Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

Latvian salting in Russia Edgars Skuja, on Mon visited the inauguration of President Putin, said that "Latvia is interested in the upcoming pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia on various levels" («»). And salting relied on the "future stability" in relations with Russia.

Let's try, trying to remain objective, identify several "pragmatic" Latvian approaches to the maintenance of which a measured may calculate salting Latvia.


The approach first, the ideological: the victims of German Nazism and Russian Communism — one whole conciliatory

The ideology of "reconciliation" in Latvia expressed May 3, 2012 President Andris Berzins, contacting an appeal directly to the Society of Veterans of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps, the Latvian association of government soldiers, united Latvian riflemen and the "Hawks of the Daugava." The president announced on May 8th day of reconciliation of people who once waged war on the front of each other:

"The moral duty of the Latvian country and every honest policy towards its own people is to reduce the feelings of past hurts and public support for reconciliation. Because specifically May 8 — this is the right day to express appeal to all military veterans of Latvia meet in the general commemoration ceremony and jointly remember all the victims of Nazism and Communism in the second world war. "

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia
The President of Latvia Andris Berzins

"Many citizens of Latvia who, during the second World War, fought in the ranks of the Red Army — says the next president — have become employees of the nomenclature and the repressive institutions of the Latvian SSR. Immediately there is an indisputable fact that the ranks of the Red Army in the last years of the war has got more than 57 thousand inhabitants mobilized Latvia. Many were included in the units of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps and participated in the battles of Kurzeme. Specifically, there occurred serious clashes with units of the German Army, which fought in the well mobilized there Latvian guys … "

"Past experience indicates — says Berzins — that before the official commemorative event at the Sacred Fire and Mother Latvia flowers lozhit organization of veterans of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps. Two memorable events in the Brethren Cemetery place at different times and their members do not meet. At the same time, comrades and friends of Latvian legionaries remember them Lestenskom military cemetery. "

Berzins and it never occurs to them that he is trying to connect the unconnected: like the Kindle fire in the water. Not the case because the "comrades and friends Latvian legionnaires' own mark" day "on May 8 elsewhere. This is not "the experience of recent years shows", and indicates a horrible experience the second world war.

The other day, "the day of reconciliation" in Latvia were desecrated graves of prisoners of the concentration camp at Salaspils:

"Orthodox cross with the inscription" The memory sufferers Salaspilsa "was pulled from the grave mound and is broken down into parts. It smashed against an old soldier's tomb with such fury that the stone is cracked and broke away from him several pieces. Grave where the remains were reburied several dead, trampled, torn flowers, vases and broken glass chandeliers. Knocked down gravestone early XX century, nevdali pritaschennaya lying near the garbage heap of car tire.

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

Particularly mocked the ruins of an Orthodox chapel. She tried to smash the wall, striking the cross. Some stones dislodged from the walls. Mangled and kinked funeral wreaths, not so long ago pinned there by representatives of Belarusian and Russian embassies. Tape Municipal Russian flag torn and defiled … "(I. Gusev, "Hour").

In this Salaspilssky camp in 1941-1944. transported prisoners — from the territories occupied by Nazi invaders. Here the Nazis killed 10's of thousands of people, including children. The latter, as we know, the Germans used as donors for medical tests. And this is the last concentration camp Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, ruled the state for 8 years, named "Labor". He should look "labor" — from the standpoint of pragmatic politics, not standing on the side of Russian fascism favorites.

Once a year, on March 16, (in this day in 1944 two divisions of the Latvian SS Legion took the fight at the stateliness of the Red Army Bow) in Latvia celebrates the day memory of the Latvian SS soldiers. In the streets of Riga are grown old SS veterans, and next to it — they are young, playing biceps and rosy cheeks followers. Route their lies to the Freedom Monument. If tied clash with anti-fascists, the past catches Latvian police, and the elderly SS shuffle further supported by the patriotic youth. This is — a true democracy. The procession lasts.

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

And in Latvian schools kids have long been taught that the valiant warrior-SS participated in the liberation movement against the Russian invaders. It is better not to imagine how the lessons of history in Latvia given topic Nuremberg trials.

So whose idea prevails in the present Latvia — and, as it should, triumphant?

