Kazakhstan will receive a free C-300

Kazakhstan will receive a free C-300Our homeland is going to provide Kazakhstan with SAM With-300 on a pro bono basis. This was said to RIA Announces Chief of Air Defense Forces Kazakhstan Lt. Gen. Alexander Sorokin. Deliveries will be made to him in the creation of the unified air defense system Kazakhstan and Russia. "On the shoulders of the air defense forces of Kazakhstan will be responsible for the cover-up air space along the Russian border with Kazakhstan. That's why the delivery of S-300 would wear grant nature, "- said Alexander Sorokin, without naming number resulting complexes.

For information about what countries are negotiating among themselves about the delivery of air defense systems Astana, formerly a news conference voiced Ira Kovalchuk — Press Secretary to the Minister of Defense. In his own speech, she also did not specify any number complexes, nor the timing of their delivery. Coupled with negotiations on the defense, homeland Our proposed that Kazakhstan log in missile attack warning and control gallakticheskogo place.

The establishment of regional air defense zones of the CIS began in 2007. In the first step you want to deploy the Eastern European area of collective security, which will cover the defense of Belarus and Russia. In addition, it is planned to make the Central Asian and Caucasian zone defense. When all three areas will be made to begin work on coordination of their activities will be worked out rules for the exchange of information and alerting. At the moment an agreement to develop a unified air defense concluded with Armenia and Belarus, in the long term is not excluded the possibility of signing an agreement with all the countries of the CIS.

Earlier, the Kazakhstan has already gained in RF systems SAM With-300. In March 2009 an agreement was signed for the purchase of 10 battalions of similar complexes of the Russian armed forces reserve. Each division consists of four S-300 machines and software. Completion of the agreement is scheduled for 2011. At the current time, Kazakhstan already have some number similar air defense systems, which are used mostly to cover the capital Astana.

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