Kuban Cossack detachments — strengthening the rule of law or the next step of Great Russian chauvinism (submissions Caucasian bloggers)

Pochetaemye readers of "Military Review"! One of the topics discussed last week was the announcement by the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev on the ability of the armed Cossack national teams providing together with the police law and order in the region, traumatic gun.

Kuban Cossack detachments - strengthening the rule of law, or the next step of Great Russian chauvinism (Caucasian opinions of bloggers)

In my opinion, a soldier who participated in the restoration of constitutional order in the North Caucasus, not so much exciting news, as its discussion of bloggers from among the inhabitants of the North Caucasian republics (Lenta.ru report who are curious can read in its entirety), here are excerpts ( Spelling creators)

Tkachev decided to give the Cossack Druzhin traumatic
The governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev has decided to issue a Cossack Druzhin traumatic gun. "To the Cossacks could fully protect the inhabitants of the edge" — identified Tkachev. The governor began to create squads on the basis of the Cossack structures in August last year.

And on what basis?
Too often, the nationalists! Can the residents of the North Caucasus region to issue separate passports???!

Do not distribute, reflective Residents of the North Caucasus region should simply behave properly, and all …

afivanihin2009 In principle, support, taking into account how much at the moment Caucasian youth walks with tramvatikoy than is necessary otvechat.A about expressing speaker of Chechnya over the incitement of ethnic hatred, he apparently forgot how many Russian was forced to leave the Chechen Republic, but from other parts of too. If you submit a fantastic situation in which many Russian and dr.natsionalnostey have come en masse for permanent residence in Chechnya and set their own rules so I think the leaders of the republic too, would not be attracted to such a situation.

Eustace They're always "oppressed" Mona them.

Chechen "Mona did not"
"Rezinomety" can get all and sundry, Chechens and others get them, just in case, as far as I can understand, but the fact that some do not use them for the intended purpose, is another question
"About the incitement of ethnic hatred, he apparently forgot how many Russian was forced to leave Chechnya"
and what does the speaker of the Chechen Republic, has to do with the fact that Russia had to leave the Chechen Republic, and why do you think that the Russian had to stay in the Chechen Republic? about 300 thousand Chechens fled Chechnya, and Russian had to stay? Russia is already the second nationality in the Chechen Republic, even the brothers went around the Ingush, and the third in Dagestan after the Azerbaijanis about others, I generally keep mum, only there, no nationalism, no smell

Eustace Of course it was better to leave … without the head and is awkward to walk again is nothing.

Chechen Well times were such anarchy, but murder on the basis of the state, still not widespread disposition, and the Russian republic of Chechnya remained right up to the beginning of the second Chechen campaign

Braz Genocide of the Russian population of the early 90's perfectly documented and widely known. Even the Turks for a century can not be rubbed away from this state of shame. What to read about the activities of the 'enlightened' Toddlers 20th century. Finals and lost the title of civilization is not particularly exciting, it's infighting clans. But the persecution and destruction along ethnic lines remains a stigma in the centuries as a special feature of dirty people as a whole, ready at any moment to relapse.
As for the history of the conquest of the Caucasus is here persecuted supranational strategic goals, not misanthropic. Russian general is not typical of hatred on the basis of the state, rather look at the history of wars in which the conquered peoples never sought, were not put on his knees, but instead accepted a huge unique in every sense of the society of peoples, which trudnoponimaemo people prone to national isolation.

Chechen well, that's the way movie, this is the first war in Chechnya, a 28 50 minute of the second, Russian Grandma, they say something about the bomb hit and killed people, and reducing the constitutional order, not even glanced in her direction

Braz There are statistics. When she was not willing to give us examples to build particular. I understand on a human being like hide and seek for individual unfair choices. If the statistics of shame and hunt least something to cover up ugliness of his own people, and that's perfectly fine, even if it is biased.

Chechen Why not put up stats killed in the bombing?

Braz There is a war and genocide have indiscriminately from small to large only in the state or linguistic affiliation. Your lady, old people and babies remained in the army captured villages. It only proves that for example the ladies feel safe in the presence of a foreign fighter and not fear for the children. And it is absolutely not a war of genocide on its military rules. With the Russian population is even more inhumane, at least it found it necessary to flee abandoning all their possessions, that is, people in place quickly realized the cost of his own life miserable. You will be able to mislead anyone, anything but hundreds of thousands of people who have abandoned all just to survive, can not be deceived

Vaynax Oy vey) Turks ruthless, and you then white and shaggy! ) No one is chasing … Oh well) as said one of the Circassian Maikop, 5 million can not tolerate 100 thousand Circassians who cut? Who drov
e? That you have such an ideology, cut and cast out of civilization, and later to declare: we have given them so much, and we were given a script, but we have trained them to read! In short, do not need to fill in a good and generous Russian who only thought so, "savages" to teach. Who lived and grew up in the harsh at the time when you were the main mass (after the deportation of your strength has increased very sharply) remember that home from Russian chauvinism towards other well, and now will not go away.