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

The second approach, the military-political: the outer enemy appointed

NATO wants Latvia to more spent on defense. So says she Latvia. Must also something to read when the decision to increase the 2020 military budget in half — from today's 1% to 2% of GDP, despite the economic crisis. We have to prove and "failure" in the funding of the defense budget. Because you will not become childish sputter that, they say, such a small republic that at least some can come and trample her canvas boots. No one is stamped with Liechtenstein Monaco. That accounts or to find or assign the external enemy that threatens not the sov
ereignty, territorial integrity is not something, not that national self-determination, not something else, to which the name of a diplomatic something not invented. Finding the external enemy in a troubled world — for themselves more work, because, apparently, it was decided to appoint one. All the more deep-rooted tradition that let you do it with ease.

Latvia worried about the fact that the United States deal with cases more in the Middle East (where our homeland Syria supports, deliberately distracting the United States from Europe), but also in the Asia-Pacific region (where China is not on the old days and bounds increases, — one of the Russian Federation BRICS), and mother, along with Latvia Europe slipped away from shtatovskih attention. That's the time to peel the alarm. After all, big and brutal country on behalf of our homeland is right next door to Latvia. It is this our home often ignores the principles of true democracy, and its president, Putin — as America turned away from him — was the utter about a "Eurasian Union". It must have been thinking about recreating the USSR by force — to start under a new title, that the U.S. and NATO are not very confusing. Russia also are determined not from above but from below downright despite the "power vertical", and the entire Web, and they say about the state of pride and to modernize weapons — and their president newcomer nothing to do but to listen to the voice of people and collect from the wreckage of the latest empire. And for her, this Eurasian empire, connect, and Latvia, and maybe even the entire Baltic region, and then the entire European Union. Mandatory course (only Belarus — voluntarily). Who knows, that came into our heads these unpredictable Russian.

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

Latvian publicist Aivars Ozolins published in April in the journal «Ir» article under the heading understandable: "In order not to have to feed the foreign troops." He writes: "… in international politics there is a shift of values, which affects the safety and Latvia. United States their interests more associated with the processes in the Middle East and Asia, not in Europe, as it was in the decades after the second world war. Meanwhile, our homeland more openly tries to regain influence in the area of the former Soviet Union that the newly elected President Vladimir Putin has put forward one of their own core values and promised to make a "Eurasian Union". Even the usually politically usmotritelnoe Constitution Protection Bureau warns of view of the Russian Federation in Latvia — to provide for themselves there are special rights, including the protection of safety "compatriots". Invasion of the Kremlin-controlled media in the information space of Latvia is increasingly tough. Almost every day we learn the facts about Moscow million allocated for measures to "support countrymen." In the language of the referendum day along the borders of Latvia Russian bombers were flying. Just in the Kaliningrad region located Division Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Unchanging cyber attacks — this is everyday life for all the three Baltic States "(quoted in IA «REGNUM», V. Veretennikov).

Another necessary quote:

"Latvia threatens the" hidden "objectives of foreign policy of Russia, who is trying to consolidate the Russian population of the Baltic countries and to strengthen the connection with him. This is stated in the report of the Office for Protection of the Constitution (SAB) of Latvia, performing the role of intelligence and kontrrazdvedki.

"The disparity declared (Rossiey. — Ed.) Is the main purposes of the actual risk of public safety" — scare the Latvian security forces. They are particularly concerned about a number of expressions Russian officials want to consolidate the Russian community in Latvia. The fact that this community is 44 percent of the population, in particular scares Latvian special services. In general, the "true purpose" of the Russian Federation they behold the same in the other.

"Most of the foreign policy goals are not related specifically to the position of Russian citizens. Foreign policy of the Russian Federation aimed at innuendo campaign against Latvia, accusing her of "the revival of fascism," "rewriting history" or representing Latvia as a "failed state", with an emphasis on targeted discrimination against the Russian population "- the creators of the report exclaim" (F. Islambekova, "Pravda.Ru").

That's for you and ready enemy. It is for the sake of it will increase the military budget crisis the Republic of Latvia — let evenly, not so fast, how I wish hostile sovereign Ozolins.

