagrin bolshennomu, know not only the means, influence and power, but also armed groups. This is not a secret. Because, as I've read, no one just does not give power. "

Corruption Kazakhstan
(Based on the favorite of the party "Alga" Vladimir Kozlov)

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?Almost 10 years ago, at a meeting with business representatives, President Nazarbayev said the phrase that has become sadly cruise, "I can at least some of you take the hand and bring him into court." The president of the country, at that time already a ten-year reign, he knew that read. He expressed the quintessence of one sentence of what we call the municipal systems of Kazakhstan: steal, but remember who it allows for you to do. Since then, there was "a formula of corruption in Kazakhstan": corruption — that's what the president is calculated with dishonest, but the bureaucrats loyal to him personally, because they support it.
President Nazarbayev was right. Almost 100% of people involved in business, doing so in violation of the law. The word "almost" here to refer to quite a few of those who will be offended by this statement, wholeheartedly believing that they do not violate, because "so do all."

Prior to logically prove his worldview that corruption in Kazakhstan is the basis of statehood, I will say that I see in this a direct fault of President Nazarbayev, and explain why. It is very simple and short: Kazakhstan — country with a presidential form of government. Other president, except Nazarbayev, we have over 20 years did not exist. Hence — the sovereign Nazarbayev should be held responsible not only for the successful sale of oil and other resources of the country, and for all that there is, for all that is created and built. Namely — for the corrupt statehood.

President Nazarbayev made a corrupt database state leaves no ability for those who wish to deal with the case fairly. Made them a system of relations of the country (in the person of his loyal officials personally) and business determines the dependence of the business regulatory functions of officials at all levels. The number and, most importantly, the personification of permits do formation and development of at least some business (and not just business) one hundred percent dependent on whether that will solve any given bureaucrat who occupy the place in this system. There is no solution — not a business. Or he will not let develop. Or — ruin the already developed. Or … Options for preventing a huge number of majestic, like the services that employment on behalf of the country.

But — there is a solution. You only need to "establish a relationship" with certain individuals, in other words, to find the "moves" to bribe a solution suitable for business matters. But — in the accounting program there "1C — Accounting" on which taxes are paid, there are no items of expenditure, which would be called "bribing officials." Means — you need a secret "2C — Accounting." And that means, you need to hide a part of income — for a bribe — from taxation. That's it. There was an entrepreneur — has become delinquent. You can "take the hand and bring him into court." And you can not take and take. But then forget about the civilian position of their own rights, forget about honor, about morality, about morality, justice and conscience … Remember only about income, those who provided them, and about who did it, the "Creator", so to speak … Remember and the wind is not …. And then here reminded of who you are and where you belong.

A couple of years back at a meeting of the Discussion Club "Politon" presidential adviser sovereign Ertysbaev once said such a fascinating phrase: "The state system is created, it is working, and it does not need to try to change something. Just find the system in its place and live and have fun. " But, as pointed out by our daily reality system, it is not smooth and clear. It is made from unusual in its own curvature of the "puzzles". If you are a citizen with moral principles and civilian position, if you are not inclined to change it and lose — is unrealistic for you to find a place in this system. There's no right angles, to get there, you must first wince under the "allocated space" … By agreeing to the existence of such a system should not be surprised and indignant, if in the end the eyes instead of unblemished sky at first would someone "vyshesidyaschaya" fifth point, and later — and grille … The system — not by me said — and created works …

First, the two thousandth conducted a survey on the role of corruption in business. Virtually all businesses cited corruption "positive factor" for promoting business development. At first glance — and suddenly absurd. But — it is reasonable. Existing laws, including Tax Code, the customs legislation, the size and estimation of duties and taxes, do not give the ability of business development. In this situation, the "activities" of corrupt officials for taking bribes giving the "green light" is positive for business.

In Kazakhstan, the fight against corruption led by those who are doing it and guards. Winged question of our time — "how much is a manager of the fight against corruption" — says it all. The struggle of people against corruption leads to the dock is not corrupt, and the people themselves, because corruption is systemic and aggressively protects itself at all levels, from police officers to bribe bribe judges. This is my remark on just sounded the call Mrs. Jarbussynova, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador for special assignments, to "come to the zero level of tolerance for corruption."

