Kazakhstan takes control of Baikonur

Kazakhstan takes control of Baikonur

First and once the largest in the world cosmodrome, and who is now necessary to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union was on the self-contained area of Kazakhstan. Then was leased Russian Federation together with the same satellite city (up to 1995. — Leninsk). According to contract accordingly Our homeland once a year pays Kazakhstan 115 million bucks. Approximately 170 million bucks often from year to year are listed on the support and development of infrastructure not only spaceport, and the town of Baikonur. In the town itself acts Russian power, there is even our police. The lease term of the world famous spaceport is completed in 2050.

But, of course, the items of the lease contract are not decree for the law enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan, which at one point began to pursue the Russian people living and working in the countryside town of Baikonur, migration cards. Departure from the town, which, according to an intergovernmental agreement, is under the jurisdiction of our country, is now linked to the Russians with the need to provide these same cards to employees of law enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan. In the absence of this document with our citizens collect fines. Now they had to pay the units, but the townspeople are very concerned about the difficulties emerged. All the more so given the fact that even the office of the movement of Kazakhstan was absolutely not prepared for such a drastic innovation. Respective forms in the right amount there was not trivial.

As you know, earlier migration cards to Russian citizens living in Baikonur, there was no need to make out. Passport with residence permit in the town of Baikonur was the only document necessary during the crossing of the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. In some cases, customs officers allowed to cross the border and on presentation of the business card. Prerequisites configuration in force earlier years of the order are unknown. Reported only that management is considering the use of the Baikonur necessary measures to resolve the looming international conflict.

It seems that there are many who want to Astana though not survive Russia out of town and from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, or at least complicate current terms of his lease. This question a few months back was not even put to the consideration in the Kazakh parliament. Then, during his own performances deputy Amangeldi Momyshev said that you need about 10 times to raise the cost for renting space center. Namely, in his appeal to the deputies of the following statements were made: "Why do not apply to the president, why not turn to the government? Ask them to explain that now the cost has grown … If you associate with those years, 5 to 10 times increase in the cost. Taking into account that now the minimum should be billion! "

Meyrbek Moldabekov, deputy chairman of the National Space Agency of Kazakhstan, then cooled the ardor of some deputies. He told MPs that spending Russian Federation is not limited to the benefit of annual rent of 115 million bucks. According to Moldabekova, "Russia, not including the rent once a year, spends about 100 million bucks for the technical maintenance of facilities of Baikonur and approximately 100 million dollars to support the life of the cosmodrome, in the end the amount that our homeland once a year in the making cosmodrome, is about 315 million dollars. " Moreover, according to the Moldabekov, these costs are the Kremlin seem excessive, particularly for this reason and decided to build a new cosmodrome in the Far East. 10 years later, after putting it into operation, our homeland completely may prematurely abandon the upcoming lease Baikonur own deputies warned the deputy chairman of the State Space Agency.

And it does not all. According disk imaging entering the Kazakh media some very influential politicians in Astana seems unfair to existing procedures rassredotachivaniya revenues from commercial exploitation of the site Baikonur cosmodrome. Now they are considering changing it so Makarov, that part of the Kazakh side has grown and even very important. For example, in 2009, from the Baikonur Russia were planned and carried out 19 commercial launches, of which 12 — carrier rocket "Proton". "Every start it generates income for at least 85 million bucks. If you add up the amount purchased in 2009, only to launch "Proton", it exceeds $ 1 billion. " According to estimates Meyrbek Moldabekova over 5 years lessor in the name of Kazakhstan has received a little more than 0.5 billion dollars, while the lessee in the face of Russian Federation annually earns more than 1 billion dollars. There is something to think about, believe in Astana. So unexpected demand for the implementation of specific migration cards for Russian residents may Baikonur will be only the first step for future far-reaching change.

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