In general, the Latvians since 2009 clearly one suitable remedy for the crisis: the need to turn to the classic sole enemy … no, not for help, but with the demand. After asking for help from the enemy would have been a bit awkward.

Third approach, money: 18 and a half billion dollars

Demanding in 2009 by the Russian Federation of 18 and a half billion dollars for the "Soviet occupation", the Latvian government has confirmed that it is conducting a very balanced and pragmatic economic policy. In contrast to the intemperate, even stingy policy in Lithuania: the latter now longs to get away from Moscow as much as $ 834 billion (in 2009 requested the total 666 million).

In general, a few years earlier (in 2005) Latvians planned strebovat with Russia not 60, not the full 100 billion dollars, — But apparently realized that a little heated. Looked at how much demand for the "occupation" of others — and moderate appetites. Here are the Romanians, for example, want to Moscow only 2 billion and Hungary — one billion requests a moderate, albeit fantastic. However, here in Kyrgyzstan were rumors about Sotk billion for the "genocide" — but what about the times that it is almost a hundred years ago (1916) has run-nateklo percent.

After all, what's the difference what amount, if the thrust of the Russian did not get it anyway. But to claim something about claims to — because such statements are just a part of the "pragmatic" policy, which keeps Latvia against Russia. If our home does not compensate — meaning it is not friendly and not democratic. And we are Russian people, once settled in the interests of the occupation of our country will be called non-citizens, and short — blacks.

Also — you never know? What if Moscow will fork? ..

Well, keep your pocket extensive. Here, put his hand over Latvia and Lithuania, and Estonia, and there, which also have large claims against Russian invaders — about 50 billion dollars, in general, Estonia is ready to be satisfied with trifles that cut down all the forests in the Novosibirsk region. What to read about Romania and Hungary — all three billion; Moscow, from which oil and gas pipes go to all corners of the world, almost to the moon, such little things and do not notice … But do not want the great gentlemen, imagine what account RF for the Soviet occupation expose, for example, Germany?

Fourth approach, state: white and negros in Latvia

In the steppe covered with dust temporal,
Was sitting and crying people.
And going by the Creator of the Universe.
e stopped and spoke:
"I am a friend of the poor and the downtrodden,
I'm miserable all the shore,
I know a lot of sacred words.
I am your God. I can do anything.
It makes me sad is your kind of sad,
What a calamity you closely? "
And the man said, "I — Russian"
And God wept along with him.
Nikolai Zinoviev

In the cradle of world democracy — the United States — live Ivar Slutsis, the Latvian-born radiologist by profession and vocation Russophobe. This is it — the creator of the words: "Most of all, that in Latvia bad, is due to the fact that Latvia is not so little Russian".

Slutsis overseas in favor of "decolonization": direct Russian exile from his native Latvia. Campaign to oust must deal with the U.S., EU, NATO, and, of course, our own homeland. Just need to repatriate half Russian.

Dr. Slutsis working at the moment in the U.S. «Mayo clinic»; him — as more spices — was called to work in Latvia, but for some reason he refuses. Eventually doctor explained to their repeated failures to go home and cure the people there: "The main reason why many Latvians in the West, including myself, do not vorachivayutsya in Latvia — is that there are many Russian. We're not perceive themselves as in Latvia. I was invited in 1992 to work here a doctor, but I said that the doctor takes an oath that will serve all the people prototype, and in Latvia I would be able to serve the Russian as well as the Latvian … If in Latvia was the lack of pharmaceuticals, equipment and so on, I always give preference to the Latvian, but since it's not allowed, I can not work in Latvia. "

Not that anyone in Latvia did not protest against overseas doctors outrageous statements from the "Mayo clinic" — protested, but there were also high-ranking consent. For example, expressed his agreement with him a favorite of the party "Civil Union" Girts Valdis Kristovskis (now, incidentally, — Minister of Foreign Affairs).