In conjunction with that, I agree with the thesis of Ms. Jarbussynova that is necessary to begin with ourselves. For example, I would not consider President Nazarbayev entitled to seek submission of a declaration by all the bureaucracy until such time as he is not a "start with yourself," do not tell the public information about their own income and own income members of the presidential family, whom he has given, together with a criminal immunity. Why, they ask, criminal immunity favorite civilization and his family? Do not they have to submit examples of society and the standards of honesty and morality? As such, they are doing now — would not want to meet tomorrow?

After 20 years of independence, we have come to a situation where we can not name a single branch of the country where there was no corruption, where it had not won since referred to as the "fight against it." This is — a cancer of the country. This is very dangerous for the country's statehood and its future.

The threat of terrorism and separatism

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?The subject of terrorism in Kazakhstan has become a priority for the majority of the media and the public analysts of the country. With a little sluggish until late this discussion develops into a polemic, where the main question is formulated — as the state needs to respond to the emerging danger? But the main thing — the debate including expert society of the country, which even at a level close to power, articulated: terrorism in Kazakhstan — it is not fiction media.

About hushed intelligence Kazakhstan facts reads the newspaper "Time" in an interview with the former managing various security agencies, Lieutenant General Bulat Baekenova. Most of principle that states the guest — that the area of distribution of extremist organizations expands with tragic swiftness:

"… First-2000s, when I retired, nasty surprise for me was the arrest of members of the movement" Hizb-ut-Tahrir "in the East Kazakhstan region, where, as you know, dominant Slavic population. But first on this area law enforcement officers did not actually directed attention, counting more than confirmed the manifestation of extremism regions with a population who preach Islam.

More disturbing picture of the president sees information collection on Religion "Areal" Ayman Rustembekova, in an interview with "Megapolis" states: Kazakhstan's youth in the periphery is very closely related to religion. "In the religious groups currently involved even 15-year-olds. But if in Astana, the capital town, young people can find work for yourself and joy, making plans and sees the goal, for young people in villages, where t
he socio-economic issues are not resolved, religion becomes an ideology of protest. "We were once united thought of building communism, and even lived in the days when all provided various social guarantees — says the president of the foundation. — At the moment young people, which no one can guarantee anything, keen on the idea of the construction of the Caliphate, and maybe this makarom she protests against corruption, immorality, and the stratification of society into rich and poor.

The last manager of the Center counterterrorism programs, the Secretary for the strategic development of the party "Nur Otan" Erlan Karin on the pages of "italics" thinking about the reasons for the emergence of terrorist threat in Kazakhstan:

"Right now in expert circles there is no single view about the circumstances of the emergence of terrorism. Some believe that the catalyst is a worsening of the socio-economic problems (poverty, the poverty, the marginalization of society). Others behold the fundamental principle of the specifics of the political regime (the degree of openness / closeness of the society, the level of enlightenment, the level of Rights and Freedoms). others believe that the basis of terrorism lies sociocultural strain (depreciation of certain values and moral standards.) In general, terrorism, as though any other phenomenon, is a complex and difficult circumstances interwoven motifs. Kazakhstan to the same criteria can be distinguish, at least, three major factors that contribute to build-up the dangers of terrorism.

In 1-x, the factor of social depression, lack of channels of social mobility and elevators. Social stratification and caste specific social groups. Inability to self-realization and social achievements of success. Social disorder and lack of relevant perspectives, especially among young people. All these problems are compounded by corruption in the society. In addition, when a critical threshold in the division between rich and poor social protests appear, one form of which may be entirely possible terrorist attacks.

In-2, the low efficiency of state policy in the sphere of ideas, namely, a certain formalism in the regulation of religious and ethnic areas to conduct linguistic and religious policy.

B-3, on the situation of terrorism has always influenced the presence of "hot spots" in the neighboring states. In our case — save inconstancy in Central Asia — the possibility of aggravation of the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan and the likely next test of destabilization of the situation in Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Social, religious or ideological discontent with no legitimate political tract own solutions, inevitably leads to attempts to influence the authorities and society through danger, violence, death. It is a way to terror. And Kazakhstan is going down this path. Now in Kazakhstan made everything so that people have lost faith in the honesty of government, justice, law, humane society. Hundreds of thousands of people thrown to the periphery of life, begin to think, that they are not required to fool them. Will sing the protest that, not finding its own manifestations in politics, will manifest itself in acts of terror, death, or what's the innocent people. And, most of all, it will be manifested through the activities of various Islamist groups.

