Kazan fight

Kazan fightFour centuries back Russ, ripped into shreds, was able to gather, to mobilize all the best that was kept in the people, and — beat, beating Polish invaders in Moscow and the party of treason. This event happened November 4, 1612 — to "Kazan".

And again, as four centuries back, the problem is most true: either we will be able to repeat the feat Protz, and God will bail us or we will share the fate of the West.

We try to sturdiness with various parties. A visible manifestation of this ruthless struggle is continually «Pussy Riot», and the anger of new barbarians ryadya in odezhki constructive Islam.

We can argue about the causes that led to the current state of affairs, but one does not cause any hesitation on the state of the triune Russian people will determine the fate of the country and our civilization, uniting and "soil" and "blood".

Finding oneself

The backbone of — it's Russian. Russia in a broad sense. By the Spirit, not by blood. "Shahid" Aminat Kurbanova (Alla Saprykina) blew majestic Sufi theologian Said Afandi al-Chirkavi did not have Russian at exactly the moment when adopted Wahhabism. The same can be said of the terrorist Vitaly Razdobudko and his civilian wife Marina Khorosheva.

On the other hand — hundreds of thousands of people of, born of mixed marriages are the real Russian — in spirit, by his own mind. He who justifies the other, must first be ostracized stately Pushkin.

The Russian did Russia. Made such as it is after 1380, after 1612 th and 1812 th. In the liberation of the country from foreigners took part representatives of various indigenous peoples. But specifically fiery message of Patriarch Hermogenes, who died of starvation in prison, stand up and fight military elite of the country and work in the person of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin Zemsky elders, determine the way out of the Time of Troubles. Then and today.

Take a three-pronged Russian people, and the Russian Federation will turn into a bloody hodgepodge where every neighbor, remembering an old grievances and initiating new ones, will find out things together in the language of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Russian people was formed as a vehicle thoughts Russian Orthodox civilization. This, rather than a more solid base of East Slavic tribes began to historical Russian who created the Kievan Rus and Vladimir, Metropolitan Kingdom.

So, destroy this basis, and the Russian cease to be Russian. What, in fact, the "successful" Russian authorities have expressed decade. While other nations of the USSR never forget who they are, in their own Russian-based demagnetized lost their identity.

The tragic consequences of perestroika led many to think about their own Russian roots. More precisely, he is reminded — by force, from the Baltic to Central Asia, from the Caucasus to Transnistria. Now this is reminiscent in Moscow and Sagra, wherever there are "wandering atoms", cut off from their own sphere of classical habitat. Without them we would have long since turned into "obschechelovekov."

So Makar, the strengthening of the triune Russian people, able to successfully resist the growing pressure inside and outside, can only be a cardinal in self-renewal, the transfiguration. No doubt, copy the rules that were optimal in the Middle Ages, dumb and stupid. The concept of "Third Rome" does not mean the form, and religious and mystical content, revealed in new — effective ways.

The foundation of the Russian civilization

There is no culture "in general". No matter what culture reflects the ideas of civilization, it spawned. For the liberal West personages, making a coven in the Christ the Redeemer — "free artist". And they are in the West, right from the standpoint of the First Rome, decomposed to the arrival of the barbarians. And why was he killed, stripped to the core.

Do we want for ourselves such fate? ..

West inspired tidal wave of constructive Islam leaves no other abilities, except as a return to our roots, "returning home." Our civilization must defend itself.

Destructive elements, which are "jihadists", can only suspend a positive force. But — a strength, not lose yourself drinking society with its "universal values" and anti-culture. And by the way, is not "the gilded priests" in foreign cars — long and from his own flock and of the host of saints, including ascetics and martyrs of 1612.

Try to talk to the "frostbitten" Islamists and militants in Libya, Syria, Egypt, or our home-grown Saidi Buryat, dreaming of a global 'jihad' (as Trotsky had once dreamed of his ilk of world revolution). This conversation will be as small. Prior to the coming wall. Prior to a land mine on the road … or Budennovska school in Beslan.

To survive in a world war, which covers all new and new earth, we have to find himself. And once again be the ones who made the Rus-Russia.

And do not scare people "Russian extremism." In a country where the great Russian, will be fine and everything. It is only necessary to consider the tragic mistakes made before the imperial power and the Bolsheviks, to exclude them from recurring in the future.

We litsezreem how angry attack and goes to the Russian Islam, which is a bone in the throat of religious sects and those who are inciting them to the media as usual values. Nedavneshny double attack in Kazan — the proof of that! For the Wahhabis "dialogue" means only one thing: either the recognition of their point of view, or a bullet.

At the end of … X gloomy century Byzantine Orthodoxy was imposed on the violent Slavic idolatry, he reveals the ultimate bright Russian Orthodoxy, the face of the "Trinity" by Andrei Rublev. Something similar happened with Islam which entrenched in the middle of the peoples of the Volga region, starting with the majestic Bulgar, and then stepped into the Caucasus.

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Islam — that segodnyaschy base that cements our powers, which is a bridge between East and West. Another base will not.

So it's up to the "small": repeat in 1612, but as a "revolution from above" without turmoil that our country is simply not survive.

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