In addition, Dr. Slutsis — not with words, but the means — support before elections nationalist Latvian Association "All Latvia!", And there are preachers of neo-Nazi views, projecting fully open for the deportation of the Russian population and support the veterans of the Latvian SS Legion. Ivar Slutsis paid advertising this political union — and the Diet passed eight deputies from it. Imants Paradnieks MP, who is also co-chairman of the party "All Latvia!", Says Russian residents of Latvia place on their "homeland." Somewhere in Novosibirsk snow must have their place. Next to the Russian woods chopping Estonians …

According to According to a study Office of Citizenship and movement, conducted in 2011, in Latvia on 1 January 2012 was recorded 312,189 non-citizens. Since 1995, when Latvia started the naturalization of non-citizens, citizenship was granted 137673 occupant. Immediately appeared in the country of about 730,000 non-citizens. So Makarov, since then their number has decreased by more than half, but still significant.

Latvia as a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia

Each year, the number of non-citizens is reduced by 10,000, in the main due to the receipt of citizenship by naturalization. Kids become citizens in order of registration without examination. Part of the inhabitants of the country acquires the citizenship of another country's country, getting in Latvia unchanging residence.

So unhurried theme of "naturalization" explains complex exams: many inhabitants of the country are afraid of tests on the knowledge of the Latvian language, the provisions of the Constitution, the national anthem of Latvia's history (it is still looking at what "stories").

"Women and men in the middle of non-citizens about equally — 49.9% and 50.1%. Inhabitants older than 60 years — 43%, and the young people are, the less the midst of their non-citizens. In the age group 15 to 20 years fraction of non-citizens is 4.5%.

36% of non-citizens — the elderly, 33.4% — to work, 26.4% — unemployed, and 3.8% — students. The majority of non-citizens living in Latvia — 66.2%. For capital should Latgale — 15.8%, and least of all non-citizens in Zemgale — 4.3%.

As for nationality, then the middle of aliens 205305 — Russia, 42284 — Belarusians, 30020 — Ukrainians, 8181 — Lithuanians and 461 — Estonians' («»).

Consequently, the vast majority of non-citizens — Russian.

Party for Human Rights in a United Latvia ("ZaPcHeL") published on its network share appeal to the European Parliament in support of Latvia's non-citizens the right to vote in local and European elections.

The appeal is aimed at informing the general public about the legal status of non-citizens of Latvia and for support on the issue of granting voting rights to non-citizens in Latvia.

"Non-citizens in Latvia, — stated in the text of the appeal — are a unique category of the EU population, which does not have the nationality of any of the 1st and the country has no right to vote at any one election. Status of the alien has a fifth of the population, 32% of non-citizens born in Latvia. Most of the other non-citizens have lived in Latvia for more than 40 years. The Latvian authorities ignore the advice of notable international organizations for accelerating the naturalization of this category of local residents. Despite the long-term relationship with the State of residence, non-citizens in the official documents called «aliens» (strangers, foreigners) and they do not have the right to participate in any city or in the European elections. On the other hand, the true foreigners possessing the nationality of the EU Member States have the right to vote in local and European elections in Latvia. The number of non-citizens in Latvia provides that State two additional MEPs, but non-citizens are not eligible to participate in determining the fate of these seats. We believe that this fact is a violation of the principle of democracy — a fundamental principle of the EU Member States, as reflected in Article 6 (1) of the Contract of the European Union. In the criteria, when 99% of non-citizens in Latvia are not Latvian origin, discrimination against EU residents in this category can be considered view of racial discrimination prohibited by EU law … "

How unfortunate it did not sound, the EU is indifferent to the dilemmas of Latvian non-citizens. The party "ZaPcHeL" has collected 50 thousand signatures of 12 years ago, in 2000 — even before the adoption of Latvia in the European Union. Signatures headed to the European Parliament. So what? Democratic cart and now there.

First, in May 2012 in Latvia started the action "Non-citizens are!» («Aliens are coming!») The purpose of the movement launched by the society "for fairness and justice," — again the same attention to the dilemmas of the EU non-citizens in Latvia. What the protesters decide to do? Answer: make a sort of written attacks on the legislative and executive bodies of the EU.

The chairman of the Gaponenko Alexander says: "Twenty years ago, the authorities forcibly stripped of half Russian citizenship rights and contemptuously dubbed intruders (aliens). It is time to strike back at intruders. We have excluded from public life, our beliefs are not heard, and what will be th
e next step — some buses and some benches for people and aliens? If in Latvia did not want to hear — we go to Europe, so that it can help regain their rights for themselves "(Yulia Alexandrova, "Russian unity").