Portal "CentrAsia", in turn, states prepyadstviya encountered before — the emergence of separatist sentiment in the west of the country. The publication highlights:

"The tribal structure can damage the database state, namely in the western regions, especially in the Mangistau (last Guriev), populated mostly Kazakhs, most belonging to the genus own Adai. It is this kind — one of the most important in the structure of the Little Horde, the one that has become a pioneer in the history of the Kazakh national division. At this point in the terrain of the Little Horde with the latest force to roam the usual 1990s the idea of the creation of self-contained country of Kazakhstan. Especially popular are the claim as if the whole adai Kazakhstan fed and starving themselves sit — this is not a time stated in the articles defending Junior Horde. In their judgment is gradually, as if to dispose of the West Kazakhstan "own" the oil without the help of others, without the dictates of Astana, everything would've been living in the Emirates.

For example, a trial run of this idea of well-known leader of the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan M. Telibekov: "Western Kazakhstan has its own, pronounced specificity. Population of the region is adaytsami. Since time immemorial, this kind of Kazakh different militancy. Adaytsev peculiar to impulsivity and pronounced. Population is now in a very languid economic situation. People are well aware that sits on the "gold", but eke out a miserable existence. Petroleum region actually feeds the entire country. Such a terrible injustice (in their eyes) pushes people to extremes. This is fully justified rebellion. If in the future status of the population does not improve, West Kazakhstan can become not only a hotbed of huge social upheaval, but the originator of the separatist aspirations. Once the decay of the Union of Russian seemed too incredible imagination. western Kazakhstan will turn into an independent government, if not the policy of the Center pereterpit significant configurations . "

Outside politics — juggling several chairs

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?Over the past decade, Kazakhstan has become the most developed state in Central Asia through Hassle economic growth at the expense of oil and pragmatic foreign policy. President Nazarbayev was able to skillfully balance the varied interests of the country and to maintain a reasonable balance between with 2 most important international partners of Kazakhstan — Russia and the United States, whose interests in the region are facing. While the Russian Federation has a historical and geographical comparative advantage affairs of Kazakhstan with the U.S. are of significant nature and grow and become stronger. Nazarbayev headed for balance in its relations with Russia and the United States, sending Russia a cheap oil, and for the United States as an integral part of Washington's war on terrorism.

One of the values of Russian foreign policy under President Medvedev was to bring these former satellite states with a conscious strategic and geopolitical purpose — to make them part of a larger frame structure, designed to regain influence in the region of the country. Kazakhstan has attempted to achieve genuine autonomy from the Russian Federation and to reaffirm their national identity, with all this not being afraid to turn towards Moscow in search of solutions to its own problems in the field of security and defense. Military cooperation between Astana and Moscow is now a strong and deeply entrenched, and is in the mutual interest. Both countries are members of the Contract of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Central Asian states are also members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Since 1994, Kazakhstan and our motherland inexorably increasing the level of its own military cooperation. In 2010, three times carried out joint military exercises, a similar number planned for this year, and about 15 thousand Kazakh fighter trained under the Russian military professionals.
Our homeland — the leading trade partner of Kazakhstan in view of the fact that he is a member of the Russian Customs Union — once the driving force, means that Moscow is trying to regain its influence in
the region. Customs alliance between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan formally came into existence in January 2010, and is expected to evolve in the creation of a single economic space by January 2012. Our homeland retains a dominant position in two-way trade between the two countries-name, because it is a transit country for Kazakh oil and gas exports.

Astana also has an excellent, durable case with Washington, which have developed since 1991 without any particular obstacles. United States was the first country to recognize the independence of Kazakhstan. Washington viewed Astana as a reliable partner since intensively supporting the candidacy of the country as a rotating president of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010. Energy cooperation — one of the pillars of the US-Kazakh relations, taking into account Washington's support for the idea of energy independence in the middle of the region. Washington considers the diversification of Caspian pipelines as a counterweight to Russian dominance in terms of energy. Washington approved the agreement between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, which allowed Astana to export oil in part through the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which helped to reduce the dependence of Astana from Moscow in this regard. Non-proliferation are also the basis of bilateral relations between Astana and Washington. Agreement on joint lowering the threat means that Washington has already paid Astana over two hundred million dollars in aid to Kazakhstan in the framework of getting rid of his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, is considered one of the best examples of non-proliferation policy map that perfectly played the Astana.

