Last Friday, the UAE has fallen unexpectedly strong sandstorm

Severe dust storm suddenly struck the United Arab Emirates on Friday, breaking the normal course of life in cities and leaving behind damaged cars, broken and fallen trees and debris on the roads and highways.
According to the UAE weather forecasters, the wind raged on Friday, reaching in some places the UAE up to 100 km / h

"It was a sudden and rapid formation," sift "a large brewing Iran-UAE", — one forecasters, — "Movement sandstorm developed along the curve, covering most of the country, including Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and other southern Emirates and the city. Fine drizzling rain was in Dubai and Sharjah, in the other emirates were heavy rains. "

The Dubai sandstorm "attacked" at about 13:30 the day. Within a few minutes the sky was clouded over emirate dark clouds, a heavy wind, took off the sand and dust. Wind hit with such force that ruled the roads and highways litter large size, traffic cones and barriers.

The main highway in Dubai — Sheikh Zayed Road — was covered with a thick layer of sand for a few minutes, forcing motorists to slow down much movement. Some drivers even prefer to stay on the sidelines because of the danger of getting large objects flying in the air, in the front window. However, not everyone escaped.

On the car of one of the residents of Karama fallen satellite dish from one of the houses and severely damaged it. Luckily, he still resident approached the car at the time.

Storm in Dubai lasted about 20 minutes before moving to the other emirates and cities.

According to witnesses, sandstorm caused significant damage in some areas of Sharjah. Residents spoke of the emirate, the visibility on the roads down to a few meters. Movement of road transport has been suspended because of the strong wind "throw" on the road large metal dumpsters, trash swept over the city. Tall palm trees were broken in two, fell on the road a few light poles. In some areas of the emirate was rain.

And in Dubai and Sharjah because of the strong wind on the road in some areas fell temporary construction fencing.

Al Aweer in the road accident occurred, which affected at least 10 cars.

In Al Ain sandstorm reached at 15:30, reducing visibility on the roads to less than 100 m

In Umm Al Quwain, besides the strong wind with dust, and rain storm has passed. During the storm the temperature greatly decreased.

In Fujairah also been heavy rain with thunder and a significant decrease in temperature.

Natural disaster was over as suddenly as it had begun. Two hours later, the sky over the Emirates cleared, the rain stopped.

Anastasia Lelyukh

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