Lena Bachynska, board member of the organization, adds: "The situation was paradoxical situation where the inmate at least some European countries after six months of stay in Latvia has the opportunity to vote and to be elected as a deputy of municipalities, and the Latvian non-citizen who has lived here all my life and paying taxes, such rights are not has. Although, as the South American politician Benjamin Franklin, "taxation without Consulate — the amoral tyranny" (same source citation).

It is logical because the undemocratic system of non-citizenship in Latvia favorites society "for honesty and fairness" associated with the oppression of Negroes in America. Because the emblem of the movement is Martin Luther King. (And you can still remember apartheid South Africa. They also had their own "non-citizens" — the true negros. But South Africa, unlike Latvia, democratic State is not listed).

Alexander Gaponenko has long been subjected to various pressures. In February, he, an activist of the referendum on the Russian language, unknown persons broke the machine. Police security and financial inspection with an annoying vsepostoyanstvom organizes inspection of documents of his office: perhaps even finds the smallest violation of any Latvian law.

The action «Aliens are coming!» In the first step provides for sending letters to the legislative and executive bodies of the EU Member States — for a personal demonstration of disagreement with the message of each creator Latvian system of "uncivil" of discrimination, which bears an obvious ethnic character. Letters to confirm the desire of many non-citizens to participate in the political life of the country in city elections — and at the same time dispel the weird beliefs evropolitikov that non-citizens are not only satisfied with their status, but they also have privileges. That's why they, aliens, so there is little in the country — because of the special status of privileges and. Soon even citizens will start to run across a citizen. Perhaps something like this should explain the Latvian rulers eurocommissioners existence in the country malehankih 320,000 people without her citizenship. One advantage, according to Yuri Alexandrov, these people, and in fact is: they may enter the territory of Russia without a visa.

Letters of protest to be sent via the website "for honesty and fairness." There have already posted the text of the letter and addresses of the European courts. Not necessarily send an electric — you can use the fax, regular mail or by telegraph. Many thousands of letters demonstrate a desire to "non-citizens" completely legitimate way to control the work of local governments Latvian present on their taxes. So says A. Gaponenko.

Second step — collecting as many signatures across Europe, which is now home to more than 6 million Russian (3.5 million of them in Germany, 1.6 million — in the Baltic countries).

On the 3rd step will be elected by a vote of the electric parliament of another 30 people who will represent the interests of non-citizens.

Details have not been disclosed.

Meanwhile, another movement — "For Equal Rights" — currently preparing a referendum in Latvia on granting civilian rights to all citizens of the country. Already being collected 10 thousand signatures for a referendum.

Obviously, the organization of such events — the work of an aggressive Moscow:

"Latvian politicians here have announced the favorites of the action" hand of Moscow ". And understand that the referendum on non-citizens, in contrast to the previous referendum on the status of the Russian language has a completely realistic chance of winning, panicked. Political organizations Visu Latvijai! -TB/DNNL ("All Latvia!"-" The movement for national independence of Latvia. " — Charles O.) urged the government to urgently change the constitution and general veto referendum to expand the circle of people.

The Government of the idea is not to touch. "Then cook for another option: a strong possibility that the organizers of the shares on May 9 will collect the required number of signatures" — claimed "tevzemtsy." And the government has prepared. On April 26, Parliament approved the 2nd reading of the configuration in order to initiate a referendum.

At the current time, the procedure for collecting signatures foresees two steps. On the ground — there is a collection of 10 thousand signatures, notarization is paid in person (one signature — 2 lats). The second step is paid by the government — the collection of signatures of one-tenth of the voters who participated in the last election (about 150 thousand people).

In the newest version of the law two steps are combined: from this moment the founders of the referendum will have to collect 10 thousand is not, and immediately 150 thousand signatures. Only certification of the signatures by a notary will cost 300 thousand lats. Adekvatnomyslyaschie policy here appreciated the "new order" as pripiranie democracy '(Yulia Alexandrova, "Russian unity").

Favourite society "for equal rights" Andrey Tolmachev rightly believes that the law does not force the back — and, thus, on the petition, which began Sept. 26, 2011, it does not apply. Because, according to Tolmachev, a referendum will be held in Latvia.

