Kazakhstans car Sarbaz

Kazakhstan's car "Sarbaz"

On passing the Kazakh capital of Astana exhibition KADEX-2012 was shown a demo model of the military over-terrain vehicle "Sarbaz" (Sarbaz — "Soldier"), designed and built in a single copy of JSC "Petropavlovsk plant languid Engineering "(which is part of the municipal association"Kazakhstan Engineering "). Outside machine similar to the French cars Renault Sherpa family 3. It is proposed release of these machines for the Department of Defense and other law enforcement agencies Kazakhstan, but while prospects "Sarbazy" unclear.

This is not the first project of its kind in Kazakhstan. Another first of the 2000s is part of the "Kazakhstan Engineering "last 811 th car repair military plant Yereimentau in Akmola region made for the Ministry of Defence Kazakhstan small batch bonnet "hammeropodobnyh" cars "Bars-01" and "Bars-02" by the alteration of old times truck GAZ-66, but the programm also did not develop.

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