Eustace Circassians who carved. Let it be clear to you, my dear sir, a lot of Circassians served together with the Cossacks, and for a long time until 1864. And they fled from their own countrymen are not sure of a good life (in the main from slavery). Incidentally, it is curious why, along with Denikin (for United, dignified and inseparable) in the 1st Cavalry Division fought wars Circassians? In neskladuha what … for one with Russian nationalists!
Vaynax And what I have spoken of the fact that where our forefathers were denied? Well, my great-grandfather served in the feral Division, died during the revolution in the battle against the Reds for the snow-white, and his son was leading the Finnish war, and what it means? Yeah, so run away from their own that they are there 5 million while their houses only 700 thousand and back are not allowed.

Braz Russian is really hard for people to understand not extending to education, science and more likely to live or trade, or obscure fishing on the version of the case. Chauvinism — is refracted in their perception of highland lifestyle. As well as the response also did not disdain to rovnenky place. When infamous Russian, then in the paramount moral component, as the other parties to undermine human development will discover more.
To compare the peacefulness of nations rather look at the map of where they live. Human quarrelsome disposition crushes not only the family and the countryside. And not poor eyesight will find this evidence into tiny allotments peoples of the Caucasus))). The failure of the Caucasus that he did not realize the mission of, her soul, and she also resisted fiercely and brutally taught him how to run wild bloodthirsty neighbors in the mountains. And this gave rise to furious response actions, with the sample to individual villages and Ossetian peoples for example Caucasian war has not touched and they took the maximum benefit from it. It seems that people have enough brain to consider for the glitter of bayonets more than other peoples))).

Vaynax ))) Naturally enough, much less that they are not always for their own perceived in the Caucasus, so even your same great classics of their outline, you can understand why))) naturally profitable otyapali neighbors as ourselves areas which would never have been able to, do not even dare to. Well, about the same assimilation can remember)

Eustace It is currently useless exercise, to understand who is who that drew the.

Vaynax Country area, there is generally nothing to argue, has long been clear to everyone.
Well, about education. Do you think a school in Chechnya of teaching natural. of Sciences and the Russian language Russian opened? But no, Chechen Mitya Sheikh Ali (Ali Mita of your).

Eustace Well Country area — it's scary — let's not forget, do not forgive. ;-)

Vaynax Fun for you, but not to the Ingush laughter.

Braz Think Vaynakh people and their culture would suffer if say Lermontov or Tolstoy would consider eternity its classics and put them in the first place in relation to the local creators. Small nations are often built on a pedestal and inflate the importance of creators on a national basis, while global culture for example Greek or Italian is rich even more talented people and world-recognized geniuses. I'm talking about the natural sciences (read about the technical means to thrash Highlanders advance below the belt). A penny of the cost of a culture that is constantly afraid of losing roots and be absorbed, and in order not to waste away pulls his ears from obscurity into the light of history at least some lying around "Troubadour" (I'm not about Ali Mitaev). This opekanie government provides only the names of the non-viability of a culture without forceful and artificial feeding

Vaynax ))) Well, I'm a techie, I hope soon to become a candidate, and of doctors and professors have a lot of (not bought, they came out of the USSR).
I do not know about feeding, but the culture is very worthy to resist the hegemony of your culture.
Our culture is what separates us from you. Its purpose in the state. level or elders is not preserved, it is instilled by society. Come and mingle with you no one is afraid, it just can not be.

Aslan And why only squad of Cossacks, let be the national squad in the same Krasnodar region of North Caucasian nationalities representatives!

VFB You do not know how to wind leg wrappings.

???? ???? ? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? and so you some solid squads with traumatic)

Chechen Stavropol 92% of the population is the titular civilization, all the others are non-Russian Ukrainians, Armenians, Greeks, and Chechens, about what it is arbitrary or regular bikes?

Braz From your much noise and run wild antics as 1 percent over the edge. Life under the laws of the mountains is very visible. If you are the hostages and victims of their own legacy adats their wildest notions of honor, then cut at home. For what its rudeness and show-off to show all the nations, and climb to its charter in another monastery. Neuzh a bloody historical examples of the consequences of hubris and arrogance does not teach anything?

Chechen as much noise as not to "our" just simply the noise of "our" attracts more attention

Braz And this, too. Why endure the savage alien if their own idiots abound. Maybe you need to correctly educate the Mountain youth, that she had not shared by the people and not respecting pochetaemyh on steep and cattle. Well, get through the efforts of their own migratory goblins another war years through … adtsat. How
to step on the same rake. Can be easier to remove from the oral tradition of educational everything concerning the state of arrogance and hubris?

Chechen Which alien? Russian citizens do not have to move from one point to another? what law it is forbidden?

And another thing hooked (outlook regarding subsidies and higher education in Chechnya)

Chechen "Putin subsidies" as they look, and what their usefulness? Well apart from the fact that the representatives of the government, great live? Chechen diploma is not listed, and Capital diploma, has a weight, more weight it has in the Chechen Republic.

How much controversy is the initiative to revive the Cossacks as defenders of the borders of the Russian class, and this is only the first step that still tomorrow …

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