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70 years ago there was one of the strangest and most mysterious events of World War II: May 10, 1941 at 17 o'clock in the evening, Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, the party, self-speed piloting the twin-engine plane "Messerschmitt-110", flew to Scotland in 3 nights May 11 jumped with a parachute near the manor member of the royal family of the Duke of Hamilton.

First comer farmer Hess presented a false name and asked to deliver it to the Duke. The Englishman led first parachutist to his house, watered the tea, but secretly called intelligence. They found the true name of the "mysterious German." Instead of meeting with Hamilton, Hess was in a London prison, where an atmosphere of complete secrecy stayed until the war ended.

Hess at Nuremberg tried to reveal the secret of his visit to England on the eve of the German attack on the Soviet Union, but the chair of the English court prosecutor immediately adjourned the meeting. At half-time the camera Hess visited by the British secret service, after which the defendant was to simulate the loss of memory. By decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal, Hess was transferred to the International Spandau prison to serve a life sentence, where he died in 1987 at not clarified until now circumstances. Materials investigation into his "suicide" secret until 2017, and transcripts of interrogations envoy Hitler made in jails British security services, will not open until at least 2040. What kind of terrible secrets are they hiding?

To begin with — a few words about Hesse and Hamilton.

Son of a lentil Rudolf Hess at the age of twenty refused to continue the work of his father and went to the World War I "to make an army career." By a strange coincidence he was in the same regiment with Adolf Hitler, but then they have not met. After wound Hess won appointment to the aviation part, managed to become a good pilot. After the war he joined the Nazi Party, but after the failure of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch was in a prison cell with Hitler. This determined the fate of Hess. In prison he dictated to type Hitler's "Mein Kampf", while acting as secretary and adviser. When Hitler seized power in 1933, by a special decree Hess was granted "to make decisions on behalf of Hitler in all matters relating to the leadership of the Party."

For a long time after the coming to power of Hitler forbade Hess fly — afraid to lose a friend (who was one of the few with whom Hitler was "you") in a plane crash. But in late 1940, suddenly resolved. Moreover, ordered to allocate personal aircraft. In early 1941, Hess was a real fighting (but unarmed) fighter "Messerschmitt-110." Hess aircraft based in Augsburg. It was from this airfield Hess took off at 17.45 on May 10, to about 10 hours to leave the plane with a parachute in Glasgow, Scotland, not far from the estate of the Duke of Hamilton.

Sir Douglas, 14th Duke of Hamilton, was a colonel in the British Air Force, commanded the war 602 Squadron in Glasgow. During the Berlin Olympics in 1936, he met with many prominent Nazis, including Hitler and Hess. It is known that Hamilton shared views on the need for the friendship between the two German nations — the Germans and the British. Apparently, Hess directed him to negotiate just as a figure that combines the pro-German lobby among the English aristocracy.

In any case, this period witnessed the top secret document of the NKVD, reported to Stalin, which indicates the presence of the lobby: "King Edward through his emissaries in talks with representatives of Hitler's establishment of a new British government is more inclined to neutrality with Germany in its attack on the the USSR. "

A few days after the incident in Scotland in the newspaper "Pravda" there was a small note: "May 10, 1941 in Scotland, the plane crashed. The pilot survived. He described himself as Rudolf Hess. " No political comments! Probably, the Soviet leadership simply signaled the English Premier Churchill that Hess's mission he knows, and the situation is under control of our special services. One can assume that this was the main reason that the mission Hess was stopped from the start. However, it is perhaps only the visible aspect. According to many modern experts, Hess was carrying on negotiations with the British proposals related to the fact that Germany ensure the interests of Albion on many key issues in exchange for non-interference of England in the upcoming war, Hitler against the USSR.

Did Churchill nearly three years did not observe this point, not only did not open the second front, but encouraging such behavior on the part of the U.S.?

Undoubtedly, the wily Stalin from the outset understood the inner essence of their allies, so in response to information about the mission he Hess May 15, 1941 ordered urgently flown to the western boundary of an additional 7 divisions.

In his memoirs, British Prime Minister Churchill could not ignore arrival Hess, though half-escaped.