In the present day society "for equal rights" begin collecting signatures Latvian people and overseas — in Ireland and Britain. "As reported by the movement, turn to him constantly living abroad the citizens of Latvia, in the main in the UK and Ireland, with a request to find out if they can sign for the configuration of the law on citizenship … The movement" For Equal Rights "has requested clarification from the Central Election Commission. Not so long ago, we received a response from the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Arnis Tsimdars. In a letter Tsimdars says that according to the law of consular regulations (Article 14 of Part 1-I), at least some Latvian citizen from outside the country, could assure his signature the consul of Latvia, because consul leads notary work … "(«The Baltic Course»).

Panic Latvian enemies "uncivil" referendum explain simply, not much need to collect signatures for a referendum and therefore — not mind-boggling dream of the organizers, but rather the reality, it's the coming of the future.

And, like "pragmatic" the authorities of Latvia did not separate Russian non-citizens from the Latvian people, this may soon come to an end.

Approach 5th, linguistic: the revival of Latvian language Russian language

By the beginning of 2010, the school year in Latvia was published in a new and unique textbook language for municipal graders. In the same year, he used both in Latvian and in Russian schools. Its creators — Iluta Dalbinya and Inese Lachaunietse. The originality of the book lies in the fact that the creators boldly ventured into the implementation of the educational process is not just slang, and materkom. And not Latvian — the existence of such linguists is not clear — but the Russian. Iluta Dalbinya and Inese Lachaunietse said that the students are happy: after all, "the Latvian language finally became interesting."

Naturally, it is interesting to write the full class on the blackboard 'n … n "(in Latvian transliterated version -" n … ts ") or, say," b … qb. " Vulgar and ill-digested simple, but over the good ha
ve to work. But the creators of the textbook — Municipal language teachers themselves — believe that "the learning process can not be separated from the living language."

"On the blackboard written in chalk:" What is the utter mother? "
And the answer is: "And me … she says"
(Source: "").

In this tutorial, bears the title of "Latvian for 10 classes," indicated that it is prepared in accordance with the programs of research Latvian language, which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. "Alive" (and patient) the enthusiasm of the students, of course, will cause two 10-ka studied catchphrases — from blin and pofigs and ending po .. uj (on the … uy), b … ja (I b …), b … & # 291 (b … qb), pi … dets (pi … dec), … uinja (… uynya), a … ueķ (about … uet), zaje … is (zae vivo Recording …), etc. There are more "Latvian" words that are proposed to learn graders: alkašs, davaj, značit, koroče, točna (""). Themselves progressive teacher, ozhivitelnitsy the Latvian language, in 2010, the year when they interviewed TV "software" vulgar and materkom speak on camera shy.

Several 10-s materkom argoticheskih street and catchphrases — particularly in such a naive child is brought before the Russian-language students. Hard to say whether the teacher fun, bringing on board calligraphy rude sayings and placing ellipses in place of missed the "x" and "e", but over time the Latvian children, memorized Teaches foreign offensive, totally can imagine Russian people as hairy savages, getting around "exact", "short", "let", "drunk", "pancake" and a couple of dozen expressions stronger.

"In the days of hesitation, in the days of painful reflection on the fate of my country — you alone are my support and the support, of the majestic, powerful, truthful and free Russian language!" (Turgenev).

And if the "pancake" and "pofigs" brutal Russian is spoken for some reason is not enough, you have to move them, apparently, are his fists and clubs, rarely fighting bears. This picture is about to be born in a rich child's imagination. With the Russian barbarians need to talk very carefully, and then gently alluding to the "pragmatic and constructive cooperation." It is not well aware of the kids, but adults uncle in Latvia.

However, while it was not to hear, that the Latvian salting or even some high-ranking official from Latvia friendly pat on the shoulder, high-ranking official of the Russian Federation and spoke to him, smiling broadly: "In short, the drunkard!"

Maybe while Latvians learn only the first step of international relations with Russia — pragmatic. But when older generation of Latvian school children brought up in a foreign slang, and get to leadership positions in the country, then it's time for the implementation of the second step — constructive.

Wait and see.

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