Although Astana and considered the least complicated to manage competing economic interests of Moscow and Washington, the settlement of interests in the military and the security has been more problematic. Kazakhstan has decided to use its membership in the Collective Security Treaty Organization as a counterweight to NATO, although he is a member of programs from NATO "Partnership for Peace" in 1995 and cooperates with NATO in the framework of the Action Plan for the partners. Organization (meaning CSTO) intensively support the country in a number of areas, from measures to combat terrorism and customs security to emergency response and transportation issues. Of course, the case for Astana and Washington affected volatility and instability in the relationship between NATO and the OSCE in the military sphere. Stubbornness NATO, which categorically refuses to accept signals aimed at cooperation with the CSTO, may lead to the fact that Astana will become more reliant on Moscow for their own needs in the field of security and defense, but it is unlikely to entail any severe consequences for her davneshnih and strong relations with Washington. Multilateral foreign policy is based on the Astana attentively equilibrium strategy in which concessions are alternated with demonstrations of force. For example, Moscow has to tolerate the openness of Astana in relation to foreign investment in its oil sector, in return, it benefits from the continuation of military cooperation through NATO. Kazakhstan has managed to diversify and develop their own interlocutors partly independent political line in the region, which also face competing interests among themselves immediately several large global players. This, apparently, is consistent with the satisfaction of the desires and goals of the Obama administration in the country, despite the fact that white-washed house in every way contributes to the development of a measured, benign and democratic country which understands the rules of the game in terms of the free market economy, just being pochetaemym regional favorite.

Nazarbayev certainly considers Central Asia as an area that is increasingly becoming a battleground for influence and an advantage not only for the Russian Federation and the United States, but also, inevitably, to China. As our home continues to rise, both economically and politically, its ability to influence the actions in the region, it is possible to continue to grow. The same can be said of China, which does not make a special lurking from their own personal ambitions to increase their status and increase access to energy resources in the region. At the same time, the United States find themselves in a situation where their ability to influence the actions in the region begin to be limited to comparable static external policy and limited financial resources.

Our home is very possible to become the final winner in their own battle for the dominant role of himself in the military and security fields. Completely may be that over time the U.S. may cede its economic impact in the post-Soviet Kazakh hydrocarbon sector, the Chinese oil and gas companies, as it often happens in all other regions of the world. At the same time, you can fully expect that Nazarbayev will continue neatly manipulate external policy of Kazakhstan for the greatest benefit of Astana.

Russian in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan today: what happens in the underbelly of Russia?In Kazakhstan, the Russian are the main descendants of immigrants XVI-XIX century, the descendants of migrant workers during the Soviet period.
The oldest Russian settlement based on the terrain of modern Kazakhstan — Yaitsky town (then — Uralsk) was founded back in 1520. Later were based Guriev (1645), Pavlodar (town status in 1861), True (1854), Semipalatinsk (1712), Ust-Kamenogorsk (1720), Petropavlovsk (1752), Akmola (1824), Aktobe (1868), Kustanaj ( 1879), Kokchetav, Irgiz (1845), Turgay (1845), Kazalinsk (1848), and other smaller urban settlements.

Many of the Russian, now living in Kazakhstan are labor migrants who arrived in Kazakhstan in order of internal movement in Russian period. This was done by the decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Soviet Government in the manner of organized recruitment and orderly migration for the construction of factories, mines, lifting virgin, etc.

After the collapse of the Union of Russian in Kazakhstan remained 6000000 Russian. By this time, the Russian language is spoken almost the entire population, it was not only the language of social advancement, and the spoken language of urban Kazakhs.

After independence in 1991, the Russian started to flood in Russia, and with significantly reduced and continued to decline, but unhurried pace. Once a year, began leaving hundreds of thousands of people. At the current time, the average age of Russian in Kazakhstan is 49 years, versus 27 years for the Kazakhs. This is due not only to the structure of departure, and the low birth rate of the Russian population Kazakhstan. So Makar, at the current time, the Russian became the second-largest group of state and the beginning of 2010 were 23.3% of the population.

