Kazakhstan relies on the development of cooperation with leading global manufacturers of arms

Kazakhstan relies on the development of cooperation with the world's leading arms manufacturers

The creation of joint companies for the organization of licensed production of modern military hardware is a priority in the development of Kazakhstan's defense.

Another step in the realization of this long programs from the visit to South Korea Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. Following discussions with the Minister of Defense of the Republic Korea Kim Tae-Yong October 3rd parties signed a memorandum of understanding between the defense departments and military cooperation. In the course of the meeting was also specified condition and prospects of military cooperation, said the press service of the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan.

One of the main outcomes of the talks was the agreement to establish a multi-disciplinary programs from the shipyard in the Caspian Sea, created for the construction of military and civilian vehicles. With all of this provision is foreseen by the Korean side of technology transfer and training.

Korean companies are now consistently dominate the global market civilian shipbuilding, producing on the orders of the leading state-owned, foreign firms are also super tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, offshore rigs and oil platforms, cruise ships, tankers carrying liquefied gas, etc.

World leadership of the Republic of Korea in the field of civilian shipbuilding shipbuilders of the country provides an opportunity to make the construction of modern surface warships main classes, submarines, boats and auxiliary vessels on the basis of its own and foreign technological developments.

Cooperation The Republic of Korea and Kazakhstan by naval theme started a couple of years back. In April 2006, three retired patrol boats for the purchase of which at one time Republic Korea spent $ 5 million, were handed over to Kazakhstan for a nominal sum of $ 300. This deal was done in order to provide assistance to Kazakhstan in the development of state CPA. In the same year in the Republic of Korea at the naval base in Jinhae trained 30 of its military. Written off 2004 boats belong to a series of medium-sized patrol boats PKM (Patrol Killer Medium).

Another result of today's visit of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov to the Republic of Korea, as reported by "Kazakhstan Today", was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "and the company" Samsung Thales. "

It clarifies the ITAR-TASS news agency, citing a South Korean company, the memorandum provides for the development of Kazakhstan's Armed Forces for 120-mm self-propelled howitzer. In addition, the Delegation of Kazakhstan was expressed enthusiasm for the development of cooperation with "Samsung Thales' in modernization of tanks, improving the electrical systems of command and control, surveillance and reconnaissance.

According TSAMTO, SP "Samsung Thales' is one of the larger partners defense procurement programs of the Agency (DAPA) of South Korea's Ministry of Defense.

Namely, in the framework of the signed DAPA with the 2008 Agreement company "Samsung Thales' finished the development of the latest generation of thermal imaging devices that can detect targets at ranges up to 24 km.

JV "Samsung Thales' chosen by the German company" Hovaldsverke-Deutsche Werft »(HDW) as providers of satellite communications systems X-band (SatCom) for new NNS" Type-214 "Navy of the Republic of Korea, which will be built as part of programs from KSS-2. JV "Samsung Thales' also supplies a number of South Korean Navy frigates promising systems for FFX.

In the development of Kazakhstan for self-propelled howitzers must be emphasized that company "Samsung" is a developer and manufacturer of 155-mm self-propelled howitzer K-9 "Thunder." With this howitzer TSAMTO rating of South Korea takes first place in the middle of a huge global provider of self-propelled guns. In 2006-2009. were exported 96 guns at the cost of 320 million dollars, the same portfolio South Korea has for the period 2010-2013.

The issue of transferring production technology, technical maintenance and repair of weapons was one of the main themes of the first international exhibition of arms and military equipment KADEX-2010, which was accomplished at the end of May this year in Astana.

The first international exhibition of arms in Kazakhstan has become a landmark event, singling Astana intention to diversify Military-technical cooperation with zabugornom countries in accordance with the plans and objectives of the approved programs from upgrading weapons Sun Kazakhstan.

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