The Soviet government, recalled the Englishman, was very concerned with finding the truth about the mission of Hess. Even in 1944, during our personal meeting, Stalin asked: What was behind the arrival of Hess? I said, politics, strengthening the opposition British arstokratii that was ready to do anything to send Hitler's aggression against the USSR. But these talks were separatist.

Published as other recognition Churchill. In autumn 1945 he was in conversation with the Minister of Aviation said: "Russian very suspicious of stories with Hess, I had a long talk about it in Moscow, Marshal Stalin, he always insisted that Hess was invited by our secret service. Not in our best interest to now all this has emerged. "

Even just in these words can be found traces of the reasons why secret interrogation pootokoly Hess. There are other reasons.

To get away from the accusation of bias, is worth quoting version not Russian, and English explorers of the problem. For example, the English P. Pedfild found that Hess's mentor during his preparations for the negotiations with the British side was Professor Haushoffer — one of the ideologues of the Third Reich. He convinced Hitler ally that Germany should conclude a peace agreement with England, so that the whole German military machine could be thrown directly to the destruction of the hated enemy — Russia. Haushoffer himself had ties to the British ruling circles. At his prompting Hess went straight to a meeting with the Duke of Hamilton. Know another: the British Secret Intelligence Service and she was looking for approaches to Hess. Its main aim was "to create an understanding between the UK and Germany." Against this background, it becomes obvious that the British do have something to hide. Because, apparently, were still negotiating, and at a fairly serious level. According to some reports, Hess flew to Britain for the first time not just on May 10 he was lost over Scotland, and when out of fuel, jumped with a parachute. This very often happens with the Jets, even today. Then the story was in the newspapers, to hide an awl in a bag failed, and the negotiations had to stop at the most interesting. This version illustrated, for example, fragments gessovskogo "Messer", equipped with a special ventral fuel tank. Without such twists he has overcome a distance between Augsburg and Glasgow — 1300 kilometers. According to the German flight instruction tank had to be reset after running out of fuel contained in it, not to create additional drag. Hess is not done — so, going to refuel in England, that was definitely not possible without the knowledge of the official London. He could not, covered in black crosses, simply taxied to the gas station in the Scottish boondocks and say: "Full tank, pliz!"

The further fate of the Hess once again demonstrates that his mission still has a very important secret intelligence and diplomacy, England. There is no point in repeating a well-known fact that the British were openly led the witness to the silence regarding his English voyage at Nuremberg. On this subject he was categorically forbidden to speak while sitting in Spandau. Hess's suicide three months before the International Court justice authorized his release in 1987 (more like a dramatization and also for some reason, secrecy) only reinforces the suspicion. Perhaps we have already mentioned the English historian P. Pedfild correct when he writes that "Hess strangled British, fearing his imminent exit at will and the disclosure of those secrets that they have so carefully cherish."

On this subject, says the Soviet translator Margarita Neruchev Spandau prison, which for many years with prisoners Hess. Here are her thoughts:

— In 1987, Hess was not only very old (93 years), but also very sick. Could not see. Almost did not own the fingers of both hands. Themselves could not even tie the laces of shoes. And according to the official version, he was able to build the electric cord from something like a gallows. This is incredible! In addition, examination of the neck, along with injuries typical of strangulation, fixed jaw injuries, bruises on zatalke, multiple fractures of the ribs and sternum. Strongly suspected cause, and other facts. Doctors attending resuscitation Hess, someone released from medical oxygen cylinder. The same thing happened with the personal masseur Hess. Garden house, where there was a "suicide", the day was burned along with the main material evidence — the cord.

Although formal investigation materials are confidential journalistic investigation was conducted. In it the main suspect in the order for the murder of Hess called the British Government. The fact that, in connection with a visit to Moscow, President of Germany, the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev proposed a sign of good faith to release Hess released. While he was sitting, he was forbidden even to mention his "peace mission." But vyvydya released, Hess certainly talked to. And the worst thing for England — on the negotiations with the British Government. They should be hiding something so unseemly in the actions of the British authorities, they decided to make Hess with intelligence silenced forever.

Now you only archive documents. "Survive" if they are up to their declassification?

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