The main factors listed out: the collapse of the Soviet Union one place, returning to their ethnic homeland (Russian in Russia, in Germany, the Germans, the Jews in Israel, the Ukraine, Ukrainians, Belarusians in Belarus, etc.), high-spirited Kazakh population growth, migration of excess rural population in the town, strengthening inter-ethnic competition in the labor market, as increasing numbers of Kazakhs in the municipal office and the leading sectors of the economy. Out as the cause of Russian from Kazakhstan horror of discrimination Named International human rights organization Human Rights Watch. But many evaluates the data as superficial because Kazakhs are listed more tolerant of Russian ethnic group in the post-Soviet space and usually priklnny to R
ussia. According to the statistical agencies of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, and 20% Russian, who moved from Kazakhstan to Russia, vorachivayutsya ago, unable to adapt because of the already established cast of mind (good from a purely Russian) in Russia and the lack of available cash more criteria, if in Kazakhstan.

But soon, there is a "dismantling" of the Russian space probe in Kazakhstan through Russia to deprive the language of the constitutional status of the official language of communication, even with the Kazakh. Namely, according to the Republican Slavic Movement "Lad" from August 16, 2011:
"… The topic of accelerated implementation of the municipal Kazakh language is being discussed intensively in Kazakh society. In electric and print media of the republic there are permanent information stuffing calling for tougher language policy and prompt exclusion of the Russian language. Moreover, the campaign in Kazakhstan day or day mapping gets tough offensive nature.

The ideological center of the campaign is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed by the notorious Kul-Muhammed, the main "kazahizatorom" Ak Orda. Specifically gush out of the legislative initiatives restrictions functioning of the Russian language, the hard administration towards the people of the republic, who does not possess the Kazakh language.

It appears to us now in the upper echelons of the Kazakh authorities had a steady anti-Russian and anti-Russian lobby, have a growing impact on domestic and foreign policy of the country and impede the process of integration between Russia and Kazakhstan. And one of the main disintegration tools used by Kazakh National isolationists is systemic radicalization of the "language problem" in the country, aimed at the assimilation of the Russian population and the breaking of the Russian-Kazakh historical, cultural, and communication links.
The visible result of this action was the nationalist lobby law "On introduction of changes and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on state language policy", worn-out in the bowels of the above Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan. The essence of this document chauvinistic consist in the fact that the "official" Russian language (use "on a par" with the municipal Kazakh language) in the country will be excluded from public consumption and become the language of Russian kitchen gatherings.

Meanwhile, as perfectly clear, this bill has already gone to various state agencies for approval. It seems that none of the Russian Kazakhstan will have no hesitation is that after a mild cosmetic treatment, this document is likely to be finalized and adopted.
It should be recalled that the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan is not a personal shop, and the main ideological and propaganda organ of the Government of Kazakhstan, the ministers are approved by the president. So Makar, the question here should be on State Policy of the Russian and Russian-speaking population of the republic, numbering about 6 million people, and are law-abiding and equal citizens of Kazakhstan.

Movement "Lad" believes that conceptually the bill virtually cancels the claim 2, Art. 7 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a grave infringement claim 2, Art. 14 of the Constitution and norms of the law on languages. With the adoption of this bill, involving language 'human cleansing "in all state structures of Kazakhstan — with its current absolute dominant of the Kazakh, the role of the Russian state-ethnicity in government will be reduced to virtually zero.

We wish to highlight that the discriminatory law is a logical continuation of the unfortunate doctrine of national unity, which clearly traced in the zeal of its founders to build civilian clothes (municipal) identity on an exceptional basis only Kazakh Kazakh language and culture. In this regard, the "linguistic revolution" proposed by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture, it follows from the logic of the doctrine and strengthens us in the outlook that the constitutional status of "official" of the Russian language, most recently in Kazakhstan can be "removed".
We believe that such actions taken by the other day celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Republic, are obviously provocative nature and are aimed at destabilizing the international accord. Since it is clear that the Russian population will not leave without attention and response of all the steps that are focused on the infringement of their legitimate rights in the area of language policy. Another object of linguistic zeal of the Ministry of Culture, we believe, is the desire of the agency to hide trivial lapses in their ideological activities that committed (and encouraged!?) Constructive "Islamization", which resulted in "criminal" acts of terror in Aktobe.

The Kazakh authorities should clearly be aware of all the political and humanitarian implications of the chauvinistic bill violates the basic rights and freedoms of Russian and Russian-speaking population in Kazakhstan. And one of the consequences will be the resumption of "outcome" of the Russian population of the republic. In addition, such actions on the part of the Government of the RK raise serious doubts about the reliability of Kazakh partnership within existing integration processes, which are based not the length of piping and the number of tenge, rubles and petrodollars, and the centuries-old history of the Russian-Kazakh cultural ties, the foundation of which is civilizational seat of the Russian language. "

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